Nokia Asha 206 RM-872 Security Code Reset / Dead Repair

Nokia Asha 206 RM-872 is an excellent phone in economical price, and even easier to flash it. in this tutorial i will guide how you can flash it by yourself. Because this phone don’t have USB port it will not be easy for non tech person to do at home.


  • Cheap USB cable
  • Soldering iron rod
  • Nokia care suite (Download From Here) (password:
  • Nokia Asha 206 RM-872 full firmware (Download From Here) It’s south east asian firmware, if you have your own regional firmware, you can use it.

Flashing Guide:

  1. Cut off USB cable from middle, and remove plastic shield around small cables inside. as shown in image.

    Nokia Asha 206 RM-872 Security code reset

  2. Solder these cables as shown in image, these points work same as USB connector.

    Nokia Asha 206 RM-872 Security code reset

  3. You can see how i soldered these cables.make sure they don’t touch each other.

    Nokia Asha 206 RM-872 Security code reset

  4. Now extract downloaded firmware zip file you will get RM-872 folder, copy this folder to C:\Programdata\Nokia\Packages\Products\   (if products folder not there, create by yourself).
  5. Now open Nokia care suite,double click on product support tool for store, it will open another window. click on work offline.
  6. In support tool click on file and then select open product, select your model from list.
  7. Now in left bottom, click programming and select recovery.
  8. A new window will open, and it will show your firmware version, if it doesn’t detect automatically, click update list button.
  9. Select the update package and click start. a message will pop up with instructions, click on retry , connect phone with PC and insert battery carefully, make sure it. doesn’t press cable, you can hold battery with hand.
  10. Flashing should start, Make sure you don’t move battery or phone, until flashing completes.
  11. Whole process will take 20 minutes, and must wait until phone boot up itself.

Video Guide

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