Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311 Solution and upgrade to marshmallow(Convert to Dual Sim)

I am not a Huawei P8 Lite user, but one of my readers contacted me and told me about balong bug which appeared in P8 Lite, this bug makes your OS unstable and unrecognized by Google and Play store services. it doesn’t accept sim cards from all network operators and sometimes it crashes your themes, and several other issues are reported.

Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311

Usually, it happens when a user tries to flash the wrong firmware or firmware from another region or tries to convert it from a single sim to a dual sim or vice versa.

Solution (Applies to ALE-L21 & ALE-L02)

Before I continue with the instruction you should take care of the following things

  • Boot loader unlock code (How to get unlock code)
  • Take a complete backup of your phone data
  • Unroot it if you have rooted (in superSU there is a full unroot option)
  • Stock Recovery(If you have installed TWRP revert back to stock recovery)
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Battery charged 100%

For Middle Eastern Models Click Here

During this process, we have to downgrade your phone back to lollipop, but that can not be done by simply flashing the old firmware, you have to flash each image file manually. once you are ready to proceed, follow this step-by-step guide.

  1. Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot ,  after installation, launch it by double-clicking “MAF32.exe” inside C: Program Files (x86)Minimal ADB and Fastboot.
  2. Connect your phone with a PC & type “adb devices” Your phone will ask for permission, check always allow from this PC & grant permission.
  3. Then type the following command

adb reboot bootloader

Let the window install drivers, then type

fastboot oem unlock xxxxxxxxxxxxx

(xxxxxx is your unlock code) and your phone will be unlocked

1. Download ALE-L21C432B052 EUChannel Android 5.0 EMUI 3.1 Firmware, Extract “” from the downloaded firmware file, and open it with the Huawei update extractor, as shown in the image below.

Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311 Solution
Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311 Solution



2. Download Huawei update extractor, install & open it then browse for “” in it as shown in the image below.

Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311 Solution
Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311 Solution

3. Once it opens you will see a list of files, you have to select only 4 files from it,

  • Boot
  • Cust
  • Recovery
  • System

To select multiple files hold the CRTL button on the keyboard. once you selected these files right-click on any selected file and click “extract selected” as shown in the image below.


4. Make a new folder on the desktop with any name, and extract these 4 files in that folder.

***Very Important Step***

5. Now Download ADB Installer for P8 Lite. and extract all files in the same folder where you saved those 4 files. as shown in the image below

Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311 Solution

6. Switch off your phone, hold the volume down button & connect it to your PC, You will see a white screen saying Phone unlocked, as shown in the image below

Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311 Solution

7. Now Double click on “install.bat” file and installation should start, you have to wait a little bit longer, as this process may take 45 to 60 minutes.

8. Once you finished installation, you should reboot your phone, your phone may take some time to boot up,

9. Now download this Vendor Information File, extract it, and copy the “dload” folder in sd card/internal memory of your phone.

10. Go in settings>updater 7 select”” and start updating, Your phone will Factory Reset and you will see the balong bug has been fixed.

11. Now we will start the Marshmallow Upgrade process,

12. Download this firmware: ALE-L21C432B170 EUChannel Android 5.0 EMUI 3.1 DUAL SIM, extract “” copy inside the dload folder, and start the update, after the successful update, you will be on lollipop 5.0 without Balong bug,


13. Now OTA updates will start to appear on your phone, You should install all of them, and the sequence will be like,  B188, then B194, etc.

Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311 Solution
Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311 Solution

14. once you stop getting updates download this marshmallow firmware: Huawei P8 Lite Firmware (ALE-L21, Andriod 6.0, EMUI 4.0, C432B564, CEE&Nordic European, Channel-Others, Dual) 

repeat the same process extract “” and copy to the dload folder, and update. On the successful update, you will see your phone has Marshmallow B64 installed without the Balong bug

Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311 Solution

Credit: Thanks to worstenbrood for creating such a useful Huawei update extractor tool

Mutahhar Bashir

Passionate blogger, have excellent problem solving skills, quick learner, love to accomplish difficult tasks, improving my skills while helping others through this blog.

