Honor 4x che2-L11 BalongC52B311 Fix/debrand/change region

In this tutorial i will guide you how to fix balong bug in honor 4x che2-L11.But 1st i would like to explain what is balong bug. any phone which is in balong mode will never get recognized by Play Store. and your network provider also will not be able to identify which phone you are using, you will not be able to receive any updates by Huawei .


Honor 4x che2-L11 balong bug

Step By Step Guide(This is based on lollipop)

Your phone must be rooted.

  • if your phone is not rooted then 1st of all you must unlock your bootloader (How to unlock bootloader?)
  • Once bootloader unlocked, Download root files from THIS LINK
  • Reboot your phone into fastboot mode, (switch off , hold volume down and connect with pc)
  • Extract downloaded file, and open MAF32.exe
  • now type ” fastboot devices” and hit enter, if it shows you some serial number that mean device connected properly, if it shows error, then install correct drivers.
  • Then type ” fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-0-cherry.img ” and hit enter
  • If flash successful , reboot your phone, and copy superSU file in internal memory/sd card.
  • Now boot into twrp recovery (hold volume up and power button)
  • In TWRP swipe to allow modification on 1st screen. then tap on install and select SuperSU file that you have copied on storage.
  • swipe to install and your phone will be rooted, now reboot your phone, if TWRP ask you install SuperSU. just press no.

After rooting your device

  • Install FX file explorer Click Here 
  • Install FX File Explorer (Root Add-On) Click Here
  • Now open FX file explorer,then tap on system (root), tap on lock to allow read/write permissions then tap on data and then find file name “custom.bin”
  • Open ” custom.bin ” hit edit button (pen in right corner) and change information according to your need, if you are going to install european firmware change it to hw/eu, for middel eastern hw/meafnaf , for asia hw/spcseas. as shown in image below.

Change custome.bin data

  • Then save changes and make sure you check it again if changes has been saved, long tap on custom.bin and select security button then change permissions of custom.bin to 0666. as shown in image below.

custom.bin permission changes

  • Now backup your oeminfo file by browsing to dev/block/platform/hi_mci0/  then long tap on oeminfo file, select archive, change file type to zip and press start. it will make zip file of you oeminfo. long press on this zip file and copy it somewhere on your pc, it may be required if something goes wrong. visual guide can be see in images below.

che2-L11 backup oeminfo

  • Now download OEMinfo files for all regions, from This Link
  • Extract downloaded file and you will get many folders with different region names.
  • Now chose file for your region that you have written in custom.bin
  • Then move this file to your phone and then replace the original oeminfo file with this one.
  • Once file replaced, set oeminfo file permissions to 0777, as shown in image below.

che2-L11 change oeminfo permissions

  • Now reboot your phone and you will be able to see correct model & build number.
  • if its not showing repeat process and make sure all modification were done correctly.
  • Then flash stock recovery from root files, the same way you did TWRP, but command will be different ” fastboot flash recovery recovery.img “
  • Now flash lollipop from your desired region and then you can also upgrade to marshmallow of same region.

This guide was originally posted on : 4pda.ru

Translated by me for english users:

Mutahhar Bashir

Passionate blogger, have excellent problem solving skills, quick learner, love to accomplish difficult tasks, improving my skills while helping others through this blog.

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  1. Ruisu says:

    What to click in the TWRP mode? I cannot read the letters

  2. Ahmed says:

    I am marshemlow now .. But i have this proplem too .. Can i follow this steps to solve the problem ..

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