Huawei G7 Lollipop upgrade for all models

several users asked me through my YouTube channel for lollipop upgrade files for different models of Huawei G7 from different regions, so i have decided to post it on my blog to make it easier for other users to find appropriate update file for there phone.

Huawei G7 Lollipop upgrade

This update brings big performance improvements, specially network connectivity for 4G LTE , improves security of your data, gyro sensor improvements are included of this update.

Before you start upgrade process

  • your phone must be charged at least 80%
  • your phone must not be rooted & using stock ROM
  • G7-L11(Asia Pacific) Lollipop Download Link:
G7-L11 AsiaDownload


  • G7-L11(Middle East) Lollipop Download Link :
G7-L11 Middle EastDownload

G7-L11 Marshmallow Released


  • G7-L11(Pakistan) Lollipop Download Link:
G7-L11 PakistanDownload
  • G7-L11_DualSim_C185B320_Android 5.1_EMUI 3.1



  • G7-L01(Asia Pacific) Lollipop Download Link :
G7-L01 AsiaDownload


  • G7-L01 (Pakistan) Lollipop Download Link:
G7-L01 PakistanDownload


  • G7-L01(Middle East) Lollipop Download Link :
G7-L01 Middle EastDownload


  • G7-L03(Latin America) Lollipop Download Link :
G7-L03 Latin AmericaDownload

G7-L03 Marshmallow upgrade


  • G7-L01(Europe) Lollipop Download Link : (Works for G7-L01V100R001C00B263 unlocked vodafone UK)
G7-L01 EuropeDownload


  • G7-L01( Ireland) Lollipop Download Link :
G7-L01 IrelandDownload


  • G7-L01 (Serbia)Lollipop Download Link :
G7-L01 SerbiaDownload

After downloading extract file and copy file inside dload folder of your device, and then go to updater & start update.

incase you face any problem, please comment below for solutions

Mutahhar Bashir

Passionate blogger, have excellent problem solving skills, quick learner, love to accomplish difficult tasks, improving my skills while helping others through this blog.

376 Responses

  1. i have a different build number which ends on B040,is the firmware you gave can be access by my device G7 L11..thank you

  2. My build no is G7L11V100R001C900B030 And Im frm India can I use the above mentioned update for my phone plz help bro plz

  3. I think you are same guy from YouTube.
    And you have already updated successfully

  4. Unknown says:

    My firmware is G7 L11 B030, it's compatible for me?

  5. May i know you are from which country?

  6. Unknown says:

    My firmware is G7-L01V100R001C00B270, is it compatible for my mobile phone. I'm from Pakistan.

  7. Does this update deletes my phone information?

  8. If you download correct file, all your data will be safe.
    Don't worry

  9. enrique fune says:

    Ola mi dispositivo es el G7-L01 y el numero de compilación termina en B248 es compatible o no ayuda porfavor

  10. enrique fune says:

    Esa es la actualización para mi móvil del android 5.1.1 lollipop y emui 3.1

  11. enrique fune says:

    Yo soy de españa esa actualizacion me sirve?????

  12. sólo hay actualización lollipop, g7 no recibió la marshmallow

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. enrique fune says:

    pero este termina en D003 Y EL MIO ES B248 me sirve no

  15. enrique fune says:

    pero ay k rootear el movil o se ace desde actualizacion local

  16. utilizar de actualización local, y no se confunda, todas las actualizaciones tienen códigos diferentes no sam

  17. enrique fune says:

    Si ay que rootear el movil o solo meter el archivo en el movil y ne voy a emui y lo actualizo desde ay y eske mi movil tiene el android 4.4.4 kitkat y el numero de compilacion termino en B248 y este numero de compilacion termina en D003

  18. enrique fune says:

    Si ay que rootear el movil o solo meter el archivo en el movil y ne voy a emui y lo actualizo desde ay y eske mi movil tiene el android 4.4.4 kitkat y el numero de compilacion termino en B248 y este numero de compilacion termina en D003

  19. descarga de archivos, archivo extracto de zip y copiar en la carpeta DLOAD de su tarjeta. y luego ir en configuración e iniciar actualización local

  20. razón por la que una y otra vez preguntas acerca de la raíz? escribo sin necesidad de raíz

  21. razón por la que una y otra vez preguntas acerca de la raíz? escribo sin necesidad de raíz

  22. enrique fune says:

    No me deja actualizarlo me da error en la actualizacion que ago aora porfavor ayudenme

  23. enrique fune says:

