Huawei Bootloader Unlock Service


Refund Policy

  1. if unlock code is not found money will be refunded
  2. if the unlock code doesn’t work money will be refunded (video proof required within 24 hours of code delivery)
  3. There will be no refund if the user provides the wrong information.

COST = 4 $

(Turkey Bank Transfer Accepted)

Alipay is also accepted now

Russian Users can pay with (WMT)

Read before placing order:

  • Do not Place an order if your phone is running EMUI9 (contact us for EMUI9 devices)
  • Your phone should be 100% functional (If your phone is bricked, contact us to fix it)
  • You Need a Windows computer with a fast internet connection
  • Download and install Radmin VPN from THIS LINK (It’s free)
  • Download and install Teamviewer from THIS LINK (It’s free)
  • Download and install Hisuite from THIS LINK (It’s free)
  • Once you have made the payment, please contact us through Whatsapp or Telegram. And bootloader unlock code will be generated through TeamViewer.

For the Latest Security Patch Level models, please click here

Read this list before placing order:

ModelSupported Security PatchIf Security Patch New
Y7 Prime 2019March 2019Click Here
Y7 Pro 2019March 2019Click Here
Y7 2019March 2019Click Here
P20 LiteJune 2018Click Here
Nova 3EJune 2018Click Here
Honor 7XJune 2018Click Here
Mate 10 LiteJune 2018Contact us
P Smart 2018June 2018Click Here
Nova 2iJune 2018Contact us
Mate SEJune 2018Click Here
Mate 9June 2018Click Here
Mate 10June 2018Contact us
Mate 10 ProJune 2018Click Here
Mate 9 ProJune 2018 Click Here
Honor 8 ProJune 2018Click Here
Honor View 10June 2018 Click Here
Honor 9June 2018 Click Here
Honor 9 LiteJune 2018Click Here
Mediapad M5 SHTJune 2018Click Here
Mediapad M5 Pro CMRJune 2018Click Here
AGS-L09/W09Android 7 onlyContact us
Honor 8X MAXJune 2019Click Here

If you can’t provide remote access through TeamViewer. Don’t’ place an order, it will be refunded.

For Instant Unlock Contact Details:

  • Whatsapp: +1401-2092237
  • Telegram: ministryofsolutions
  • Skype: +14012092237
  • QQ: 1460484568
  • Email:

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 Some latest unlock proofs

Huawei bootloader unlock proof
Huawei bootloader unlock proof
Huawei bootloader unlock proof
Huawei bootloader unlock proof
Huawei bootloader unlock proof

