Huawei Nova CAN-L01 Nougat B382 EMUI 5 (Europe)

Huawei Nova CAN-L01 european variant has been upgraded to B382 firmware. users with cust version c432 can install this update on their devices.

What’s New:

  • Huawei designed EMUI 5.0 based on the newly released Android 7.0. The brand new EMUI 5.0 is inspired by the pure blues and whites of the Aegean Sea. The interface is simple and smart, and EMUI 5.0 comes with enhanced, powerful performance that allows mobile phones to operate more smoothly.


  • A cleaner, more interactive interface A brand new UI and effects inspired by the blues and whites of the Aegean Sea. Simplified gestures, with most operations completed in 3 steps.
  • EMUI 5.0 is more customizable, offering an optional Android App Drawer layout to users.

Enhanced features

  • System operations are more fluid, allowing you to view a massive amount of images, browse websites, and perform searches faster.

[Find out more]


  • An optimized design combines shortcuts with notifications to reduce the complexity of user actions. Touch and hold notifications to quickly block messages and notifications.Reminder cards are stacked to save space.
  • Three dimensional task management Tasks are stacked three dimensional on the UI. Smooth gestures allow users to scroll through tasks by sliding up and down or dismiss tasks by swiping left or right.


  • Camera now supports plug-in management. Infrequently used modes, like document scan, are presented as plug-ins.


  • Customization and sharing features added to name cards. The sharing feature allows quick sharing of contacts through Bluetooth, Facebook, and other methods.
  • Added a scanner to the search box and lock screen, making it easier to add new contacts.


  • Improved how unread emails are tagged in the inbox. Users can now quickly delete, star, and mark emails as read or unread from the left sliding menu.


  • Added a newly designed drawer feature. When this feature is enabled, it hides non-system preset apps in a drawer on the home screen, presenting you with a simple and tidy layout.
  • Added a new drawer feature for settings. For settings that take two or more steps to set up, the user can now jump directly back to the main settings page with one gesture.
  • Added eye comfort mode, enabling you to adjust the screen color temperature manually to lessen visual fatigue.

Huawei Nova CAN-L01 Nougat B382 EMUI 5 Europe

Firmware Details

  • Firmware Download Link : Huawei Server | Alternative Link
  • File Download Size: 1.67 GB
  • Data File Download Link: Huawei Server | Alternative Link
  • File Download Size: 812 MB
  • Build Number: CAN-L01C432B382
  • Release Date: 10-Aug-2017
  • Supported Model: CAN-L01C432 (Europe)
  • Update Type: Full Firmware OTA Official

Installation Method 1

  • This method only works until huawei server links are working.
  • Bootloader should be Locked
  • Battery should be charged 70%
  • You must have atleast 5GB free space
  • Download Huawei updater from This Link
  • Download latest Hisuite from official huawei website
  • Open huawei update, tick in custom rom, in custom rom version type CAN-L01C432B382
  • In Custom rom URL copy this link
  • Then tick custom port, don’t change it.
  • Now connect your phone with pc and make sure Hisuite recognize and connected properly. then just open Hisuite menu and change network settings as shown in image below.

    Hisuite Configuration

  • Then in Huawei updater press start and in hisuite click check for update.
  • It should start downloading and install firmware

Installation Method 2

  • Follow this process if you are already running old version of Nougat.
  • Use this method if you already running older version of nougat.
  • Enable OEM unlock in developer options (very important).
  • Charge battery upto 60%
  • Backup all important data on pc
  • Good quality sd card with 6 GB free space
  • Download both files (firmware and data) on pc.
  • Make dload folder on sd card
  • Extract firmware file and copy to dload folder.
  • Switch off phone and hold 3 buttons (Volume up, volume down and power) to start update.
  • If installation successful, then do next step otherwise don’t install 2nd file
  • Extract “” and copy all files inside to dload folder, and then repeat 3 button process.
  • Done

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8 Responses

  1. EdBlack says:

    I have a Huawei Nova smartphone CAN-L01C33B360 / Android 7.0
    And the dual sim is blocked, then I searched on google and found your guide.
    I used your update guide but failed on both methods.
    Method 1, because I can’t configure HiSuite to specify a proxy.
    This option does not appear on the software.
    My version of HiSuite is (up to date).
    Method 2 (Enable OEM unlock = ok):
    I copie the “UPDATE.APP” file in the dload directory at the root.
    At the reboot I do UP/Down/Power Flight, EMUI loads and at 5% I have the error “Software install failled!
    Get help from:

    I have the same result with the file UPDATE. APP or with all files of the zip update_data_full_CAN-L11_hw_eu. zip.

    Could you help me with the update to Method 2 please?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Faisak says:

    hi, what is the latest system i can update my can-l01 to?
    it is currently NRD90M TEST KEYS
    EMUI 5.0
    ANDROID 7.0

  3. Faisal says:

    How do I resolve this issue?

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