Huawei P20 Pro Root EMUI9.1 Using Magisk CLT-L29/L09/L04/AL01/AL00/TL00

Finally, Huawei P20 Pro users are back in business. Before proceeding keep in mind that you will lose the warranty of your phone by unlocking the bootloader and the bootloader unlock code is not free. So you have to pay for the unlock code. If you already have the code you can proceed with the root process. At this moment only EMUI9.1 can be rooted because Huawei has permanently blocked the bootloader in EMUI10. If you have already upgraded to EMUI10 then you need to roll back to EMUI9.1 using hisuite.

Huawei P20 Pro Root EMUI9.1 CLT-L29


  • You try everything at your own risk
  • Don’t upgrade the Magisk version otherwise, you will lose root access
  • Don’t factory reset a rooted phone
  • This method has been tested on CLT-L09 and should work for other models running EMUI9.1
  • In case the phone gets bricked, download the same firmware version which is inside the phone and flash kernel, recovery_ramdisk, and system in fastboot mode. Then factory reset.
  • If you are planning to use custom ROMs, you must downgrade to EMUI9.0
  • In EMUI9.1 system partition can not be mounted as R/W, Don’t try to wipe anything with TWRP

Huawei P20 Pro Rooting Guide:

  • Backup all important data from the phone
  • Unlock the bootloader of your phone (click here to buy code)
  • Download the root file from THIS LINK (
  • Install the latest magisk manager V23
  • After that connect the phone in fastboot mode and open the extracted folder, double click MAF32.exe
  • Then type ” fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk magisk_patched-23000_dEnyx.img ”  and press enter
  • After successful flash disconnect the phone from pc
  • Hold the volume up and power, and keep holding both buttons until appears a screen with the message ” your device is booting now”
  • Connect to wifi and open magisk manager, verify it says magisk 23.0 is installed (do not update magisk)
  • If the Magisk manager asks to install the additional environmental fix, do it
  • Go into Magisk settings and disable the updates check option
  • Install root checker and verify root
  • If you don’t hold the volume up and power at the start, then the phone will start without root access.
  • The phone must be disconnected from the cable when you start it by holding the volume up and power
  • Enable developer options on the phone and then disable automatic updates in developer options.
  • Never install system updates when the phone is rooted.

Background image credit@Delaney Van

Video Tutorial

Xposed Framework Installation

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    Hello Sir, in this sentence…….”Connect to wifi and open magisk manager, verify it says magisk 21.3 is installed (do not update magisk)”………… Does the DO NOT UPDATE MAGISK, means that you never update it? Or does it mean that you can’t update in that specific moment? Thanks!

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