Supported Models

ALE-CL00, ALE-L01, ALE-L02, ALE-L03, ALE-L04, ALE-L21, ALE-L22, ALE-L23, ALE-L32, ALE-L34, ALE-L52, ALE-L53, ALE-L62, ALE-TL00, ALE-UL00, Ascend Y6 Pro, ATH-AL00, ATH-CL00, ATH-TL00, ATH-TL00H, ATH-UL00, ATH-UL01, ATH-UL06, ATH-UL11, ATH-UL16, B199, C199s-CL00, C8812, C8813, C8813Q, C8816, C8816D, C8817D, C8817E, C8817L, C8825D, C8850D, CAM-AL00, CAM-CL00, CAM-L03, CAM-L03E, CAM-L21, CAM-L22, CAM-L23, CAM-L32, CAM-L53, CAM-TL00, CAM-TL00E, CAM-TL00H, CAM-UL00, CAM-UL00E, CHC-U01, CHC-U03, CHC-U23, Che1-CL10, Che1-CL20, Cherry-L04, Cherry-CL20, Che1-L04, Che2-L03, Che2-L11, Che2-L12, Che2-L23, Che2-TL00, Cherry-CL10, Cherry-CL20, CherryPlus-L11, CherryPlus-L03, CherryPlus-L12, CherryPlus-L23, CherryPlus-TL00, Cherrymini-TL00, Cherrymini-TL00H, Cherrymini-UL00, CHE-TL00, CHE-TL10, CHM-U01, CHM-TL00, CHM-TL00H, CHM-UL00, CM990, CRR-CL00, CRR-CL10, CRR-CL20, CRR-J01, CRR-L09, CRR-L13, CRR-L23, CRR-TL00, CRR-UL00, ECO, EVA-AL00, EVA-AL10, EVA-CL00, EVA-DL00, EVA-L09, EVA-L09J, EVA-L19, EVA-L29, EVA-TL00, FRD-AL00, FRD-AL00A, FRD-AL10, FRD-AL10, FRD-L02, FRD-L04, FRD-L09, FRD-L19, FRD-TL00, G Power, G300, G301, G330, G510-0010, G510-0100, G510-0200, G510-0251, G520-0000, G525-U00, G526-L11, G526-L016, G526-L22, G526-L33, G527-U081, G535-L11, G6-C00, G6-L11, G6-L22, G6-L33, G6-T00, G6-U00, G6-U10, G6-U34, G6-U251, G620-A2, G620-L72, G620-L75, G620S-L01, G620S-L02, G620S-L03, G620S-L03A, G620S-UL00, G620-UL01, G621-TL00, G621-TL00M, G630-U00, G630-U10, G630-U20, G630-U251, G660-L075, G7-L01, G7-L03, G7-TL00, G730-C00, G730-L075, G735-L23, G735-L12, G735-L23, G740-L00, G750-T01, G750-T20, G760-L01, G760-L03, G9, GRA-CL00, GRA-CL10, GRA-L03, GRA-L09, GRA-L13, GRA-TL00, GRA-UL00, GRA-UL10, H30-C00, H30-L01, H30-L01M, H30-L02, H60-L01, H60-L02, H60-L03, H60-L04, H60-L11, H60-L12, H60-L21, H867G, H882L, H891L, H892L, Holly2 plus, Honor 4A, Honor 4C Pro, Jazz-L11, Jazz-TL10, KII-L01, KII-L02, KII-L03, KII-L05, KII-L21, KII-L22, KII-L23, KII-L33, KIW-AL10, KIW-AL20, KIW-CL00, KIW-L21, KIW-L22, KIW-L23, KIW-L24, KIW-TL00, KIW-TL00H, KIW-UL00, KNT-AL10, KNT-AL20, KNT-CL10, KNT-L09, KNT-TL10, KNT-UL10, LUA-L01, LUA-L02, LUA-L03, LUA-L13, LUA-L21, LUA-L23, LUA-U02, LUA-U03, LUA-U13, LUA-U22, LUA-U23, Mate 8 3GB+32GB Single SIM, Mate 8 3GB+32GB Dual SIM, Mate S, MLA-AL00, MLA-AL10, MLA-L01, MLA-L02, MLA-L03, MLA-L11, MLA-L12, MLA-L13, MLA-TL00, MLA-UL00, MT2-C00, MT2-L01, MT2-L02, MT2-L03, MT2-L05, MT7-CL00, MT7-TL00, MT7-TL10, MT7-UL00, NEM-AL00, NEM-AL10, NEM-CL00, NEM-L21, NEM-L22, NEM-L51, NEM-TL00, NEM-TL00H, NEM-UL10, NMO-L01, NMO-L02, NMO-L03, NMO-L21, NMO-L22, NMO-L23, NMO-L31, NXT-AL10A, NXT-AL10B, NXT-AL10C, NXT-CL00, NXT-DL00A, NXT-DL00B, NXT-L09A, NXT-L09B, NXT-L29A, NXT-L29B, NXT-TL00A, P6 S-U00, P6 S-06, P7-L00, P7-L05, P7-L07, P7-L09, P7-L10, P7-L11, P7-L12, PE-UL00, P8-L03, P8-L09, P8-L13, P8 Lite, P9 Lite, P9, P9 Plus, PLK-AL10, PLK-CL00, PLK-L01, PLK-L11, PLK-L21, PLK-TL00, PLK-TL01H, PLK-TL11H, PE-TL10, PE-TL00, PE-TL20,  PLK-UL00, PLK-UL10, RIO-AL00, RIO-CL00, RIO-L01, RIO-L02, RIO-L03, RIO-L11, RIO-L12, RIO-L13, RIO-L21, RIO-L22, RIO-L23, RIO-L33, RIO-TL00, RIO-UL00, RIO-UL10, SCC-U21, SCC-U23, SCL-AL00, SCL-CL00, SCL-L01, SCL-L02, SCL-L03, SCL-L04, SCL-L21, SCL-L32, SCL-L43, SCL-U03, SCL-U23, SCL-U31, Shot