Huawei Network Unlock (All Models Accepted)(Instant Service)

Huawei Network unlock .png

Kirin and MTK models unlock (Instant Unlock):

  1. Instant unlock
  2. Need windows computer with fast internet connection
  3. Download and install Flexihub from THIS LINK (It’s free)
  4. Download and install Teamviewer from THIS LINK (It’s free)
  5. The phone must be running official firmware
  6. Unlock service charges are 12$ (For older models, the price can be reduced)
  7. New Models (2018) unlock charges for kirin devices are 15-30$

Qualcomm Models unlock:

  1. All Huawei phones and all carriers are accepted.
  2. This process requires 2-3 working days to complete the order.
  3. No refund will be given for bad/wrong requests.
  4. Money will be refunded if unlock code is not found.
  5. Working only on business days. (Monday to Friday)
  6. Once the order has been placed you can not cancel it.
  7. Old models unlock charges are 12$
  8. New Models (2018) unlock charges for Qualcomm Devices are 55$

Contact us to get this service:

No Refund:

  • No refund for blacklisted phones
  • No refund for stolen phones.


Proof2 , Proof3 , Proof4


Huawei Network Unlock Instant_1


Huawei Network Unlock Instant_2


Huawei Network Unlock Instant_3


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