Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 and WAS-LX1A unbrick guide

In this tutorial you will learn how to unbrick your Huawei P10 Lite. Please keep in mind that, files are different for WAS-LX1 and WAS-LX1A. so you should follow the guide as per your model number.

Which phone can be unbricked?

Please connect your phone in fastboot mode (Switch off, hold volume down and insert cable). if you see following text in red color then phone can be unbricked.

  • Phone unlocked
  • FRP unlocked

and if your device is showing following text then you can try to unlock bootloader it may work :

  • Phone locked
  • FRP unlocked

If your device is showing both lines in green colour then it is impossible to unbrick for free, you can contact us for paid method.

Unbrick WAS-LXA1:

  • This guide is based on WAS-LX1AC432 (You can use files for your version and follow same steps)
  • You need sd card before you proceed
  • Download TWRP from THIS LINK
  • Connect your phone in fastboot mode and flash TWRP (Don’t Reboot)
  • Download boot image from THIS LINK
  • Now flash this boot image in fastboot mode (fastboot flash boot custom_boot_decryptdata_b130.img)
  • Now hold volume up and type fastboot reboot press enter.
  • Keep holding volume up until phone reboot to erecovery
  • Disconnect from PC, Shutdown phone
  • Hold volume up and power to enter TWRP
  • Wipe>format data
  • Go back Reboot>Recovery
  • Download Full Data zip from THIS LINK
  • And Public Full data from THIS LINK
  • Copy both zip files to sd card and install one by one in TWRP
  • Go back reboot>bootloader
  • Download B179 Firmware from THIS LINK
  • Extract boot, system, recovery, from it using Huawei firmware extractor THIS LINK
  • Extract cust.img from
  • Flash these images in fastboot mode
  • Then reboot to recovery and factory reset, if phone boots normally ok
  • Otherwise extarct from
  • Make dload folder and copy to dload.
  • Then switch off phone, hold all buttons together to start update.
  • Hopefully phone should boot up.
  • Alternatively you can use TWRP backup to restore your phone.

WAS-LX1 Method coming soon……

Note: if you find this tutorial difficult, we also offer paid service for unbricking p10 lite, contact us


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Passionate blogger, have excellent problem solving skills, quick learner, love to accomplish difficult tasks, improving my skills while helping others through this blog.

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    Hi!. “….using Huawei firmware extractor THIS LINK” – This link is not for the extractor I think is for the updater. Can you give me the right link? b.r.

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