Huawei Honor 7c LND-L29 TWRP and Root

Huawei Honor 7c LND-L29 Twrp and root is now available on Ministry Of Solutions. Root access allow you to modify your settings on system level and you can uninstall pre installed apps from phone. You will need twrp recovery to obtain root access on your phone. You can find step by step guide below.


Honor 7c LND-L29 TWRP and Root


You will lose warranty of your phone by rooting

I am not responsible for any damage to your phone

It should work on all variants of LND-XXX

Rooting Guide:

  1. Backup all important data from phone
  2. Unlock bootloader of your phone (How to unlock?)
  3. Download TWRP and rooting files from THIS LINK  (Thanks nemo_nemo for TWRP).
  4. Extract it and copy Magisk zip file to your sd card. (password: )
  5. Install magisk manager apk on your phone.
  6. Connect phone in fastboot mode (power off and then hold volume down and insert cable).
  7. Extract download file and open MAF32.exe, then type “fastboot devices” and press enter, it will show your connected device.
  8. Then you need to run this command “fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk TWRP-3.2.1.img” and press enter, if it is installed successfully then disconnect phone from pc
  9. Make sure phone is disconnect then hold volume up and power, keep holding until see TWRP recovery. If you fail to enter TWRP in 1st attempt you have to reflash it again.
  10. Once phone boot into TWRP, swipe to allow modifications
  11. Do not wipe anything
  12. Just tap on backup and make backup of boot and system partition (This step is options, it can help you to restore phone if anything goes wrong).
  13. Then tap on install and tap on select storage, choose sd card.
  14. Tap on and swipe to flash.
  15. Reboot
  16. Now install root checker and verify root access.

Warning: Do not update/factory reset phone when its rooted

Video Tutorial



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