X, Sophia-L00, Sophia-L05, Sophia-L07, Sophia-L09, Sophia-L10, Sophia-L11, Sophia-L12, Sophia-L15, Sophia-L18, TAG-AL00, TAG-CL00, TAG-L01, TAG-L03, TAG-L13, TAG-L21, TAG-L22, TAG-L23, TAG-TL00, TIT-AL00, TIT-CL10, TIT-L01, TIT-L02, TIT-U02, TIT-TL00, U8686, U8815, U8815N, U8816, U8825, U8950, U8950-51, U8950D, U8950N-1, U8950N-51, VIE-AL10A, VIE-AL10B, VIE-AL10C, VNS-AL00, VNS-CL00, VNS-DL00, VNS-L01, VNS-L02, VNS-L03, VNS-L11, VNS-L21, VNS-L22, VNS-L22J, VNS-L31, VNS-L53, VNS-TL00, Y3II 3G, Y3II 4G, Y3 II LTE, Y300-0000, Y300-0100, Y300-0151, Y300C, Y301-A1, Y301-A2, Y340-U081, Y530-U00, Y530-U151, Y536-A1, Y538-A1, Y550-L01, Y550-L02, Y550-L03, Y635-CL00, Y635-L01, Y635-L02, Y635-L03, Y635-L21, Y635-TL00, MHA-L09,MHA-L29,MHA-TL00,MHA-AL00,MHA-AL10,TRT-LX1,TRT-TL00, TRT-AL00,TRT-LX01, DIG-AL00, DIG-L01, DIG-L21, DIG-L22, DIG-L23, DIG-TL10,CUN-L01, CUN-L03, CUN-L21, CUN-L33, CUN-L02, BLN-AL10, BLN-L21, BLN-L22, BLN-L24, BLN-AL30, BLN-TL00, BLN-TL10, BLN-AL20, BLL-L23, BLL-L22, BLL-L21, MHA-AL00, MHA-L09, MHA-L29, MHA-AL00, VKY-AL00, VKY-L09, VKY-L29, Prague-TL00, Prague-L22, Prague-L21, Prague-L11, PRA-LX1, Prague-L23, PRA-LA1, PRA-L03, PRA-AL00, Prague-LX3, Prague-L31, Prague-L11, PRA-TL10, Prague-L21, PRA-LX3, PRA-L21, 608HW, PRA-LX2,  DUK-L09, DUK-AL20, WAS-LX1, WAS-LX2, WAS-LX3, WAS-L21, WAS-L01, WAS-L22, WAS-L03, WAS-TL10, WAS-AL00, Warsaw-LX1, Warsaw-L22, Warsaw-L01, Warsaw-L03, Warsaw-L22, Warsaw-L23, Warsaw-TL10, ALP-AL00, ALP-L09, ALP-L29, ALP-TL00, BLA-A09, BLA-AL00, BLA-L09, BLA-L29, BLA-TL00, SLA-TL00, SLA-L22, SLA-L02, SLA-L22, SLA-L02, SLA-L03, SLA-L23, SLA-TL10 , RNE-AL00, RNE-L22, RNE-L01, RNE-L02, RNE-L03, RNE-L21, RNE-L23, RNE-AL00, RNE-L22, ALP-AL00, ALP-L09, ALP-L29, ALP-TL00, BLA-A09, BLA-AL00,BLA-L09, BLA-L29, BLA-TL00, BND-L21, BND-L24, BND-L22, BND-AL10, BND-TL10, SLA-AL00, SLA-TL00, SLA-L22, SLA-L02, SLA-TL10, CPN-AL00, CPN-L09, CPN-W09, TRT-AL00, TRT-AL00A, TRT-TL10, TRT-TL10A, TRT-L21A, LYO-L01, LYO-L02, LYO-L03, BND-Al10, BND-L04, BND-L21, BNS-L22, BND-L34, BND-L24, BND-AL00, LLD-AL00, LLD-AL10, LLD-L21, LLD-L22, HDN-W09, HDN-L09, FIG-AL00, FIG-LX1, FIG-LX2, FIG-LX3, FIG-AL10, ANE-AL00, ANE-TL00, ANE-L01, ANE-L21, ANE-LX1,ANE-L22, ANE-L23, ANE-L42,ANE-L02, ANE-L03, ANE-L12, LDN-L21, LDN-L22, LDNL-LX2, LDN-LX3, LDN-L23,  LDN-AL00, LDN-AL10, LDN-L01, LDN-TL00, HWI-AL00, HWI-TL00, FLA-AL00, FLA-AL10, FLA-TL00, FLA-TL10, FLA-AL20, FLA-L03, FLA-L21, FLA-LX2, FLA-L22, FLA-L23, LND-AL00, LND-AL10, LND-AL30, LND-AL40, LND-TL00, LND-TL10, LND-TL40, LND-L01, LND-LX1, LND-L03, LND-L21, LND-LX2, LND-L22, LND-L23, LND-L29,  Mya-AL10, Mya-L02, Mya-L03, Mya-L11, Mya-L13, Mya-L22, Mya-L23, Mya-L41, Mya-TL10, BKL-AL00, BKL-AL20, BKL-TL00,PIC-AL00, PIC-L09, PIC-L29, PIC-TL00, PIC-CL00, PIC-CL10, BAC-AL00, BAC-L01, BAC-L02, BAC-L03, BAC-L09, BAC-L21, BAC-L22, BAC-L23, BAC-TL00, STF-AL00, STF-AL10, STF-AL20, STF-L09, STF-L14, STF-L19, STF-L29, STF-L39, STF-TL10, DLI-AL10, DLI-L22, DLI-L42, DLI-TL20, ATU-AL10, ATU-L01,ATU-L02, ATU-L03, ATU-L11, ATU-L31, ATU-L22, ATU-L23, ATU-L31, ATU-L21, ATU-L42, ATU-TL10, AUM-AL00, AUM-AL20, AUM-AL30, AUM-L29, AUM-L41, AUM-TL00, AUM-TL20, AUM-TL30, VEN-L22, DUB-AL00, DUB-AL20, DUB-TL00, DUB-LX1, DUB-L21, DUB-LX2, DUB-L22, DUB-LX3, DUB-L23, BKK-LX1, BKK-L21, BKK-AL10, BKK-TL00, BKK-AL00, ARE-AL00, ARS-LX2,ARS-L22, HWV32, CAN-L11, CAN-L03, CAN-L01, CAN-L12, CAN-L23, CAN-L02, CAN-L22