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129 Responses

  1. Unknown says:

    Again thank you for helping me! You helped me 2 days STRAIGHT! You are awesome! Keep up the good work!

  2. Unknown says:

    UNKNOWN=John xD

  3. Laceiuhas says:

    Thank you very much, been looking for a solution and this worked perfectly 😀

  4. thank you for precious comment
    please like my Facebook page

  5. Unknown says:

    thanks alot it worked perfectly and receiving updates thru OTA

  6. thank you for your precious comment

  7. Is it bad if my phone doesn't find any updates after the b170 software update?

  8. waiting for your response, if your update was successful

  9. Bughy SnK says:

    Mine fails at b200 after not getting the updates… Also wifi still doesn't work *sigh*

  10. don't worry, i was away when you sent message,
    did you tried to install Marshmallow direct over B170?
    please let me know the progress

  11. Does this work with Huawei P8 Lite Single SIM?

  12. please go in settings> about phone
    and check if model number is ALE-L21 or ALE-L02
    then you can follow this process

  13. Hi,
    My bootloader is already unlocked. Where I have to start your tutorial to solve the Balong problem? Thanks a lot!

  14. OK IT WORKS!!! Thanks a lot!!! 😀

    But I have a question regarding the B564. Will I still have the future updates via OTA?? Or I can directly update with a most recent version of Android 6.0??

    Thanks again!!

  15. thank you for your precious comment
    as i don't have this phone, but what feedback i received from my followers is, that they received all OTA , but your phone must not be rooted & running stock recovery.

    please like my facebook page: Ministry Of Solution Page

  16. Finally I have a problem… The OTA update 188 was coming but installation failed….
    I will try with the B200.

    And what you mean with "stock recovery"?? Thanks for help…

  17. Factory reset your phone to resolve update problem,
    And if you can help me to backup the B188 update, please don't install it after download finish .
    Send me email and wait for my reply: click here to see email id
    I will tell you, how to backup this update, it will be helpful for everyone.
    So please cooperate.

  18. Factory reset your phone to resolve update problem,
    And if you can help me to backup the B188 update, please don't install it after download finish .
    Send me email and wait for my reply: click here to see email id
    I will tell you, how to backup this update, it will be helpful for everyone.
    So please cooperate.

  19. B200 also failed!!! Please HELP!!!!!!!!!

  20. Did you read my previous comment?

  21. Yes but your link not work… And I have already done 2 factory reset…. Please HELP!!

  22. Make sure you removed usb cable from phone before starting update

  23. do you still have this issue?

  24. WdM says:

    It worked for me.. So use this amazing tutorial. Thanks alot man

  25. Thank you for feedback
    please like my Facebook Page

  26. Hi Do you know if it is possible to make the Huawei P8 GRA-L09 read dual sim.

  27. I think no, the sd card tray in this phone isn't designed for sim card

  28. Unknown says:

    Ohh I cant unlock phone cuz in cmd it says when I typed my code. any suggestions ? Thanks

  29. Unknown says:

    Edit : it says " waiting for any device "

  30. Make sure usb debugging enabled

  31. I found the problem. My pc wont install fastboot drivers , so maybe you have a link to download them manually ?

  32. von says:

    Will try this out, but can i use b574 instead 564 ?

  33. Yes if you have B574 full firmware,
    Then you can use,
    Otherwise you will get update notification right after installation

  34. There is nothing like fastboot drivers.
    R u able to connect device in normal mode?

  35. Hi Mutahhar, I'm in South Africa, my Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 BalongC52B311; should I use ALE-L21C432B052 EUChannel Android 5.0 EMUI 3.1 Firmware on Step 1 or Huawei suggested HUAWEI_P8_Lite_Firmware_ALE-L21_Android 6.0_EMUI4.0_C02B589CUSTC02D001 – and also in Step 12 which firmaware should I use?
    How to get bootoader unlock code, can you provide me with a valid link please…

    Great work…

  36. No you must follow the process as described above, i don't know about any other methods.
    Unlock code you can get for free from official unlock website

  37. Hi,Mutahhar.
    One question if you can help me.
    I have a single sim , p8 lite ALE-L21 (Vodafon branded) with firmware ALE-L21C02B589 (MM6) and i want to converted to dual sim ,unbranded.
    Will your guide here help me ?