    No me deja actualizarlo me da error en la actualizacion que ago aora porfavor ayudenme

  24. ponerse en contacto conmigo a través de WhatsApp

  25. enrique fune says:

    Dejame tu wasap y yo te escribo

  26. 0 0 9 6 8 9 8 4 7 9 8 0 7

  27. 0 0 9 6 8 9 8 4 7 9 8 0 7

  28. enrique fune says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. John Kennedy says:

    Will the Europe firmware be ok for Ireland also? Thanks

  30. John Kennedy says:

    Thank you Mutahhar 👍

  31. You are always welcome

  32. I am using Huawei G7-L02 Build number G7-L02V100R001C81B130 Custom Version – CUSTC81D002. I badly need it. Pleassseeeeee My phone crashes on a daily basis.

  33. Islam Salah says:

    my phone is G7-L01 I'm from Egypt ,can I upgrade it to Lollipop ??

  34. Sorry incomplete information. I need an upgrade to lollipop.

  35. Unknown says:

    Is there a download for North America?

  36. Unknown says:

    Is there a download for North America?

  37. Please tell me your model number 1st

  38. Please tell me you are from which country?

  39. Geo L says:

    Finally seems to have it for Ireland too. Thank you. I downloaded, unzipped it and put in dload, than i do not know where is the root directory of micr SD card. I can not see in local update.
    I might just place it without folder on micrSD to see how it goes.
    This update/upgrade is final no bugs in it?

  40. just extract the files, if there is dload folder inside the zip,
    smiply copy that folder in root directory, preferably internal memory (Sd card can be used too).
    what i doubt you are copying dload folder inside dload folder.
    there should be dload folder in root and file inside that dloadfolder

    if issue still there, please write here

  41. Geo L says:

    Finally i did it, the upgrade went well.
    The think i missed was after I put the downloaded and unzipped file into the dload, I should have restarted the phone, once restarted i could see the upgrade option there.
    Thank you very much.

  42. laxman says:

    model no.G7-L01
    build no.G7-L01V100R001C00B263
    CUSTOM version-CUSTC432D001
    still running os kitkat 4.4.4
    badly waiting for update so please advice the link.from Qatar

  43. I am G7 Model L03 and ends on B247 who works with my cellphone?

  44. I am G7 Model L03 and ends on B247 who works with my cellphone?

  45. You are from which country
    And your phone is provided by service provider?

  46. laxman says:

    thank you sir for repply but its not opening the given link.

  47. Copy the link and paste in browser
    Or just read above post again and click on G7-L01(middle east) link.

  48. Or chat with me using live help, in right bottom corner.
    Or contact through whatsapp

  49. Mutahhar Basir, dont you have anything for me ? I am using Huawei G7-L02 Build number G7-L02V100R001C81B130 Custom Version – CUSTC81D002. I badly need it. Pleassseeeeee My phone crashes on a daily basis.

  50. I am sorry to tell you, there is no official lollipop firmware for your phone,
    If you want to try other methods, then let me know but there is risk your phone may go dead. So if you are ready to take risk, let me know

  51. Dale Edwards says:

    Hi, could you advise on the right download for my G7 please:
    G7-L01, Build No: G7-L01V100R001C00B263, Custom Version: CUSTC432D001.
    I'm in the UK.
    Many thanks

  52. Here is your file click to download:Download Link

  53. Medo Bakeer says:

    Hi i use g7-l11 B030 and i want to uphrad to lollipop would you hive me the dwenload link pleas

  54. looks like you are from middle east
    please download this file: Download Link

  55. laxman says:

    I have also same model and build nummberthere is no any link for update..

  56. Laxman please contact me through email for update guide : click here to see email

  57. laxman says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. laxman says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Medo Bakeer says:

    Thanks very much I will swenload it later when I have good qifi connection

  60. Unknown says:

    My model is G7-L03 and ends on B247 my service provider is Digicel. I am in Jamaica.

  61. Thank you. It worked. One Love from Jamaica

  62. Thank you for feedback,
    Please like my Facebook page

  63. Sabbir says:

    Hi, I am using;

    Model Number: G7-L01

    Build Number: G7-L01V100R001C00B263

    Custom Version: CUSTC432D001

    I am in London, UK.

    Can you advise the latest update please.


  64. Sabbir says:

    It is unlocked variant purchased through official UK chain.

  65. Sabbir says:

    Thank you. Worked perfectly. Please update this page with future updates like 6.0 Marshmallow. Thanks again.

