Dell Inspiron Network Adapters stopped working

Few days back one my friend contacted me and told that his Dell inspiron laptop having connectivity problem. it was really hard to identify the issue as he was explaining it on phone. The issue he told me was.


  • Correct drivers were installed for network adapters
  • Can not connect to wired network or wireless network
  • There is cross on network icon even though WiFi is enabled
  • LAN adapter showing cable unplugged even if cable was connected

in following images you can see drivers were installed but still PC wasn’t able to detect any networks.


Dell Inspiron Network Adapters stopped working


Dell Inspiron Network Adapters stopped working

as you can see in these images everything seems correct but networks were not working.



Before we head to core solution steps, please make sure :

  • you network adapters are enabled in bios
  • if only WiFi is having issue please check if there is WiFi controller button is not switched off

how i resolved this issue

just go in network and sharing center select both wireless and LAN adapters by holding CTRL key. then right click and select bridge connections. if successfully bridged you will see a new connection. as shown in image below.


Dell Inspiron Network Adapters stopped working

after few restarts you will be able to connect using this Network bridge adapter. if you manage to connect successfully next step is to download latest bios for your PC.

Go to official Dell support website and download latest bios for your PC and install it. After successful bios upgrade you can remove bridge from both adapter by right clicking on them one by one. and your adapters should start working again normally.

Network bridge adapter is not required anymore you can delete it. i don’t know if only bios update was required but this is how i solved this issue.

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