Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A628 Drivers For Windows 7(64Bit)

Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A628 Drivers For Windows 7 4Bit
Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A628 Drivers For Windows 7(64Bit)

After Facing hectic installation of windows 7 on this machine, another challenge was to find the windows 7 compatible drivers, which are not available on the Toshiba site, specially USB drivers & PCI encryption/decryption device drivers are not available anywhere, I have collected the drivers from some sources. that I have uploaded & sharing with you. you can download all of them for free

Source: These drivers are collected from different Toshiba Sites and Officially Distributed By Toshiba For Free

Download Links Update (30-09-2022)
Display Driver Link2 (135MB)

Touchpad Driver 139MB

Card Reader Driver 10.4MB

Wireless Driver Realtek 32/64bit
Wireless Drivers Atheros 37.8MB
Wireless Driver Intel Pro 11.53MB

Realtek LAN Driver 5.8MB

USB3 Driver 5.23MB

PCI Encryption/Decryption Driver Link2 (34.40MB)

Chipset Driver 8.24MB
Audio Driver 222MB (if needed)

Update: Before installing the Bluetooth stack install the Bluetooth filter package

(in some cases you may face problems installing the BT driver, don’t worry just restart your computer and try to re-install it again, my 2nd attempt was successful )Sound drivers are automatically installed on windows 7Note: If anybody faces a problem installing drivers, he/she can post his problem in the comments, I will try to help you out.

Mutahhar Bashir

Passionate blogger, have excellent problem solving skills, quick learner, love to accomplish difficult tasks, improving my skills while helping others through this blog.

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36 Responses

  1. From where I can download its windows 8 64bit.

  2. Can you help me to install windows 7 64 bit on this laptop? Also a great thanks to you for finding and uploading this drivers , a very great job.

  3. you are welcome dear, the main purpose of my blog, is to help others, kindly like my facebook page, as reward 🙂
    and follow the instruction by thaha,if you want to install windows 7,
    and you can use these drivers for windows8 also, but officially windows8 drivers are also available on Toshiba Site.

  4. After I installed the Windows 7 ultimate 64bit, the bluescreen appears.. what is the problem?? please help.

  5. boot into safe mode then uninstall vga & sound drivers, and install proper drivers, let me know if it resolves the issue

  6. privet. Spasibo za informasiyu. On ocen pamoq mne. U menya vsyo palucilsa. NO yest odin problema. U menya usb ne rabotal. Padklyucayu flasku on ne videt. No bios videt. kak mne spravit

  7. Dear Brother,
    i have a problem,Delli5 Lapto win 7pro x64bit
    usb virus,it mean laptop not detecting any usb devices such as Flsh drive,usb mouse,keybord enything.
    i have same 3 laptopand 2 desktop same issue. if i format it will be ok. But how can i find a solution without formating…
    pls help me.

  8. i am aware of this problem and so far unable to find solution for this problem,
    once i find the solution i will post it here for now,
    try to restore your laptop to an earlier state when usb ports were in working condition, otherwise format is only solution.

  9. Dear Brother, Thanks For your replay.
    Actually i could not Format my systems because outlook mail is configured.
    I am looking for a solution without formating. Thank you

  10. Bro,
    i tried to install w7 in Toshiba c-50 according to your direction. Successfully compleated.
    but i could not download Display driver…it stratingdownload , after sometime itshowing "netwrk error"can you help me please.

    Toshiba C-50

  11. Eli Roi says:

    I am tiring to download Toshiba C50 drives but could not download, Please would you help me how to download a drive.

  12. try to use some download manager ,
    otherwise go to intel site & download intel 4000 HD graphics driver
    link is here:

  13. Hosam Bi says:

    can u help me to fined the drivers of
    Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A628 Drivers For Windows 7(32Bit)

  14. plz help me with USB 2.0 CRW driver, i have installed that card reader diver but today it's missing,
    my pc is TOSHIBA SATELLITE C50-A635, and my phone many devices can't be connected after i install windows 7.
    your help please

  15. i mean my phone can't be connected cause that driver USB 2.0 CRW is missing.

  16. i am telling you poeple, 32bit is died , no future on 32bit
    no drivers available, plz move to 64bit, its faster

  17. PLz help me

    cannot extract USB 3 Via winrar

  18. gakono says:

    HELP, my laptop is toshiba c50-a635

  19. gakono says:

    how can i remove bios password for toshiba portege r700

  20. you can use these drivers for c50-a635

  21. there are 2 points under ram slot you have to short them
    if you dunno how to do , please take it to some computer technician he will do it

  22. Hi Mutar thanx for the effort but it did not work the model is C50-A0403 PSCJEF hope to hear from you sooner.

  23. so far i dont find vga driver for your model,
    but others i will post soon, wait

  24. hi my laptop says no bootable device so please help me with it the model number is C50-A403 toshiba

  25. Kaimati says:

    thank-you very much Sir


  27. you trying to install windows from USB??

  28. if possible take screenshot of that error & send me

  29. hi,after successful installation,i couldn't find the sound driver,presently the system is void of sound. windows media player is writing this- "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly" and the vol icon says-"no audio output device is installed." any solution to this? Thanks

  30. still saying no audio output devices are installed. and its still not in the list of sound drivers, any help please?

  31. check it, maybe disabled in bios

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