Huawei P9 Nougat B301 Firmware (India) VOLTE, EMUI 5.0

Huawei P9 Nougat has been released for Indian variant EVA-L09, which is single sim phone. Users with cust version C675.

Update Features

  • ANDROID-7.0[Nougat] upgrade with EMUI-5.0 is available for your device. This will upgrade your system to to EVA-L09C675B301CUSTC675D001


  • Supports HD calls.Volte calls over Jio net


  • EMUI 5.0 Interface reveals a simple, atmospheric elegance in terms of color, font, layout or icon.
  • App icons of EMUI 5.0 are more refined and intuitive than EMUI 4.1.

[Settings-Drawer feature]

  • Simplified gestures, added a new drawer feature.
  • For settings that take two or more steps to set up, the user can now jump directly back to the main settings page with one gesture. How to use? Sweep from the left edge of screen to the right
  • Rearrange the settings so you can get to what you want faster.
  • Suggestions feature provides you more personalized settings.
  • Cancel grouping feature saving interface space.
  • Stereo vision menu is independent of the interface giving a sense of space and fashion.

[Settings-App drawer]

  • Settings -> Home screen style -> Drawer -> click the entrance button, to get this feature
  • When this feature is enabled, it hides non-system preset apps in a drawer on the home screen, presenting you with a simple and tidy layout.
  • You can find an app quickly a) by search box b) By alphabetical index

[Settings-Eye Comfort]

  • This feature filter out blue light, automatically adjust the backlight according to the environmental brightness, giving comfort light while reading at night to protect your eyes.
  • Automatically adjust color temperature.

[Settings-Notification and status bar]

  • Enhanced message prompt feature, do not lose any one piece of message !
  1. a) Added “Pulse notification light” switch.
  2. Added “Notification method”, you can choose to be prompted the numbers of notifications or none prompt. Do not miss and do not be bother too much.
  3. “Notification turn on screen” switch has been moved here from “Screen lock and passwords” (EMUI 4.1) screen.
  • Delete some seldom-used switches.
  1. Deleted “Remaining battery percentage”. You can use the feature by the three options of “battery percentage”.
  2. Deleted “Show notification icons” switch.

[Settings-Battery management]

  • “Protected apps” (EMUI 4.1 ) is changed to be “Close apps after screen lock” (EMUI 5.0 ).
  • “Enable ROG power saving” (EMUI 4.1 ) is changed to “Low resolution power saving” (EMUI 5.0 ).

[Settings-Language and input]

