OnePlus Nord2 5G Downgrade to OxygenOS 11 [DN2101/DN2103]

OnePlus Nord2 5G Downgarde to OxygenOS 11 DN2101 DN2103
OnePlus Nord2 5G Downgrade to OxygenOS 11

OnePlus Nord2 5G has recently upgraded to OxygenOS 12, But surprisingly fastboot mode has been disabled. This was expected as the OnePlus has been sold to Oppo and Oppo doesn’t allow access to fastboot mode. In this situation, users are left only with an option that’s a downgrade to OxygenOS 11. But here is another surprise, Oppo doesn’t allow 3rd party tools to flash phones for security reasons. So OnePlus Nord2 5G requires an authorized tool in order to downgrade to OxyegenOS 11. Unfortunately, Auth access is not available to end users. But we are offering a service to officially flash any firmware on Oneplus devices.

OnePlus Nord2 5G downgrade proofs:

OnePlus Auth Flash Official
OnePlus Nord2 5G Auth Flash
OnePlus Nord2 5G Downgrade from Android 12 to 11 Proof 1
ND2103 Oneplus Nord2 5G Downgrade to OxygenOS 11
OnePlus Nord2 5G Downgrade to OxygenOS 11 Proof 2
Oneplus Nord2 5G ND2103 Downgrade to OxygenOS 11

Supported Models:

  • ND2103
  • ND2101
  • All other Oneplus AUTH-enabled phones

Service Requirements:

  • Fast and stable internet connection
  • Good quality USB cable preferably original cable (No USB extensions)
  • Only Windows 10/11 computer is supported
  • No virtual machines, only real Windows machine
  • Remote access through TeamViewer
  • Lots of patience and free time (service availability is limited and may have to wait)
  • Payment should be made in advance

Service Charges:

  • Prices keep changing, so always contact us for the latest price estimate price is 1X$
  • Payment is accepted through Paypal, USDT cryptocurrency, WMZ,, and Moneygram

Contact us:

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