Huawei Mate9 MHA-AL00 Converted to MHA-L29 /unbrick(Visual Guide)

This guide has been written with visual graphics to help users better understand the whole process.


  • Originally this guide has been posted on XDA forum, and credit goes to real developers who have found this work around.
  • Photos has been provided by Mr. Alex from Germany who’s phone was converted successfully with my cooperation.

Lets start

  • Alex was running B175 on Chinese mate9 as you can see in following photo.

Huawei Mate 9 MHA-AL00 converted to MHA-l29

Steps to follow

  • You need good quality sd card with atleast 8GB free space
  • Backup all important data
  • Charge battery up to 50%
  • Enable OEM unlock in developer options
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Unlock your bootloader by following THIS GUIDE
  • Download TWRP from THIS LINK
  • Download Asian (MHA-L29C636) OEM info from THIS LINK
  • Download MHA-L29C636B110 firmware from THIS LINK  (
  • Switch off the phone, hold volume down and connect with pc, phone will enter fastboot mode.
  • Now go to the “Minimal ADB and Fastboot ” folder in C:/Program Files (You have installed when unlocking bootloader) and copy ” twrp-3.0.2-2-hi3660.img ” to that folder.
  • Then open MAF32.exe and type fastboot devices and press enter,  if it shows your device serial number, it means the connection is successful.
  • Now type ” Fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-2-hi3660.img ” and press enter. if it shows Ok: finished …
  • Then disconnect the phone from the PC and reboot to twrp recovery (Power + Volume up) keep them holding, or switch off and hold the volume up key and connect with pc.
  • The following screen will be presented on your phone screen, Don’t press any button just swipe the blue bar.

Huawei Mate 9 TWRP

  • On the next screen, you will see the TWRP menu, tap on Wipe then press format data, type yes, and wipe to format data.
  • Mate-9-MHA-AL00-converted-to-MHA-L29-3.jpg
  • Then go back to the main menu again, and tap on the Backup button, you will see all partitions, only select oeminfo and then swipe to make a backup.

backup oeminfo

  • If backup is successful you will see the path where this backup is being saved, normally it is inside TWRP >Backups>serial number>your build number. as you can see in following image.

oeminfo backup

  • Now reboot to normal mode, if twrp ask to install any app just ignore it. and reboot


  • Now copy that oeminfo to safe place, this is backup of the regional file of your phone.
  • Now extract the C636oeminfo zip that you have downloaded earlier, and copy all files inside to to your backup folder and replace your original files with the downloaded one.
  • Now extract Asian firmware dload.rar file and copy that dload folder to sd card,
  • Download update data zip from THIS LINK
  • Now switch your phone off and boot to TWRP recovery again, swipe on 1st screen, then tap on the Restore button, there will be only one backup , select it and swipe to restore.
  • Now turn off phone, disconnect from PC. and hold 3 buttons (volume up, volume down, power) and it should start installation of Asian firmware.

Huawei Mate 9 Firmware installation

  • Once finished, again enable OEM unlock, unlock bootloader again, enable USB debugging, and install TWRP recovery, as you did at start.
  • Then tap install and select zip file ”” and swipe to flash.


  • You will get error 7 at the end, as shown in image below, but don’t worry.


  • Then turn off the phone again, and use the 3 button method to install Asian firmware again. After installation, your bootloader will lock again and you will not get any warning at boot.
  • Then go in setting and do a factory reset.


  • Once reset finish, boot phone to normal mode, and check build number, voila you will have MHA-L29C636B110. as you can see in the image below

Huawei Mate 9 convert to MHA-L29

And after that user started receiving OTA one by one. as you can see in image below.


Huawei Mate 9 MHA-L20C636B158

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17 Responses

  1. abdul dastyar says:

    about mate 9 L-29
    set my fingerprint and the password, but when I rebooted the phone, it kept saying that the password is incorrect and fingerprint is unrecognized.
    I tried to enter the password and possible combinations (in order I made some horrible typo in the beginning), but it all was useless.
    I tried to wipe my data and start over again (hard reset), but wipe didn’t work, the password is still there.
    Moreover, I tried to use my gmail account that was linked to the Mate 9 and the android device manager (by google) to reset the password on the screen, but it didn’t work either.
    now, even dont have keyboard anymore to enter password
    Please advice what shall I do?

  2. Frank Hansen says:

    Hi, on next weekend ill get my mate 9 from china. its a al00 32GB. My question: After i done all the stuff above, can i get then all the normal updates ota like a 29er? And will be the google play store on the main screen working? Sorry fo my bad english, its not my mother language. Greets Frank

  3. giuseppe says:

    Save a question on my mha-al00c00b213 there is no unlocked oem selectable in developer options. And when I try to unlock the bootloader with code received by huawei me from the failed error message. From firmware b185 i do not see any oem unlocker in developer options.

    • If oem unlock option is Grey, you need relock bootloader then you can enable oem unlock.
      In fastboot mode what you see? Frp unlock? Phone unlock?

      • Danish Zahur says:

        Yes my phone in at lock both FRP and Phone.
        And I am unable unlock bootloader again after installation of Asian firmware.

      • Danish Zahur says:

        Settings > Developer options > OEM unlocking fixed this issue.
        My installing is complete and its working good.
        Does this will update new system update or it will stick to this installed version only?

        • If you root your phone, then you can not install updates, but if you run stock firmware, you will get all updates

          • Danish Zahur says:

            I have installed the same files attached in this article.
            Will this version auto update?

          • This is stock firmware and all users who have installed it they instantly received new updates, you must insert sim card to get new updates. but only huawei decides when they send new update to your phone

          • Danish Zahur says:

            Thank you very much for this article. And great support, I never saw such instant reply on forums.
            I had phone with Chinese firmware and this article safe me from all Chinese stuff that keeps on bothering me.

            Thanks a million 🙂

  4. Alex says:

    MHA-L29C636B110 firmware link from the article is not functional (404). Please share any source for old version (B110,B122… before B183) that can be 3buttons dloaded unconditionally to downgrade/reformat the system/kernel.

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