Huawei P9 Lite Nougat Root (Guide with photos)

All Huawei P9 Lite users who have previously upgraded to nougat can now root their phone by following the guide given below.


  1. This method is 100% tested by me
  2. I don’t take any responsibility if anything goes wrong with your phone
  3. Originally this guide has been shared on XDA .(Hats off to developer) i have only explained each step to make it easier for non tech users.

Huawei P9 Lite Root Nougat

Instructions (Revised 22-06-2017)

  • This guide only tested on VNS-L31,VNS-L21 running B360
  • Unlock bootloader of your phone (How to unlock bootloader?)
  • During bootloader unlock, you will prompted to select yes on phone screen, use volume keys to move and power key to select to enter.


    Huawei P9 Lite Root Nougat

  • Once you have unlocked bootloader, phone will perform a factory reset after that make sure you have enabled oem unlock in developer options.


    Huawei P9 Lite Root Nougat

  • Download Root file for B380,B385,B389 and higher versions (From THIS LINK) if doesn’t work then use ( This File)
  • Download Root file for B370, B360, B320 and lower versions (From THIS LINK)
  • Copy downloaded file to sd card
  • Download TWRP Recovery or use Revolution Recovery
  • Connect your phone in fastboot mode (switch off and hold volume down and connect with pc)
  • Your phone screen will look like this


    Huawei P9 Lite Root Nougat

  • If you have already downloaded & installed  Minimal ADB and Fastboot ,  go to C:/Program Files (x86)/Minimal ADB and Fastboot.and copy TWRP recovery in this folder.
  • Then open “MAF32.exe” by double clicking and type this command ” fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.1.1-0-venus.img ” and press enter, as shown in image below.


    Huawei P9 Lite Nougat Root

  • Once recovery flashed , enter twrp recovery by holding (volume up + power).
  • On 1st screen swipe to enter TWRP mode. and tap on install.
  • Then select the Root zip file that you have copied in you sd card earlier and install it. On successful installation you will be presented with following screen.


    Huawei P9 Lite Nougat Root

  • Just press on reboot system button, on next screen it will ask you install something, you should press blue button (Do not install)


    Huawei P9 Lite Nougat Root

  • Done (Your phone has been successfully rooted)

Video Tutorial

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45 Responses

  1. elvis says:

    Good night herr Mutahhar Bashir i ran his p9 lite guide today, it all went well but I encountered a problem with the security settings, they no longer open and i can not install apps out of google play, as i could install without using “settings safety”? thanks, see you soon

  2. Baha eddine says:

    I’m still having stock recovery after installing TWRP, any solutions?

  3. Joh says:

    Hello, thx for your work.

    I just have a P9 lite.
    How can i use this tutorial with a B370 ?

    Thx !

  4. This works with VNS-L21 B336 version too?

  5. mikaela says:

    hi, i followed all step but the twrp mode didnt shoe up after i flashed recovery. pls guide me what to do next ty

  6. mikaela says:

    oh and i followed all the steps but the keyboard disappeared when rebooted my phone… only allows speak.

    • What i assume your nougat installation was incomplete. Maybe it wad ndrm90 test keys.
      Things you can try.
      1. Format data in twrp
      2. Flash full data package zip using twrp matching region of your phone.
      3. Then make root
      4. Clear cache and reboot
      5. Don’t wipe any partition in twrp. You will be in trouble

  7. Hello
    i have p9 lite vns-L31, and i get update from Huawei to Naugat Emui 5 bulid number ( NRD90M test-keys).
    now when i Unlock bootloader the OEM option can not make enabel . the OEM option get block
    waht can i do ?
    thank you

  8. Dino says:

    Hi, ADB tells that sending and writing image was ok, but then when I press up+power start with Huawei eRecovery, and not with Revolution, could you help me please? I have B371.

  9. angiotell says:

    Witch differences between SuperS and PPH Superuser?

  10. Trompe Alexis says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing it works for me, it’s good knowing I’m a noob.. now I’m on vns-L31C432B370 and I would update to 380 but I need to unroot my phone, do you know what can I do?

    • Trompe Alexis says:

      I reinstall the firmware B370 to unroot and I update to B380 but it don’t want to boot anymore! Please help 🙁

  11. sppflorys says:

    Hi. I have a question for you.

    I have huawei p9 lite 2016(VNS-L21c432B382), Nougat version, and I want to know that if the smartphone have compatible with VoLte standard, with the last build of Android.

    Is Enyone can confirm?


  12. Suleyman says:

    Hi. My device’s model number is L31-C464B382. Can I apply this method? If so, which file should I download? B380, B385 or B389? Thank you.

  13. hammad says:

    sir my question is this that i flashed multiple times, multiple versions of twrp in my L21 but whenever i reboot in recovery mode it either boots up the erecovery or if its fortunately booted up in recovery mode it ended up stuck in the warning screen “your phone can not be trusted” screnn…
    please help me…

  14. Alexander says:


    After entering the commands and trying to log in to twrp recovery, I’m prompted to enter into erecovery (3 seconds sound up) or further download (once to turn on the power) and I can not install and all further actions. I ask you to help, please!

    Model: HUAWEI VNS-L21
    Number: VNS-L21C10B388

    It seems to be doing everything according to the instructions …

    P.S. I apologize for my bad English!

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