  66. Unknown says:

    Por favor me podeis ayidar e descargado el archivo pero nose que hacer ayudenme porfa

  67. Puede usted por favor dígame versión personalizada? vaya en Ajustes> Acerca del teléfono, y allí verá

  68. Mi version personalizada es CUSTC432D001 españa gracias

  69. Ya lo he actualizado gracias de todos modos funciona perfectamente lo unico que perdi el doble tac paea desbloquear

  70. Ya lo he actualizado gracias de todos modos funciona perfectamente lo unico que perdi el doble tac paea desbloquear

  71. Ok gracias no hay forma de instalar el doble toque suelto porque he instalado la actualizacion antes y me va perfecta el unico fallo eras ese

  72. Es oficial? Para españa

  73. Sí 100% oficial, enlace de descarga desde el sitio web es Huawei

  74. Danny Ruben says:

    What options are there for Model G7-L02 Build G7-L02V100R001C191B130 (Australia) Custom version CUSTC191D002 ?

  75. Sorry nothing for this model

  76. Some links for g7-l01v100r001c00b263 i am from serbia

  77. single sim locked on network tnx for answ.

  78. Check with network operator, if they can unlock your phone then you can upgrade

  79. Hay alguna manera de instalar el doble toque encima sin tener que actualizar otra vez el android por favor ayudenme

  80. Hay alguna manera de instalar el doble toque encima sin tener que actualizar otra vez el android por favor ayudenme

  81. no puedo entender español, traducción de Google no es bueno

  82. Dime.el idioma y yo lo traduzco

  83. Thanks for the update works perfectly except for that double tap does not work me can help me fix

  84. I can try it,
    Earlier i restored it on mate7,
    But i am not sure if it will work on your phone,
    If you want to test, let me know

  85. thanks if I was interested to try

  86. Do you have whatsapp?

  87. Yeah but I'm now changing number if while we can ablate the other hand

  88. Yeah but I'm now changing number if while we can ablate the other hand

  89. since I updated and it overheats me I do

  90. Did you have installed official package from this page?

  91. if the one that came on your page that makes for europe Spain

  92. which I have is already upgrade to Spain

  93. HUAWEI G760-L01 Firmware(Android 5.1_EMUI 3.1, C432B331CUSTC432D003, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands).zip
    this is what I have installed

  94. Please backup you data & factory reset your phone one time

  95. Heatup problem should be fixed,
    For double tap fix, 1st yoi need to root your phone

  96. I do not understand the google translator is not very good

  97. Es necesario dar root a su teléfono, si es necesario pulsar dos veces

  98. pressing it twice I do not care how important it since I 've updated it sobresalienta

  99. ok entonces disfrutar

  100. Mauri Box says:

    ¿Es necesario que deba rootear mi teléfono?

  101. no, no es importante

  102. Medo Bakeer says:

    It works awesome but I want to know when we will have Android marshmallow ??

  103. Only huawei can answer your question my friend

  104. syed younus says:

    Hi, I am using;

    Model Number: G7-L11

    Build Number: G7-L11V100R001C900B030,

    Custom Version: CUSTC185D040

    EMUI Version: 3.0

    I am from Saudi Arabia.

    Is update available to Android 5.1 Lollipop?

    Please provide the link and steps to follow?


  105. Already guided you on live chat,
    Please leave feedback after successful update

  106. Hello I am from Tunisia , I have G7-L01 phone with G7-L01V100R001C00B270 ==> which file should I use to update to Lollilop ?

  107. Your question has been already answered through live chat

  108. syed younus says:

    Thank you for extended help, its updated to 5.1 lollypop

  109. Daniel Mogga says:

    Hi Im Daniel from Uganda and my build number is G7-L01V00R001C00B270 and the custom version is CUST185D001 and i don't seem to see the update here…..

  110. Please download & install this firmware : Download g7-01 firmware

  111. my G7-L01 is G7-L01V100R001C00B239SP01, kitkat-4.4.4, This can update? i am in Middle east -Kuwait. please reply

  112. Thank you, Started update but showing error. what to do now, please reply

  113. don't worry,
    Dial *#*#2846579#*#* and then tap on network information and then tap on vendor info.
    Tell me whats written in vendor/country

    Country Name:meafnaf

  115. everything is correct,
    did you used sd card to install update?
    did you removed usb cable before starting update?

  116. can you please tell me your custom version?
    is it CUSTC464D005??

  117. no, it is CUSTC185D002.