  38. if your phone is unlocked by vodafone,
    then yes, you can try

  39. I already have the unlock code for unlocking the bootloader but didnt unlocked it since i'm not near a pc these days.
    So,if i unlock my bootloader i can give it a try?
    Thank you for yoyr fast reply.

  40. Unknown says:

    thanks bro for helping it works fine 🙂 🙂 you are brilliant 🙂 thanks alot,try it guys but read instruction carefully, it worked fine

  41. Kenneth Luke says:

    Will this work for all region or just specific ones?

  42. whichever region you are from,
    this process will change your phone to european,
    if you want top stay with your region, then process is different

  43. Unknown says:

    Sir I take my hat off to you!! Thank you very much , I had this balong issue for months and now tha phone is fully operational again thanks to you!! Greetings from Greece.

  44. but I have a little problem, the phone doesn't receive OTA updates, it still has B170

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Don't wait for ota, download marshmallow by yourself & install it over B170, just read my post, last paragraph, its about marshmallow update

  47. Thank you , I'll try that

  48. Worked and also an update showed, now I have B574 android 6.0 with no balong anymore, by the way I accidentally unlocked the dual SIM feature so double win

  49. Lolz its not an accident, but the firmware you used in 1st step actually converts phone to dual mode.

  50. Cool.One last thing ,when I was at android 6.0 with balong the phone didn't load some of my photos on gallery or any video with the system app and usually both apps crashed,now again in 6.0 without balong I notice the same thing, do you have any idea what might be? (In 5.0 I had no problems)

  51. To me looks like corrupted files in storage, take new photos & videos then try to open them, if app doesn't crash with new photos /video ,
    then follow this step. Backup your data using Hisuite software.
    Then format internal storage,
    Restore data.
    Hopefully it will resolve your issue.

  52. ramin SH says:

    vendor file update failed for me im tired bulshit balong please help me

  53. Don't worry, where you from?

  54. sam neill says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. sam neill says:

    Hi i have same problem…i am from pakistan and my build number was 185B160….

  56. Me bhi Pakistan se hun,
    Aap k liye ye guide kaam karey gi
    please follow this guide

  57. sam neill says:

    Thanku bhai….main download kar raha hon try kar ke dekhta hon….

  58. sam neill says:

    Ap ko is nai update ke bare main kuch pta hai single sim ki hai ya duel ki jo abhi pe upload hui hai 560 wali…..

  59. sam neill says:

    Shit jis storage pe ye wali file hai wo to bohot zalel karti hai…..

  60. Its for dual sim.
    I don't have other option 🙁

  61. Its for dual sim.
    I don't have other option 🙁

  62. sam neill says:

    Mutahhar bhai B560 ki update main pro. Camera hai…..?

  63. I don't have this phone,
    But pro camera app is available separately.
    You can install it

  64. sam neill says:

    How do i installed it separatly…..?

  65. Search in Google
    Huawei pro camera. Apk

  66. sam neill says:

    I can't find anywhere Huawei pro camera.apk can you please give me a link….

  67. sam neill says:

    Why we can't install systems app which we extract from system.img….?

  68. You can install through adb
    Your phone must be rooted to make any changes in system

  69. You can install through adb
    Your phone must be rooted to make any changes in system

  70. Arnold says:

    Thank you very much bro !

  71. Francisco Ventura says:

    INCREDIBLE….2 days with Balong sleeping with me until i find your fantastic tutorial…Thanks a lot keep with your excelent work

  72. beqa says:

    this is best way for fix p8 lite problems any problem, thx u for helping me and finding time for live chat! and sorry for waste your time <3 🙂 love you 😀

  73. Vali says:

    Thank you very much! you saved me a lot of time and money!

  74. mialin says:

    Merci Beaucoup je suis sortie du bug Balong
    Thank you thanks to you I left the Bug balong

  75. Iman says:

    I have the same problem with Huawei Honor 4x phone
    Would you please help me?
    Can I use this “vendor information file” in your post for Honor 4x?
    Please help me
    Best Regards

  76. Thank You a lot Mr.Mutahhar Bashir, what a great tutorial! Without you I would have a nice and fancy paper weight ahah

  77. Jaime Lozano says:

    I have a Huawei P8Lite model number: hi6210sft, and Compilation: BalongC52B311, does this tutorial Works for me also?

