Huawei P9 Lite Convert to dual sim/Debrand

If you have Huawei P9 lite single sim and want to make it dual sim, method is very easy. you can use this method on all versions of P9 lite.

Note: You will lose your warranty.

Do it at your own responsibility.

  • This guide only works if you are running marshmallow
  • Backup all important data
  • Your device should be rooted (Click here to see how to root Huawei P9 Lite?)
  • Download dualsim C342OEM patch file from VNSL-L31 File | VNS-L21 File
  • Copy downloaded patch file C342OEM on your sd card (Don’t Extarct)
  • Boot your phone in twrp recovery mode
  • Tap on install and select the patch file you have copied on sd card
  • swipe to flash it. you will lose data.
  • Device will restart with red warning sign, its normal.
  • if it ask for password, enter any numbers and press format
  • After format reboot to bootloader and unlock bootloader again.
  • Now download DUAL SIM firmware B160 from VNS-L31 Firmware Link | VNS-L21 Firmware Link
  • Extract downloaded firmware zip file and copy file to dload folder on your sd card.
  • If dload folder is not there, you can create by yourself
  • Now switch off phone then press and hold 3 buttons (Vol up, vol down and power) until you see update screen
  • Done your phone is now dual sim.
  • Now in future you should always use dual sim firmware for your phone.

Guide Source: HTCmania Translated in english by:

Mutahhar Bashir

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66 Responses

  1. mattia says:

    Hello, is it possible to do the same with p9 single sim?

  2. Tousseef says:

    Hi you dont perhaps have a video on how to do this exactly please p9 lite single sim to dual sim like you explained

  3. ivan says:

    is this realy working?

  4. ivan says:

    Can you put the video how to do:) i want to try but not shure if i brick my new phone

  5. joe says:

    this was so helpful

  6. ivan says:

    whether the received update nougat if you switch the dual sim

  7. ivan says:

    how to restore it to be single sim?

  8. Arefin says:

    My Model No. is
    -Huawei P9-Lite (VNS-L31)
    -SIngle Sim
    I purchased it from UK.
    Now, I am using in Bangladesh.
    Is it possible Convert to Dual Sim Version & How?
    Any Risky?

  9. Tim says:

    Hi can you assist me. My version is a VNS L23. single sim

  10. Adrian says:

    Hi Mutahhar, IMEI will be changed after flashing other OEMINFO?

  11. Adrian says:

    Could you write email to me? I have a private question.

  12. Tim says:

    mr bashir,

    You’re solution worked like a charm.
    Thanx for the support.

    I have converted two huawei P9 lite from single to dual sim with success.


  13. x10sys says:

    Could not find ‘META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary’ in the zip file. Error installing zip file ’emmc/’

    Any help

  14. x10sys says:

    Well it seems to be working. Although, it showed an error while installing new firmware, but it works. Thanks a lot Mutahhar!

  15. sasha says:

    hi is this tutorial realy works, I want me try but I’m afraid that does not brick your phone 🙂 this is the same procedure as the xda toolkit or not?

  16. sasha says:

    how to unroot? to get update nougat?

  17. sasha says:

    can you put that nougat firmware for dual sim 🙂 and I use twrp method to install nougat

  18. sasha says:

    no need to unroot,becouse after flash rom ,all returned to the factory,root gone and bootloader is lock

  19. sasha says:

    unlock bootloader-instal twrp-root-flash oeminfo and custom.bin- fastboot stock recovery-dload 3 three buttons to reflesh to be again locked bootloader and unroot phone.And after that received regualr nougat ota updated 🙂

  20. murendeni says:

    Hi im about to convert my single sim to dual sim VNS-L31C16B120 europe. Im in south africa will this method work on my phone?

  21. Murendeni says:

    Thanks Ive done it successfully now im in dual sim,where can I get the nougat update now

  22. sasha says:

    whether it is mandatory to twice unlocks bootloader,since it is only in this tutorial mentions that the twice to unlock bootloader?

  23. sasha says:

    whether oeminfo it must contain custom.bin?Because in other directions oemino file does not contain custom.bin?what it means and whether it is necessary?

  24. sasha says:

    how to go back from B371 to B161 (L21c432b161)?Do you know any tutorial

  25. bennyray says:

    Hi there !
    I want to try this tuttorial but i need to know something … i use b161 rooted , is working whit this tutorial or i need to put b161 and folow this steps ¿?

  26. scarlat says:

    I made all the 1st step without problem .. but to the second when i want to update from dload sdcard .. i get the error ” failed to update ” … “download again the package ”
    any ideea ?

  27. pedja says:

    I want to try this method, but dont understand how to reunlock bootloader again if I need to boot in bootloader after first step?

  28. MURAT says:


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