  119. then i gave you correct link.
    try these steps.
    1. remove SD card
    2. Use computer to extract firmware file.
    3. copy dload folder on internal memory
    4. make sure you have atleast 2GB free space after copying update file.
    5. Switch off phone, press & hold 3 buttons (volume +, Volume -, power) untill you see update screen

  120. yes I did and sow the updation screern, but again error came and showing reboot

  121. Can you tell me at what percentage it shows error?

  122. Hi Mutahhar, Im in Canada and I have the G7-L03V100R001C113B277. What link should I use? Thank you for your help.

  123. Hi Mutahhar, Im in Canada and I have the G7-L03V100R001C113B277. What link should I use? Thank you for your help.

  124. Please tell me your custom version?

  125. Please tell me your custom version?

  126. Ryan Dunn says:

    Thanks so much. Worked flawlessly for me on d001 Irish version. I hope you can get marshmallow for Irish ascend g7 soon. Thanks amazing

  127. Welcome,
    Your feedback highly appreciated

  128. Just start update shown the error

  129. Your model & custom version please?

  130. I doubt your download file is corrupt, can you tell me the size of update file after extraction?

  131. Shine Hope says:

    What about Huawei G7-UL20

  132. Your region?
    Build number?
    Custom version?

  133. kalpez123 says:

    Will i be able to update my Huawei Ascend G7?

    Model Number: G7-L01
    Custom Version: CUSTC432D001
    Region: UK
    Build Number: G7-L01V100R001C00B263

  134. Tina Ilić says:

    Hello. Can I do an upgrade on a lollipop?
    Model Number: G7-L01
    Revision G7-LO1V100R001C00B263
    Custom Version: CUSTC432D001
    I am from Serbia.

  135. yes you can upgrade, here is your link
    Click To Start Download

  136. 2.30 GB (2,471,014,400 bytes)

  137. Last option is factory reset

  138. Unknown says:

    Hello! Can i upgrade ?
    Model Number: G7-L01
    Build number: G7-L01V100R001C00B263
    Custom version: CUSTC432D001
    Romania here, bought from Vodafone, dunno if it's locked (how can i check without sim from other provider? :D)
    Thanx !

  139. kalpez123 says:

    By the way this wouldn't affect my phone in any way and will i be able to get future updates OTA

  140. Its official update,
    Don't worry

  141. Gmellin says:

    I'll try but first may i ask if there is any chance to brick my phone ? (:

  142. kalpez123 says:

    okay thanks I will update it right now and if I run into a problem I will let you know

  143. Its 100% safe
    Either successful or fail.
    It won't get bricked

  144. And if you upgrade successfully then what you will do :p
    Best of luck

  145. kalpez123 says:

    hey it was successful however my phone is running slower than before

  146. Backup data, and factory reset, then it will be ok

  147. kalpez123 says:

    thanks it working now and I also subscribed to your channel

  148. wow, thanks for feedback

  149. Gmellin says:

    Works perfectly. Thank you bro ! Everything set up but i have one more question … how can i get a lock screen shortcut ? On older version i simply dragged it to home screen from shortcut menu but this doesnt work anymore. I can't live without this feature !!! 🙁

  150. well its a great news, as i don't have this phone , so you have to search it by yourself.
    can you please subscribe my Youtube channel as reward 🙂

  151. Rutledge says:

    Where do you find the custom version?

  152. Tina Ilić says:

    Thank you very much.

  153. Settings>about phone > status

  154. Rutledge says:

    There is no "custom value" there. I see: IMEI, IMEI SV, and Serial number (in addition to signal and battery info etc.)

  155. Anyway try to install this firmware
    click here to download
    If doesn't work you are out of luck

  156. Rutledge says:

    My device is a G7-L03, so maybe the Latin America version will work?

  157. Nkoko Radebe says:

    Please help with upgrade link
    G7_L01 V100R001C316B247,
    South Africa

  158. This phone unlocked from vodacom?
    Or still locked to this carrier?

  159. Nkoko Radebe says:

    link is not working

  160. Link 100% working
    When you click download start immediately

  161. Nkoko Radebe says:

    Thanks, didn't work with firefox and iexplorer, worked fine with chrome

  162. Unknown says:

    Hi, I am using;

    Model Number: G7-L11

    Build Number: G7-L11V100R001C900B030,

    Custom Version: CUSTC185D040

    EMUI Version: 3.0

    I Am from Pakistan

    Is update available to Android 5.1 Lollipop?


  163. Asgard part5 says:

    I have downloaded the file however it is not installing as it remains at zero % installed. How to install it?

