Huawei Mate7 Marshmallow upgrade B571 Full Firmware (All Models)

Few days back huawei has released new update for mate 7, which will add improvements & stability to phone. this update has been released for european variants of this phone,
if your phone is not from europe please read guide at the end of this page.


Mate7 Marshmallow upgrade B571


  • Dial * #* #2846579#*#* and then tap on network information and then tap on operator info.
    Tell me whats written in vendor/country 
  • if it shows hw/eu then you can continue, if it shows something else, please read guide at the end of this page

1. You phone must not be rooted
2. You must be running stock recovery (No TWRP)
3. You must be running any older version of marshmallow (B513, B522,B560) (direct upgrade from lollipop B331 will not work)

4. Backup all your important data before starting update.
5. Extract from downloaded zip , put in dload folder of your internal memory/sdcard.
6. Switch off phone your phone & hold volume up, volume down, & power button until update starts.

Users from middle eastern and asian countries please read guide at end of this page

If above method did not work then follow this process

For TL09:

1.Install Marshmallow downgrade package (You must be running any version of marshmallow)

Downgrade package for Mate7 L09 (16GB) (Link Credit albert-so758 of xda)
2. Download & install full firmware

For TL10 (32GB):

1. You must be running any older version of marshmallow (B511, B512, B514, B522, B560), not rooted and TWRP Recovery.

To install TWRP your botloader should be unlocked, (How to unlock bootloader)
Once you you have successfully unlocked your bootloader, you can download following tool to install twrp recovery

Download Mate7 Recovery Tool 

2. Switch off your phone , hold volume down key and connect phone with pc, your phone will enter fastboot mode.
2. Open Mate7 recovery tool and you will get following screen

Mate7 Marshmallow upgrade B571

Mate7 Marshmallow upgrade B571

3. Press number 4 from keyboard hit enter and you will get following screen

Mate7 Marshmallow upgrade B571

Mate7 Marshmallow upgrade B571

4. if it shows OKAY, that mean you have successfully flashed twrp recovery.

Download B571 TWRP Backup for your phone

Mate7 TWRP Backup B571 universal work with tl09 &  tl10

Now For Installation Process watch following video


 If Your phone is not European (Asia & Middle East)

  • Convert your phone to European by follow THIS GUIDE
  • Then flash stock marshmallow recovery again, by using mopbox recovery tool (same tool you used for TWRP)
  • Download European B560 from THIS LINK and install it
  • After successfull installaton check for latest updates and you will see B571 is available to download and install.

Mutahhar Bashir

Passionate blogger, have excellent problem solving skills, quick learner, love to accomplish difficult tasks, improving my skills while helping others through this blog.

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82 Responses

  1. Sai Nadendla says:

    hello again, last time i updated was successful but now i have a problem.
    both of ur download link which goes to depositfiles show
    and after upgrading from b500 transition package to b560 my build is showing mt7-l09c900b560
    and i cant upgrade to b571
    can you help me out

  2. from where you downloaded the B571?
    because i can not see any downloads from my link

  3. Sai Nadendla says:

    the download link which shows
    Download C432B560 For TL09 (16GB)
    redirects to depositfiles shows
    file name : File name:

  4. Sai Nadendla says:

    and i downloaded b571 from carbontesla

  5. The only way to use B570
    Is to change region from middle east to Europe

  6. Kindly follow twrp method in this post, i have successfully upgraded to B571

  7. Sai Nadendla says:

    cannot extract mate7 recovery tool or where should i copy that file

  8. I am sorry, link was wrong
    Kindly download recovery tool again, it should work

  9. Pato D. says:

    Hello, you can upload the files to mega . please.
    Greetings from Chile

  10. Sorry mega doesn't work for me
    Uploading disconnect in between

  11. El ho says:

    Thank you so much, I have a TL10 gold 32GB and now i'm booting on B571.
    I've used the B512 for about a month now, and the battery life isn't as good as it was on the B324(lollipop), so i was wondering… How is the battery life on the B571 and how would you compare it to previous versions ?

  12. I have used B571 for few days, and its battery life is better than lollipop

  13. El ho says:

    Thank you!
    +1 for the good work
    i subbed to your Google+ and your youtube channel.
    Greetings from Morocco.