  • Language preferences – You can add any language as a preferred language for switching faster.
  • Virtual keyboard – Do input by the keyboard on your phone.
  • Physical keyboard – Connect with an physical keyboard and do input with the physical keyboard or virtual keyboard if Show virtual keyboard switch is on.
[Settings-Data Saver]
  • Data saver helps reduce data usage by preventing background apps from sending or receiving data and limiting the data access frequency of running apps.
  • When data saver is active, a data icon with a leaf will appear in the status bar.
  • This may prevent you from receiving updates from emails, chat and other social media apps, and images will only be displayed when you touch them.
[Settings-Switch users]
  • The entrance of switching to other users is moved to notification bar from the lock screen of EMUI 4.1.
  • The tile will only be displayed if you added a user from Settings > Advanced settings > Users
[Settings-My Paradise]
  • Create your own paradise and store something in secret.
  • If you unlock your phone with MainSpace fingerprint, it will switch from the PrivateSpace to MainSpace.
[Settings-Huawei share]
  • Added Huawei share which can be used to share images, files etc.
  • How to use: When both of users turn on Huawei share -> one user select an image or file and click Share – > the user will open the Share screen where the other phone is displayed -> click the phone.
  • You can share multiple files and even adding more files after selected before sharing.
[Notification Bar]
An optimized design combines shortcuts with notifications to reduce the complexity of user actions.
  • a) Added “Huawei share” feature.
  • b) Deleted timeline on EMUI 4.1.
  • c) Settings tile designed like a pencil is placed on the top for easy finding.
  • d) Easy to rearrange your shortcuts tiles so you can get to what you want faster.
  • e) You can directly open a shortcut on Edit screen.
  • f) Blue color, new font and more easier operations makes notification bar more fashion and user friendly.
Notification Message.
  • a) Bundled notifications: The same notifications reminder cards are stacked to save space.
  • b) Touch and hold notifications to quickly block messages and notifications.
  • c) You can simply tap to expand and quickly reply without having to open the app.
[Contacts-Clear and fashion screen]
  • Search box can be docked in the top bar.
  • The head portraits of contacts are displayed in candy colors by default.
  • New personal name card customization feature makes you still feel well when forgot paper card at an important business conference.
  • Contacts alphabetical index makes finding a contact faster.
  • Stereo vision menu gives a sense of space and widen the vision.
  • Add your name, contact number and other information you think important to your business card on your phone, and share it by QR code at any important moment.
[Contacts-Fashion business card]
  • Open the QR code screen of a contact, click SHARE to share this contact by Huawei share, Bluetooth, Face book etc. It’s easy and convenient!
[Lock screen]
  • Added a BACK button on the Code keyboard of EMUI 5.0 for easy getting back. 
  • Code keyboard with circle tile looks more delicate and rounded.
  • Touch and hold notifications to quickly block messages and notifications.
[Lock screen – Business card]
Business card feature is added on global search box and lock screen – add a new contact without unlock screen. How to open ?
  • a) Sweep from the top to bottom on desktop.
  • b) Sweep from the bottom edge to top on lock screen.
[Lock screen – Magazine unlock]
  • You can switch to magazine covers by sweeping right or left with one finger on lock screen instead of settings again now.
  • Camera now supports plug-in management. Infrequently used modes, like document readjustment, are presented as plug-ins to save internal memory on your phone.
  • You can add modes by clicking More and deleted added modes by clicking Edit pencil.
[Camera – Pro photo/video mode]
  • Professional parameter box now displays in line.
[Task manager]
Three dimensional task management
  • a) Tasks are displayed still as card like EMUI 4.1, but it’s a bigger card than EMUI 4.1, which is nearly as big as the screen. Nothing cannot be seen now. Never be so clear!
  • b) All task cards are stacked three dimensionally on the UI. Smooth gestures allow users to scroll through tasks by sliding up and down or dismiss tasks by swiping left or right.
  • c) Click the Lock icon to lock a task, which will be kept when you click trash to delete all tasks. (EMUI 4.1: Drag down a task to lock or unlock.)
  • a) Pure blue produces brand new UI.
  • b) World clock is more intuitive and user friendly as it can display dual clocks and differ daytime and night by white clock and black clock.
  • a) Merged all settings of alarm, world clock and timer as one for easy setting.
  • Drawer home screen: you can get back by one gesture what ever screen of notepad you are.
  • Beside the Travel, Personal, Life and Word tags, you can create more new tags with different colors.
  • You can add an image or take a photo insert into a note making it more intuitive.
  • You can share your note as email, text or image.
[App twin]
  • Now, you can log in two accounts at the same time on the same phone!
  • Currently, only Facebook and WhatsApp are support.
[Lock screen – Covers]
  • Immersed effect makes interface more clear and tidy.
  • Displayed by album and subscriptions is integrated.
[New Emojis]
  • Android 7.0 introduces additional emojis and emoji-related features including skin tone emojis and support for variation selectors
  • Open Messaging app and check New Emojis.

Huawei P9 Nougat India

  • File Size : 1.39 GB | 711 MB
  • Alternative Mirror Link : Firmware | Data File
  • Supported Model : EVA-L09C675 (India)
  • Build Number : EVA-L09C675B301
  • Firmware Type : Official OTA

Installation Guide

  • Backup all important data
  • Make dload folder on sd card
  • Extract and copy to dload folder.
  • Switch off your phone and hold 3 buttons (volume up, volume down, and power) until you see update start screen.
  • if installation succeed , then remove from dload, rename to and copy to dload folder.
  • Repeat 3 button update process.

update via TWRP

  • Copy both files & to sd card (Don’t extract them)
  • Install TWRP using guide posted here Click Here
  • Disconnect phone from PC
  • Then tap on install, 1st select and swipe to install, don’t restart tap on data zip file and swipe to install.
  • Now restart, your phone will start optimizing Nougat.




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