  164. You should extract downloaded file.
    Then copy in "dload" folder of your phone memory or sd card.
    You must have 2GB free space
    You card should be at least class 10.
    Sometimes installation takes few minutes to startup, depending on quality of sdcard.
    I suggest use internal memory instead.

  165. This comment has been removed by the author.

  166. If your phone is rooted you must unroot it 1st.

  167. Nkoko Radebe says:

    Thank you, works 100%, faster with half the memory from before. You've just made my week!!!

  168. thank you for feedback
    please like my Facebook Page
    and subscribe My Youtube Channel

  169. Unknown says:


    I have the G7-L03
    Build: G7-L03V100R001C69B246
    The phone was bought in Mexico.

    Which link shoul I use, thank you.

  170. mido says:

    The update has finished successfully but when finished the update and reach (100%) after restart the phone didn't open just showing the logo of huawei without any another reaction

  171. Which file you have installed?

  172. mido says:

    this file: HUAWEI_G760-L01_Firmware_Android 5.1_EMUI 3.1_C432B331CUSTC432D003_Germany_Italy_Spain_Switzerland_France_Belgium_Netherlands

  173. You are from middle east and firmware you installed is for Europe. It was big mistake,
    Please download and middle eastern version from this link: click here to download
    And reply me with results

  174. mido says:

    I live in Italy but now I'm in Egypt and I have bought this phone from Italy

  175. Try to factory reset by going in recovery.
    If you see animation in logo, leave it for 20 minutes it should boot up.
    If there is no animation then its time to be worried.
    It was provided by carrier or not?

  176. In this one Build is B340, is that correct for my device?
    Thank you.

  177. This link is for build B430, works fine with my device?
    Mine is B246

    Good day.

  178. Huawei is not like other phones.
    If you are upgrading your firmware build number will also change.
    It should work with your phone.

  179. Unknown says:

    Hey bro Can yoi please give me the correct download link for update package.

    Bought it from dubai and using it in.Qatar.


  180. Your phone id European variant
    This firmware will work
    click here to download

  181. tulip says:

    Hi, I am using;

    Model Number: G7-L01

    Build Number: G7-L01V100R001C109B248

    EMUI Version: 3.0

    I am from Morocco.

    can it be updated?


  182. Already Explained you in live chat.

  183. hdisward says:

    I would like to update my ageing G7-L02 to Lollipop. I already inquired Huawei Customer Support about the update but they always tell me that the I have the latest build which is 4.4.4. Can I install other countries' firmware version just to update my unit? If so, how? I am willing to take the risk.

    Model Number: HUAWEI G7-L02
    Build number: G7-L02V100R001C81B130
    Baseband Version: 11060039
    Kernel Version: 3.10.28-gb012957 d00903065@tblbuild2 #1 Thu Apr 16 17:59:38 IST 2015
    EMUI Version: EMUI 3.0
    Custom Version: CUSTC81D002
    Network Lock: Smart Communications, Inc.
    Country: Philippines

    Thanks! 🙂

  184. Unfortunately there is no update for this model

  185. I have a G7-L03v100r001c00B247 unlocked and bought in Guatemala. Do you have the android upgrade for it. It is currently at 4.4.4. Thanks

  186. doods ventura says:

    i’m from philippines
    model number: HUAWEI G7-L11
    build number: G7-L11V100R1001C900B040
    custom version: CUSTC636D050
    any upgrade link?

  187. doods ventura says:

    i’m from philippines
    model number: HUAWEI G7-L11
    build number: G7-L11V100R001C900B040
    custom version: CUSTC636D050
    any upgrade link?

  188. i’m from Malaysia . my build number is G7-L01V100R001C00B261 . can u give me the upgrade link ? im a bit confused .

  189. azhar says:

    Bhai mera huawei g7 l01 b270 model Bhai plus tell how to update to lollipop

  190. Mary says:

    Hi. I’m from iran. Cus185 n built number is 270.what’s the latest upgrade for my Huawei ascend g7_l01. Which link? Can I upgrade to marshmallow. I’d be grateful if you reply soon here or better in my mailbox. Tnx a lot.

    • Click Here to download your firmware file

      • Mary says:

        Tnx a lot. I asked emu Italy for marshmallow update and they recommended this file. I downloaded it but when installing with dialer code it said it’s too early upgrade. I guess first I need to upgrade android 4 to 5 (what is in your link) and then to android 6. What do you say? The link is: ***link removed ***

        • Mary says:

          By the way can you tell how can I update unlock magazine?

