How to root Huawei Y9s STK-L21, L22, L23 EMUI 9.1

Huawei Y9s Rooting Guide EMUI9 STK L21_L22
How to Root Huawei Y9s STK-L21/L22/L23

Huawei Y9s was the most sold phone of 2019. The phone was released with EMUI 9.1 running out of the box and later updated to EMUI 10. We know that Huawei stopped the free bootloader unlock program in 2018 which resulted in a lack of interest by developers in Huawei Phones. But the worst thing that happened in 2020 was that Huawei decided to block the bootloader access in EMUI10. So, we have left with EMUI 9.1 as the last rootable version for Huawei phones. In this guide, we will provide a tutorial to root Huawei Y9s running EMUI9.1. This method should work with all variants STK-L21, STK-L22, and STK-L23.

Huawei Y9s Root Proofs:

Huawei Y9s Root Successful Proof_1_1
Huawei Y9s STK-L21
Huawei Y9s Root Successful Proof_1_2
Huawei Y9s root successful Proof 1
Huawei Y9s Root Successful Proof_1_3
Huawei Y9s root successful Proof 2
Huawei Y9s Root Successful Proof_1_4
Huawei Y9s root successful Proof 3


  • You try everything at your own risk
  • This method has been tested on STK-L21 and should work for other models running EMUI9.1
  • You will lose the warranty of your phone by rooting it

Huawei Y9s Rooting Guide:

  • Backup all important data from the phone
  • Unlock the bootloader of your phone (click here to buy service)
  • Download the root file from THIS LINK (password=
  • Install the Magisk manager apk given in the zip file
  • After that connect the phone in Fastboot mode and open the extracted folder, double click MAF32.exe
  • Then type ” Fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk magisk_patched-23000.img ”  and press enter
  • After successful flash disconnect the phone from pc
  • Hold the volume up and power, keep holding both buttons until a screen appears with the message ” your device is booting now”
  • Connect to wifi and open Magisk Manager, If it asks you to install Environmental fix press “OKDon’t press cancel verify it says Magisk 23.00 is installed (do not update Magisk) Just tested with Magisk 26.1 and safely updated.
  • In the Magisk app, settings disable the check update option
  • Install root checker and verify root
  • If you don’t hold the volume up and power at the start, then the phone will start without root access. (After fixing SafetyNet you don’t need to do this)
  • The phone must be disconnected from the cable when you start it by holding the volume up and power

Fix SafetyNet: (These instructions are only for Magisk 23)

  • Open Magisk settings and disable Magisk check-update
  • Enable magisk hide
  • Tap 2 times on systemless hosts
  • Go to the magisk modules section
  • Search and install ” magiskhide prop config “Don’t reboot, go back.
  • Again search and install “Riru” module. and then reboot the phone.
  • Download SafetyNet fix v2.1.3 module and install it in Magisk Download Link.
  • Reboot Phone
  • Go to Magisk hide settings and tick google play service
  • check SafetyNet in magisk
  • Profit 
  • Make sure you disable automatic updates in developer options to stop the phone from installing new updates.

Note: If you cannot root your phone then You can use our paid service and we will root remotely.

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