  78. Rajmund Sipos says:

    Can i do the last step with the B588 firmware too?

  79. MSHu says:

    Worked like a charm!
    Just a few notes:
    – after installing ALE-L21C432B052 EUChannel the system rebooted a lot, I couldn’t do anything, but after 12 or so reboots, it worked!;
    – I didn’t have to install ALE-L21C432B170 EUChannel, the OTA update took care of that;
    – after OTA update to ALE-L21C432B170 EUChannel, I received also OTA update ALE-L21C432B574-NEW EUChannel, which I currently use;
    – bottom line: thank you so much for helping me with this tutorial for removing the Balong “bug”!

    Much appreciated!

  80. Marty says:

    I was literally thinking about buying a new device. You saved my life <3

  81. Bah says:

    Thanks very for this tutorial, problem solved after few attempts. Balong bug, gone. I got one update after that ALE-L21C432B170. then I just installed ALE-L21, Andriod 6.0, EMUI 4.0, C432B564, manually. all looking good now. thanks again.

  82. dadoohan says:

    Thanks you, no more balong and dual sim activated! (Before I was on SFR FR Single SIM)

  83. jabbarynet says:

    thank you sir it’s helpfull

  84. Hello sir! I have Balong, but with Android 5, will this still work for me?

  85. Mackrovli says:

    Thanks for your guide. After trying different methods of upgrading from Europe Single SIM (operator Orange Romania – when I bought they said is dual sim 🙁 ) to Dual SIM, it worked with your method … till step 8.
    After update, step 7, the phone kept rebooting. After o few reboots displayed a page saying user data corupted with some options, reboot, factory reset … I choosed factory reset … after the fw was still Balong … then executed step 9 and used Volum Up and Volum Down and Power button press to start update from SDCard. Phone reseted to factory default – EMUI 3.1. After setting and reseting the phone got dual sim active, but not for my operator – SIM Rejected.
    Then got to step 12 and used the firmware from Huawei site version B584 (previous version – now is 594 – Dual SIM and 595 Single SIM) copied to SDCard and started the update procedure … wait again some time … After that the phone worked ok – dual sim options active – inserted two sim from different operators and work fine.
    After setting wireless connection the update informed for a new version available and done OTA full update to ALE-L21C432B594 : 1.56GB.
    The phone is working fine.
    Thanks again for the good job !

  86. al says:

    Any steps in how to root marshmallow b64 with twrp recovery?

  87. al says:

    im currently updating via OTA ALE-L21C432B574.. should i still use the process 14?

  88. al says:

    thanks for this method. i successfully updated my p8LITE without balong bug..
    at the beginning it takes a lot of rebooting, but after i hard reset the phone it stop rebooting and a success but the sim card carry is not activated. then after i install the b170 the phone is working properly and no balong bug..
    now im currently updating my phone via OTA b574. then im planning to root the phone after successfully installed.
    thanks sir. thanks a lot. you’re a very big help.

  89. jhay says:

    hi sir. im done with the steps above and it was a success.
    im currently at ALE-L21C432b584
    and i already done rooting my phone. now it’s successfully rooted.
    and when i check updater. there’s an update of ALE-L21C432B594
    can i update my phone to this new update while rooted? or should i unroot my phone first, what should i do sir? need advice. thanks
    i dont want to experience bootloop again. thanks

  90. Al says:

    Hi sir. I have a question..
    Will this work in any balong bug? My friend has also balong bug but the number I different. Balongc50b311 on my friend. Will this work? Thanks

  91. Luca says:

    Ciao la guida nn funziona per me ho ale l21 brandizzato Vodafone ho seguito tutta la guida alla lettera ma quando provo l’installazione del primo firmware 052 nn me la prende e mi dice ” Sparse flash is enabled ! “

  1. January 6, 2017

    […] solution fairly easy but i took only starting process of it. I downloaded B052 DualSIM EU which came in […]

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