        • 1st thing is, official support can never refer to 3rd party website,
          2nd thing is marshmallow is only available for asian phones, and i have already posted,
          3rd thing is link has been removed, as i don’t like my visitors to be trapped in blind upgrade hype.

  191. Kris says:

    Hi Mutahhar Bashir
    Please, can you send me a link to my Huawei. I’m from Poland
    Huawei my g7 L01 with a build number: G7-L01V100R001C109B248
    Thank you!

  192. Kris says:

    Thank you Mutahhar Bashir!

  193. unkwn says:

    i am from pakistan
    model G7-L01
    build no G7-L01V100R001C00B270
    Custom CUSTC185D001

  194. Andrew says:

    Hello which firmware for G7-UL20V100R001CHNC00B266? thanks

  195. Bito Design says:

    i am from lebanon
    model G7-L01
    build no G7-L01V100R001C00B270
    Custom CUSTC185D001

  196. moataz amer says:

    Bro i have g7-L11V100R001c900B030 which firmware
    Should i download

  197. moataz amer says:

    Operator name :hw
    Country name : meafnaf

  198. moataz amer says:

    Thx mutahhar
    Ask if u have marshmallow for same device

  199. abed says:

    HI i have G7-L01V100R001C00B266 which Should i download?

  200. Prince says:

    Hi, I am using;

    Model Number: G7-L11

    Build Number: G7-L11V100R001C900B030,

    Custom Version: CUSTC185D040

    EMUI Version: 3.0

    I am from Saudi Arabia.

    Is update available to Android 5.1 Lollipop?

    Please provide the link and steps to follow?

  201. Prince says:

    The site is not opening its the webpage not available plz provide me another site

  202. Prince says:

    Thank u so much is there marshmallow update for this

  203. Prince says:

    The marshmallow update you have give isnt working its getting failed

    • You must have 4GB free space on phone and use at least 8GB high speed sd card, backup data on pc, factory reset your phone then try again, i would like to clarify this update is given by huawei not me i am only guiding how to install.

  204. Nuno Teixeira says:

    If I only knew that “HUAWEI G760-L01 Firmware (Android 5.1_EMUI 3.1, C432B331CUSTC432D003, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands).zip” was the correct one for me, here in Portugal (Vodafone), I would have installed it 10 or 11 months ago.

    I thought I was stuck with android 4.4.4 forever in my G7-L01. Huawei support by email and phone did not help me at all, they did not give me the correct information. It is so stupid that Huawei is not able to update all smartphones automatically.

    Thank you so much, Ministry of Solutions.

  205. shabeer says:

    My name is muhammed shabeer .now iam live in india .I buyed G7-L01 from kuwait .still the phone runs in 4.4.4 version no upgrades yet now . I don’t know my phone belongs to which country .if I install other counries updates manually is there any problem to the phone . My phone build number-G7-L01V100R001C00B70 and custom version is CUSTC185D001.which android version is latest for these phone .when I install latest updates I get band 40 and band 5 for for 4G use in india .the phone already support band 3 but only some of the operators are using these band.
    Pls tell me the procedure to intall latest upgrades

  206. shabeershabi says:

    I sent email to the Huawei they tell country is kenya but after that they dont response I already downloaded kenya. That is 1406.34mb you sent me a link that also same mb . I want to redownload the file again or not .some of the G7 got marshmallow update is there any problem to install that version on my device .

  207. shabeershabi says:

    Model number of my phone is G7-L01 . You give me a link in that link in that it shown model number G760-L01 . This two model number is same or not

  208. shabeershabi says:

    Tanx for ur help . I tried many sites and Huawei care .but I dont get proper help .after I install I want to upgrade to the marshmallow .

  209. Steven says:


    I have a G7-L03 with Wind branding, though I’m no longer on Wind in Canada. Are there any options for me to upgrade to 5.1?


  210. Steven says:

    Thanks so much for your quick response!

  211. Iggy says:

    Hi. I am in South Africa and have a G7-L01V100R001C316B247 and am on Vodacom (owned by Vodafone from the UK). Which version can i use?
    Also i dont see a dload folder in the root of my phone. There is however a download folder.

    Thanks in advance

    • CLICK HERE to download your firmware 100% working

      • Iggy says:

        Thanks a lot. Download down, phone updated and am rocking Lollipop 5.1. The only thing is that the Users option to add guest users is not enabled. I googled and it requires a rooted device to add two parameters to the build.prop file in /system/ – fw.show_multiuserui=1 ; fw.max_users=5. Problem is that i tried rooting using some one key root apps, however my phone is refusing to accept the root as it says the program is attempting to do unauthorized actions. Please note I have activated developer options and have debug mode on with allow installation from other sources enabled. Is there a root app that you know off that will work on my phone?

