Huawei Mate 9 Lite BLL-L23 Rollback Nougat to Marshmallow

Huawei Mate 9 Lite BLL-L23 users can now rollback to marshmallow version by following the guide given below. even though this rollback is for BLL-L22 but this also works with BLL-L23, tested by XDA user. his post can be seen here


Huawei Mate 9 Lite Rollback Nougat to Marshmallow

Installation Guide

  • Download rollback package
  • Extract downloaded rollback zip file
  • Make dload on sdcard
  • Copy to dload folder
  • switch off phone
  • Hold volume up, volume down and power until installation starts
  • if rollback install successfully, you will be able to see build number C900B300
  • Now Flash download marshmallow firmware, extract zip file
  • Copy to dload folder on sd card
  • Hold volume up, volume down and power until installation starts, wait for phone to complete installation, and you will be running marshmallow

Mutahhar Bashir

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28 Responses

  1. Diego says:

    Hi, do you tested this? after this procedure i will receive the official OTA of Android 7.0 ?


  2. Diego says:

    one more thing, you put 3 download links, we have to flash the 3 in order ?

    1) rollback package, then
    2) Marshmallow Stock Rom, then
    3) Marshmallow version: BLL-L23C605B120

    that is the correct way?


  3. Jorge says:

    Hello, I have a problem. When I did the upgrade using the other post I get a compilation number NRD90M test-keys. I don’t know how to fix it because I don’t know which is the data file you are saying. However, I try to install the rollback package and it doesn’t work. The compilation number still the same NRD90M test-keys. Please help me.

  4. Harvy says:

    I have bll-l23 latín América

    Hola la hice rollback con éxito, pero el detector de huellas no funciona y la compilacion es bll-l23C605B120-log
    Y al parecer es una.versión de prueba beta.

    Fingerprint not work
    Compilación with -log
    Beta versión?

  5. Harvy says:

    same thing..

  6. Josh says:

    Hi Mutahhar,
    Link of the Marshmallow are not available yet, I can not find it in other place, can you update it again? Thanks in advance

  7. Laucha says:

    Links not work

  8. Josh says:

    Anyone could rollback to MM?
    When I install build C900B300, my Mate restarts and seems it´s installed correctly, however, at the moment to confirm on settings, it keeps the same “test Keys” version.

    • If rollback package installed successfully, install marshmallow after that

      • Josh says:

        Hi Mutahhar,
        That´s the problem, for any reason, the rollback package is not installed succesfully, I follow all directions step by step, it seems everything is OK, after insert a sd card with dload folder and update inisde it, I made the 3 button process and the package runs 100%, it restarts, but any change it´s reflected, any idea ho to fix it and what´s is missing?
        Thanks in advance for your support, I´m stuck in this two weeks ago!

  9. necatorem says:

    i’m stuck in NRD90M test-keys after try to update to nougat

  10. solandapp says:

    install the version of the roolback with success but it does not let me enter in recovery mode or to install the

  11. Marco Antonio says:

    Gracias, me sirvió, aunque sea una versión beta va bien, hasta ahora ningún fallo detectado.

  12. John Latorre says:

    Muchas Gracias…. thank you very much

  13. Diexgo says:

    Very useful article !, really works as described. Went from “NRD90M test-keys” in the begining to the “BLL-L23C605B120-log” at the end of the process. Now i will see how to keep updating for newer version.

    Will it be possible to update using Firmware Finder if installed for newer updates ?.

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