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  1. Vasile Plesa says:

    Hi! after you unlock my huawei y6 mya-l41 I instaled twrp and try to root my phone and after flash the magisk the phone try to boot from window that say bootloader unlock but not trusted… What can I do? canot connect to pc canot reset from buttons do not charge the batterie ,continuous boot try and nothing else. help me please or tell me how much it cost if ask you for unbrick.

    • Correction.
      You requested for bootloader code. And i have provided you code.
      Whatever you did was your own will.
      Search for scatter firmware for your phone and install it

      • Vasile Plesa says:

        Oh no, the bootloader unlock was my choice and working very well, thank you! but after that I made some mistake and the reason for calling you to fix it is YOU are the best. Ok, my phone tried to boot from the warning message “your device has been unlocked and can’t be trusted”. It is a standard message I guess but I can’t do anything it keeps booting over and over and no function. Stacked in that page and I can’t do anything. I tried everything with buttons, connection battery disconnect, nothing worked. could you do something to fix it, cause you are the best and I don’t want to ask anybody else.
        Thanks and sorry for misunderstandings!

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