Huawei P9 EVA-L19 Nougat B388 (Middle East – Africa)

Huawei P9 EVA-L19 Nougat  B388 has been released for Middle Eastern and African region. users can install this upgrade by following guide given below.


  • This update optimizes power consumption, increases HiVoice’s voice recognition speed, and integrates Google security patches.


  • Optimizes power consumption for longer usage.
  • Increases HiVoice’s voice recognition speed.
  • Integrates Google security patches for improved system security.


  • Fixes an issue where error prompts occasionally displayed when Camera was opened while using OK Google.
  • Fixes an issue where contacts would disappear.

Huawei P9 EVA-L19 Nougat B388

  • Firmware Download Link :  | Alternative Link
  • File Size: 1.3 GB
  • Data File Download Link : | Alternative Link
  • File Size: 982 MB
  • Build Number: EVA-L19C185B388
  • Supported Model: EVA-L19C185 (Middle East – Africa)
  • Release Date: 18-05-2014
  • Firmware Type: Full OTA incremental

Installation Method 1

  • Backup your data 1st.
  • Enable OEM unlock in developer options
  • Copy both files (Don’t Extract), and “” file on sd card (you can not use internal storage)
  • If You are on Marshmallow Install TWRP recovery (From this link), don’t root just install recovery.
  • If You are on old Nougat version install TWRP recovery (From this link)
  • In TWRP tap on wipe, format data, type yes and swipe to format.
  • Go back to main menu
  • In TWRP tap on install and select file 1st, then swipe to install, Don’t reboot.
  • Go back to main menu and again tap on install and select “” file, and again swipe to install it.
  • Now reboot & Nougat will be running on your device.

Installation Method 2

  • Enable OEM unlock in developer options (very important).
  • Charge battery upto 60%
  • Backup all important data on pc
  • Good quality sd card with 6 GB free space
  • Download both files (firmware and data) on pc.
  • Make dload folder on sd card
  • Extract firmware file and copy to dload folder.
  • Dial *#*#2846579#*#* and select software upgrade & SDcard Upgrade,
  • If code doesn’t work then switch off phone and hold 3 buttons (Volume up, volume down and power) to start update.
  • If installation successful, then do next step otherwise use method 2
  • Extract “” and copy all files inside to dload folder, and then repeat 3 button process.
  • Done

Mutahhar Bashir

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10 Responses

  1. jo says:

    “TWRP recovery (From this link), don’t root just install recovery.”
    How I am supposed to do that without root ?

    • Huawei is different, you only need to unlock bootloader to flash twrp, root is not necessary

      • jo says:

        Ok ay Matahhar, I need some help. Please.
        I have a EVA-L19C185. It’s stock, actually brand new (got it 20h ago). Since then I’ve been desesperaly trying to get EMUI 5.0 on it.

        when I first started the phone, I immediatley got an OTA. I’ve downloaded and installed it. I didn’t paid it so much attention, but I think it worked. I’m now EVA-L19C185B170. (hw/meafnaf)
        Since this update, I’ve failed again and again to update it. (I preciste that most of my tries have been with B385-FULL, but I’ve tried some others)
        I’ve tried with the app “Firmware Finder” and it “proxy” addon. The OTA is detected by my updater, it is downloaded, and in the end when the smartphone reboot and try to install the ota it tells me “error verifying the package”. I tried several times and systematically got this error.
        I’ve then tried your method using “HiSuite” and “Huawer Adapter”. HiSuite detect the update, it download it and send it to my phone. My phone reboot and try to install it. HiSuite tells me it successfully updated my system, but my phone give me the exact same error, it fail verifying the package.
        I’ve then tried the “dload” method. Here the error it give me is a little different : it verifies the package, behin to install it and then immediately says that the package is not compatible with the current installed software.
        I’m begining to get worried that something is wrong with my phone. I performed a factory reset, and tried again, and got the same error.
        Now, the phone propose me a new OTA. When I go in the updater and search for update it find nothing. When I select “download the complete new package” it proposes me to download “B220-FULL”. When I download it, in the end, it tells again that the package is not correct.

        What is wrong with my phone ? When I got it, the box wasn’t sealed, but it didn’t seems to me that anyone tempered with the phone. Plus the bootloader is locked (tried to install from fastboot but the flash command is not allowed, and the fastboot screen actually display “Locked” in green letters)

        I’ve decided to get this phone because EMUI 5.0 seemed a lot better than EMUI 4.1. Now I don’t know what to do. I’m no thrilled by unlocking the bootloader of a brand new phone and then voiding the garranty just because I want to install a stock update. Do you have any ideas ?

        Thanks in advance

  2. imran says:

    Method 1 doesn’t work, keeps getting an error “no internet connection,please check network settings” although I followed all steps carefully.
    I’m on EVA-L19C185B385 now. what to do?

  3. hatkedeals says:

    Before i upgraded to nougat. I was in b220 and read about this post that need to flash back to B180 (just try to search the firmware from google) and use method1 to rollback.. After flashing try the method2 to upgrade to nougat. Just follow the instructions and it will be fine

    i have same situation. if i follow mentioned method will void warranty ?

    i am posting here because i not able to post message on this page

  4. Thokozani says:

    I used method 2 (except for me entering incorrect port number), it worked perfectly fine. You guys are awesome. Apart from my slow internet, the upgrade took less than an hours compared to my colleague’s 5 hours using firmware finder. I would definitely recommend this method to anyone.

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