[Guide]How to change region of mate7 and mate8

In this post i will guide you how you can change region code of your huawei mate7 & mate8, currently only these 2 phones are supported by this tool, and credit goes to somboons an xda member. by changing region you will be able to install firmwares from other regions, for example: you phone is from asia and you change region to EU, that means from now onward you should only install european firmware not asian. so lets start step by step guide, how to do it.

Disclaimer : I don’t take any responsibility if you brick your device by making any mistake. But i can help you to recover device in case something goes wrong. 

1. Phone Bootloader must be unlocked.  (How to unlock bootloader?)
2. Phone must be rooted (How to root?) warning: don’t use kingroot it will brick your phone
3. Download SRK Tool 1.2
1. 1st thing first , check your current region. dial *#*#2846579#*#* then tap on network information>vendor country info. identify you phones region by following codes
  • hw/spcseas (Asia)
  • hw/meafnaf (Middle East)
  • hw/cn (China)
  • hw/eu (European)
in following image you can see my phone belongs to middle east.
2. Once you have identified your current region, decide you want to switch to which region & open SRK tool that you have download earlier.
3. On 1st page you will see a menu, you should select number seven (7. Utility) hit enter, as shown in image below

Change region mate7/mate8

4. On next page you will see 11 different options, where you will select number 9 (changing oeminfo). as shown in image

change region mate7/mate8

 5. On next screen select your phone model (mate7/mate8 ?).

change region mate7/mate8

6. On next screen it will ask you to which region you want to switch, (example: for esurope i will select 2 hit enter)

change region mate7/mate8

7. On next page it will ask for confirmation if you really want to change it, type Y and hit enter.

change region mate7/mate8

8. And the process should start, let it complete. normally takes few seconds. once done, you should restart phone and check region by dialing code in step1.

change region mate7/mate8

Once region changed you can install firmwares from this region without any problems.
Please don’t forget to donate the tool developer, his paypal id is: somboonsz@gmail.com
he deserve it.

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    vendor country file not readable

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    Hi SIR. i have upgrade my honor6 upto 6.12.16. Then i have flash it with custom flash. After that has writed “Vendor country file is not exist”. How i can find that file and put it into phone.
    Please help me resolve this issue.

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