Huawei Tablets:

7D-501L, 7D-501u, 7D-503L, 7D-504L, MediaPad X1 7.0
DAV-701L, DAV-703L MediaPad DAV
FDR-A01L, FDR-A03L, FDR-A04L, FDR-A01w, FDR-A05L, MediaPad T2 10.0
GEM-701L, GEM-702L, GEM-703L, GEM-703LT, MediaPad X2
M2-801L, M2-801w, M2-802L, M2-803L, Mediapad M2 8.0
M2-A01L, M2-A01w, MediaPad M2 10.0
S7-301c, S7-301u, S7-301w, S7-302u, S7-303u, S7-312u, MediaPad
S7-601c, S7-601u, S7-601ue, S7-601us, S7-601w, S7-602u, S7-611u, MediaPad 7 Vogue
S7-701u, S7-701w, S7-702u, MediaPad 7 Youth
S7-721g, S7-721u, S7-721w, S7-722u, MediaPad 7 Youth 2
S8-301L, S8-301u, S8-301w, S8-301wf, S8-302L, S8-303L, S8-303LY, S8-304L, S8-306L, MediaPad M1 8.0
S8-701u, S8-701w, S8-702u, MediaPad T1 8.0
S10-101L, S10-101u, S10-101w, S10-101wf, S10-102u, S10-103L, MediaPad 10 FHD
S10-201L, S10-201u, S10-201wa, S10-202u, MediaPad-10-Link
S10-231L, S10-231u, S10-231w, S10-232L, S10-233L, MediaPad 10 Link+
T1-701g, T1-701u, T1-701ua, T1-701w, T1-702u, MediaPad T1 7.0
T1-821L, T1-821w, T1-823L, MediaPad T1 Pro 8.0
T1-A21L, T1-A21w, T1-A23L, MediaPad T1 10, BTV-W09, BTV-DL09, CPN-AL00, CPN-L09, CPN-W09, BAH-AL00, BAH-L09, BAH-W09, SHT-AL09, SHT-W09, CMR-AL19, CMR-AL09, CMR-W09, CMR-W19, AGS-W09, AGS-L09, AGS-L03,  KOB-W09, KOB-L09, KOB-L03, HDN-L09, HDN-W09, JDN-AL00, JDN-L01, JDN-W09A, PLE-703L, PLE-701L, BAH2-W09, BAH2-W19, BAH2-AL09, BAH2-AL19, JMM-L22, JMM-AL00

MON-W19, MON-W09, MON-AL19

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