  212. Cianno says:

    Switch version should I download?
    From South Africa

    Thanks in advance

  213. Cianno says:

    Sorry vendor is mtn

  214. jcflorez says:

    Hi. Is there any update available for G7-L03V100R001C00B267. I’m from Colombia. Vendor is “hw” and Country is “nla”.
    Thanks in advance !

      • jcflorez says:

        Thanks … but it doesn’t work for my phone … I’ve tried that firmware (G760-L03-C469B340) and shows “software install failed” just when it’s starting (both SD card and 3 buttons methods). Any idea ? Please help me !!!! Thanks a lot.

        • You must have 6gb free space, use good quality sd card, format it, extract update file on pc, make sure it is properly copied, this is correct file for latin America, and official link

          • jcflorez says:

            I read that it’s possible to update directly from internal memory so I copied update file to it (I created /dload directory) and I removed SD card … same error “software install failed”. Is it possible to find a log of this process ? (the phone is rooted). The lines that are displayed before the error message are cleaned fastly from the screen so I can’t read them. I’m downloading the firmware again and i’m going to buy a new SD card; I’ll try the update again to tell you the result. Thanks for your time.

          • I know it’s possible from internal memory, you should unroot as suggested by huawei, and should be running stock recovery,
            Can’t say anything about logs

  215. jcflorez says:

    Ok. I bought this phone last week for my daughter, it’s absolutely new and it was unrooted. I tried to apply the update using the firmware for Latin America dowloaded from official link and i’got the error I told you. I got frustated so I started to look for any solution in Google. I found a Cyanogenmod 13 (Marshmallow) Rom so I decided to install it. I followed instructions, step by step, for unclocking bootloader, rooting, applying a custom recovery, and doing a backup of the actual firmware. Then, I began to install the Cyanogenmod rom but I got an error telling me that my model wasn’t supported (I don’t know why because the rom was for G7-L03 according to the documentation) … I got more frustated 🙁 … I restored the backup and I continued looking for a solution and I found your blog, so I applied back the stock recovery. Now, that’s the current state of the phone. I’m going to unroot according to your suggestion and to apply from a new SD card. Thanks … again.

  216. Maher Frigui says:

    is it possible to update mine? i was trying few versions and none worked always error at the starting of the installing,
    Model Number: G7-L01V100R001C00B239SP01
    Custom Version: CUSTC185D001

  217. jcflorez says:

    Hi Mutahhar. First of all, I wish you a happy new year. About your suggestion: first step of debrand method works fine, but 2nd step ends at same message: software install failed. I tried flashing through adb to B249SP01 compilation (actual was B267) and works fine, then I tried to update to Lollipop using file but I got same error, so I decided to flash with adb to Lollipop but the phone became stuck in a fastboot loop (I was scared ! 😱) . Finally I flashed it back to Kit Kat to recover functionality so actual compilation is B249SP01 now.

    • Lollipop file given in debrand guide is beta version of lollipop, you should use that file to update, all files are not same,
      If vendor file succeeded then beta lollipop should also succeed

  218. jcflorez says:

    I don’t know why but it doesn’t work … same error. I’ve found other people with original B267 compilation and same problem. Maybe we have a special model that doesn’t allow upgrading.

  219. Hello bro when I will get u online. I need help .Plz answer me

  220. danish farhan says:

    Hello how to update my huawei g7 . I’m from malaysia . Want to upgrade to lolipop.

    Build number: G7-LO1V100R001C00B261
    Custom version:CUSTC636D001

    I have a problem to update before this . Please help .

  221. KrNnt says:

    Hello, I have G7L11-V100R001C900B030 and update it in lolipop, and know im looking for 6.0.1 if u have official update please send to me to install
    thank you

  222. Mamun says:

    My Huawei g7 L01 i already download lollipop from this site and i copy the file and delod internal storage . But my updater can’t find that for install . How i install that ? Pls help me

  223. ermeskin says:

    I see that you have provided a lot of useful information for all of us.
    was wondering if you can help me with my G7 L01 as still on android 4.4.4
    can you help me to bring it to the last stable version for my phone and also help me to find the right firmware.
    Thanks in advance, below all information of my phone.