  14. Hi, I have the firmware B331, and when I tried to install B571 it says that the actual firmware (b331) its not compatible, so, what can I do, should I wait? thanks for answering!

  15. I think you didn't read instructions properly, its clearly that you should be on B513/B522/B560.
    Anyway let me know which model you have and which country you are from? then i will guide you how to do

  16. Well, it's my fault, I didn't read the instructions properly, but previously I've upgraded to B331 so I thought I could upgrade to B571…..I have an MT7 L09 and I'm from Colombia. Thank you so much

  17. please download B560 from this link: Click To Start Download

    and after that immediately install B571

  18. ok, but first, should I install the Marshmallow downgrade?? because at the instructions if I'm not from European country says that first install a downgrade and then install the full firmware, or if I have B560 it's not necessary to downgrade and then upgrade?

  19. Yes if your phone is not from European, then yes you have to install downgrade package then instantly intall B570, don't delay

  20. Hi, well, I downloaded the downgrade and put it in the micro sd in a dload folder, turned off the phone, I pressed vol up vol down and power, and stays on the main screen that says HUAWEI POWERED BY ANDROID, what should I do?

  21. Did you have installed B560?

  22. Make sure you have copied rollback file in internal memory,
    And have 1gb free space.
    Make sure usb cable is not connected.
    Try to factory reset and try again.

  23. Hi again, I did the factory reset , I tried again with vol up, vol down and power down and still remains there in the HUAWEI POWERED BY ANDROID screen.

    I can stay with the B560? there is a problem if I left my cellphone in that version?

  24. Its absolutely fine
    B560 is stable version

  25. Oh, well, thanks a lot, the information you gave me was very useful, I think I'm gonna try this B560, if something goes wrong, I won't hesitate to ask for your help.

    Again, thanks a lot, and greetings from Colombia!

  26. Unknown says:

    Hi, I have the same problem of Diego. I have C900B522 and the downgrade didn't work with 3 button method. I try to do with the secret menu and it do process but when i verify I have the same C900B522. The downgrade should show C900B500?

  27. I think you also have b522 file on your sdcard, secret menu doesn't install from internal memory.
    Can you please explain what you actually want to do?

  28. Troy says:

    I have exactly the same pb.
    I have update long time ago to C900B522 manually. I wanna update my phone to new version.
    What must I do ? I try to follow your instruction, but update do nothing, and stay at 5%…

  29. Zahid Rusool says:

    Without pc I wanna do???

  30. Zahid Rusool says:


  31. Zahid Rusool says:

    How to root MT7-TL10 without pc???
    Plz help Me sir.

  32. Zahid Rusool says:

    Sir I have already download this .
    But only update successful and mobile restart then same recently Build Number MT7-C900B512

  33. bersant says:

    Hi,i need some help. My firmware on my mate 7 is C900B512-Jazz and i want to upgrade to B571 full firmware. Is it possible i just download the link that you gave on this website? Or what should i do because this firmware i have no is really bad,it crashes all my social apps.

  34. bersant says:

    i tried also the MT7-L09 marshmallow to lollipop transition package but still install failed?

  35. bersant says:

    ok whats next?

  36. bersant says:

    i just doesnt work. i dont know what im doing wrong is their any way how i just get B512 upgrade or downgrade

  37. bersant says:

    hi,my phone wasnt unlocked from bootloader and now its unlocked and i have installed the twrp recovery. how do i install the TWRP backup of B522. IF IT works how can i upgraded to the newest firmware from this B522. thanks anyway for you help

  38. Tailot rafael says:

    I have a problem upgrading to b571 it goes to 5% and then stops saying upgrade was faild
    Device reports my country is eu
    And I did downgrade to B500
    What’s my mistake by the way

    Oh I dont know if my device is rooted or not it’s second hand

    Is the rooted device preventing from upgrading for example or I should first go with 560 then by 571?

    How I can unroot if its rooted already?

    Thanx man u r a saviour

  39. bersant says:

    Hey mutahhar how are you? i installed the b571 on my mate 7 with twrp recovery successfully. But i have bugs on this version. If somebody text me on viber or snap or whastapp he dont let me know,sometimes he does. Same thing with my email. Is their a good version of b571?

  40. Leopold says:

    My huawei m7 vendor states cn….so which step should i take to uograde to B571….and another problem states that its memory is 64 g with 4g ram but im only using 16g ….pliz help

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