Samsung Galaxy A51 Demo Fix with Network (SM-A515F/A515X/A515U) Knox Safe

The Samsung Galaxy A51 SM-A515F demo fix service is now available on the solutions ministry. By using this service you can convert your demo phone into a fully functional phone. The good thing about this service is that the phone is fixed without root and keeps Knox safe. All banking apps will work. Nobody can guess if it’s a demo phone or if the original phone came from the factory. Once your phone has been fixed it will never revert back to the demo version again. Network Fix will be permanent.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Demo Fix with Network

Samsung Galaxy A51 DEMO Fix Proofs:

Samsung Galaxy A51 Demo Fix With Network Proof 1
Samsung Galaxy A51 Demo Fix With Network Proof 2
Samsung Galaxy A51 Demo Fix With Network Proof 3

Supported Models:

  • SM-A515F
  • SM-A515X
  • SM-A515U


  • Never Install the latest firmware before fixing (It makes it difficult to fix)
  • Computer with Windows 7/10/11
  • Fast and stable internet connection
  • Remote access through Teamviewer
  • 1 hour of time
  • Knox must be 0
  • IMEI must be showing 0000000

Service charges:

  • Price keeps changing, always contact us for the latest price
  • Payment through USDT/BTC/PayPal/Wise

Contact us:

Mutahhar Bashir

Passionate blogger, have excellent problem solving skills, quick learner, love to accomplish difficult tasks, improving my skills while helping others through this blog.

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