    Operator: Orange
    Country: ES

    Model: G7-L01
    Version Android: 4.4.4
    Version EMUI: EMUI 3.0
    Nr. Comp. G7-L01V100R001C109B243
    Kern ver. 3.10.28.g92ba654d00903065@tblbuild#1 ( sat OCt 18 07:06:25 EDT 2014 )

  224. ermeskin says:

    do you have the link, and if possible let me know how to do it. i will really appreciate your help on this.

  225. payjaykidPJ says:

    Hi, which package will work in South africa? I don’t know which region we are.

  226. Ramiro Piñón Manini says:

    Hello! I have a B251 model bought in Mexico. Will the Latin American build work on this?

  227. ainal says:

    guys…. thank you so much .. thanks for the guide .. its only take me to paste the dload file to make it appears on my phone .. silly me.. thanks admin for ur kindness, more god bless u ….

  228. IHar says:

    Slam bro am from saudi Arabia how can i do this kindly guide me

  229. Erroussafi says:


    My current version is G7-L01V100R001C00B270
    CUST : C185D001
    Country Name:meafnaf

    Which firmware do i need to download ?

    Thank you.

  230. Kay says:

    hi my firmware is G7-L03V100R001C113B277 which link should i use please

  231. Kay says:

    Hi Mutahhar I tried that I keep getting update failed , any suggestions please.

  232. Ezaj Ahmed says:

    Is there any upgrade to Mashmallow for G7 L01 siberia version ?

  233. HOSAM says:

    Hi, I am using;

    Model Number: G7-L01

    Build Number: G7-L01V100R001C00B270

    Custom Version: CUSTC185D001

    I am in EGYPT

    Can you advise the latest update please.


  234. Jazon says:

    does anyone have a firmware for G7
    build number G7-L03V100R001C113B277

    I really need it. Thanks!

  235. najeeb sayed says:

    Huawei G7-L01
    Build number=G7-L01V100R001C00B263
    emui version=3.0
    Custom version=CUSTC432D001
    I am from PAKISTAN please help me to update my phone

  236. jonathan Delgado says:

    HI Sir, good night i want to ask why i can´t upgrade if my model is G7-UL20???? Thanks for your help

  237. jonathan Delgado says:

    thanks for the explanation

  238. Ralf says:

    Hi Mutahhar, my Build No. is G7-L01C432B340; CUSTC432D002. Is there any newer firmware exisitng for Europe for the G07 L01 ?

  239. I have L01V100R001C00B270 cust no c185D001 I am in South Africa please advise which one I should use

  240. zemari says:

    i need this firmware update please stay here: huawei G7- L11V100R001C900B030

  241. zemari says:

    i need this firmware update please stay here: huawei G7- L11V100R001C900B030
    Custom version: CUSTC185D040

  242. Hi my version is G7-L01V100R001C00B251
    Operation Name: hutchison
    Country Name: ie
    I have downloaded Huawei G760-L01 Firmware (Android 5.1, EMUI 3.1, C432B340CUSTC432D002, Ireland, VDF).
    IWhen I started update it it stopped on 8% and it says software update failed go to
    Any solution?

  243. Jaydee says:

    Hi Mutahhar,

    I am from south africa. My phone info is as follows:
    Huawei G7-L01
    Build Number G7-L01C185B320
    Android Version 5.1.1
    Baseband Number 11060045
    EMUI Version 3.1

    I want to upgrade to Android 6 or preferably Android 7.

    Could you please assist me with this.

    Thanking you in advance.

  244. Tawseef Mansoory says:

    Operator name : hw
    Country : meafnaf

    Purchased in: KSA
    Currently Using in: India

    model G7-L01
    build no G7-L01V100R001C00B270
    Custom CUSTC185D001

    Which Lollipop and Marshmallow file links for me?

    Jazak Allaah khayr bro.

  245. Tawseef Mansoory says:

    Ok. Link for middle East file please

  246. Tawseef Mansoory says:

    Thanks for prompt help.

    I have successfully updated to Lollipop middle east.
    Everything is working fine except one important thing.

    Mobile data internet is not working though its showing H and data signals.
    I am using airtel in India.
    I have changed mobile internet settings also.
    Please help me fixing this.
    Internet through WiFi is working.

  247. Omer Ex says:

    Hello! I have a huawei acsend g7-l01and i want to update it
    Im from morocco
    Version 4.4.4
    Emui 3.0
    Baseband 11060009
    Buildnumber G7-L01V100R001C00B263
    can you help me please

  248. Omer Ex says:

    Country name :eu

  249. Omer Ex says:

    Operator name : hw

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