Official Huawei Mate7 TL10 Marshmallow B560 Middle East update

Huawei continues its unexpected but rapid customer service, they have released a marshmallow update for the Mate7 Middle Eastern version. which can be installed on any Mate 7 device running official stock Lollipop 5.1 firmware.

Mate7 TL10 B560 Update Middle East

Tutorial: How to download from despoitfiles

Download Link: C185B560 Full Firmware  Only For Mate7 TL10 Middle East


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38 Responses

  1. mapigo says:

    Hi Muta,is my tl-10 device runing now as European region following the last update C900B560 you suggested for all mate7 variant? And should I go back for this C185B560 by following the procedure and what's the difference between these,so far C900B560 it's just fine..

  2. yes i shared a trick to install B560 European version on all devices, as many users wanted to try.
    while using C900B560 you will not get any OTA (Automatic updates), other than this, i don't see any difference. but i always prefer firmware from my region.
    its upto you which one you want to use

  3. mapigo says:

    OK I got it,so to be able to go for African region that share with the middle East in my case,from this C900B560,is by using the B500 transition,then install C185B560?

  4. no, its not full firmware, you can not install it over transition pack
    you must Install B500
    Then Install B326 lollipop
    Then Copy B571 (Don't extract it please) and install

  5. mapigo says:

    Ah,ist B560 m/east or B571? and what's the link for B571 and sorry for too much asking is it one where with the long TRWP steps? I'm confused..
    Thank you for your help.

  6. its ok to ask again,
    its B560 Middle east (not B571)
    So you dont need TWRP
    You should be running Stock recovery with no root.
    and Rollback to B326 is necessary

  7. Unknown says:

    I have an issue my mate 7 not updated b560
    And u try 20 times whrn itd restart so some errors

  8. Mian Haseeb says:

    I have an issue my mate 7 not updated b560
    And u try 20 times whrn itd restart so some errors

  9. apna whatsapp ka number do, us pe baat krta hun

  10. I received OTA last night for B560, I'm in South Africa

  11. I received OTA last night for B560, I'm in South Africa

  12. Tgen install it, what you waiting for

  13. shaijugm says:

    Please sent link b500 and b326 and how to install both after install b560 thanks

  14. shaijugm says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. zoroking2007 says:

    hi im running now C00B128 and i dont know if its middle east or no . what can i do to update ? and is the new software better or i should stay with the stock ?

  16. 1st you should upgrade to lollipop.

    Dial * #* #2846579# * # * and then tap on project menu then network information and then tap on vendor/country info.
    Tell me whats written in vendor/country.
    Then i can tell which file is good for your phone

  17. zoroking2007 says:

    and then install this guide for marshmallow ? is it better than kitkat because i heard problems about this new version

  18. If you install correct firmware then there will not be a problem.
    Personally i am using it from 4 months.
    Make sure you download correct file, file are different for tl10 and l09

  19. zoroking2007 says:

    i dont have memory card where can i put the dload folder?

  20. I have clearly written internal memory or sd card,
    Both you can use

  21. zoroking2007 says:

    sorry last question how to backup my apps ?

  22. Using Hisuite software on your computer

  23. mahmood says:

    i am from east ,but i download C900B560
    is that ok ?
    and what is different C185B560?

  24. Chigozie says:

    I successfully updated my phone’s firmware from C900B324 to C185B560 using this firmware without loss of data.

  25. raza3434 says:

    is c185 really middle east? coz in startup set up when it shows region option therz no middle eastren countries in it all are european.. bdw installed successfully c185b560, but no themes only 1 theme and navigation bar not hiding manually…

  26. raza3434 says:

    u are awsome bro, khush raho <3 kl sy apka sir khaya hua hai xda forum p aj finally b560 kr lia 😀 thank you :*

  27. I successfully upgraded my Mate7 TL 10 from Android OS 4.4.2 to Android 6.0 (marshmallow).

    I simply cannot describe my joy at the improved speed and beautiful interface.

    All thanks to Mr. “Ministry Of Solutions”.

    His guidance and support was clear and unambiguos

  28. A.b.d says:

    Link is not working

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