Nokia Lumia Network unlock (Instant)

Nokia Lumia Network unlock through USB cable is now available on ministry of solutions. This method doesn’t require any unlock code. You simply connect phone with pc and it will be unlocked. Unlock process is little lengthy and depends on your internet speed.


Nokia Lumia Network Unlock

Supported Models:

Lumia 435

RM-1070, RM-1071

Lumia 520

RM-913, RM-914, RM-915

Lumia 521


Lumia 525


Lumia 530

RM-1017, RM-1018, RM-1019

Lumia 532


Lumia 535

RM-1089, RM-1090, RM-1091, RM-1092

Lumia 620


Lumia 625

RM-941, RM-942

Lumia 630

RM-976, RM-977, RM-978

Lumia 635

RM-974, RM-975

Lumia 640

RM-1072,RM-1073, RM-1074, RM-1075 , RM-1064

Lumia 720


Lumia 730


Lumia 735

RM-1038, RM-1039

Lumia 820

RM-824, RM-825, RM-826

Lumia 830

RM-984, RM-985, RM-1049

Lumia 920

RM-820, RM-821, RM-822, RM-867

Lumia 925

RM-892, RM-893, RM-910

Lumia 930

RM-1045, RM-1087

Lumia 1020

RM-875, RM-877

Lumia 1320

RM-994, RM-995, RM-996

Lumia 1520

RM-937, RM-938, RM-939

LUMIA 950 XL RM-1085

LUMIA 550 RM-1127

LUMIA 540 RM-1141

LUMIA 650 RM-1152

How much is cost:

  • Charges for this service are 25$
  • Payment accepted through paypal, skrill, and western union

Contact us to get this service:

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