Huawei P8 Premium GRA-UL10 Marshmallow For All Regions (Multi Language)

Huawei P8 Premium GRA-UL10 is 64 GB version of standard p8, Marshmallow for this device was delayed for unknown reasons, but finally Marshmallow update is available for all non chinese regions.

Update Features

This update upgrades the system version to EMUI 4.0 to be compatible with Android 6.0. Compared with earlier versions, Android 6.0 offers improved security, a better web browsing experience, and enhanced power management and performance. EMUI 4.0 introduces a number of useful features, such as a professional camera mode and document readjustment, and optimizes the system UI and settings.


  • Added professional mode to the camera, which gives you full control over every aspect of your photos.
  • Added document readjustment mode, which automatically identifies documents and straightens images of documents taken from an angle.


  • Added Splash and Illusion editing modes.
  • Added multiple label styles. You can edit the font size, color, and position of the labels.
  • Added the memo feature, which allows you to add a memo to a photo.
  • Added sports elements to the watermark, enabling you to add notes and altitude information to photos. Optimized photo albums.
  • You can add photos directly after you create an album, making photo management more simple and convenient. Optimized the printing feature.
  • You can print multiple photos at the same time.


  • Added the Smart groups feature. After you add company information to a contact, the contact will be automatically added to the corresponding company group.
  • Added the contact QR code feature, which enables you to share contacts with ease.
  • Optimized the contact card feature. All call records with a contact will be kept when you save the contact.

Text messaging

  • Added a feature allowing you to cancel sending a text message within 4 seconds of it being sent.


  • Added a compass with a spirit level to help you find your way wherever you are.
  • Added the screen recording feature to record your onscreen actions. You can start recording by swiping down from the status bar or knocking the screen twice with two knuckles.


  • Introduced the scheduled power on and off feature. You can set your phone to power on or power off at a preset time.
  • Added more alarm ring duration options.
  • Added the notification panel and status bar settings.
  • Introduced the smart text color feature. Your home screen text automatically changes to black or white based on the background wallpaper for better clarity.
  • Optimized the task manager. Active apps are displayed more intuitively with more details presented. Optimized the tone settings and added the power on tone and screenshot tone switches.
  • Optimized the battery manager for a sleeker UI.

Huawei P8 GRA-UL10 Marshmallow

Download Links

Installation Guide

  • Make sure you have downloaded the correct file for your model
  • Backup all important data
  • The battery should be 60% charged
  • At least 6GB free space
  • Make dload folder on internal storage/sd card
  • Extract downloaded firmware and copy UPDATE.APP file to dload folder
  • If using SD Card dial *#*#2846579#*#* and select software upgrade >SDcard Upgrade and the update should start.
  • If using internal memory switch off your phone then press and hold (volume up, volume down, and power) until you see the update start screen


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