Google Play Store Error RH-01 (100% Solution)

Google Playstore

If you are one of those who is facing Error [RH-01] while accessing google play store on your android phone, several methods has been posted on different sites, forums & blogs. for some they worked but for some don’t. following are the methods you might have already tried.

Google Playstore Error RH-01 (100% Solution)

1. Correct Date & Time (prefferabley sync with carrier date & time)
2. “Play store” Clear Data & Clear Cache
3. Google Play services , force stop, clear cache & data
4. Disable & enable Google Services Framework
5. “Google Services Framework” Clear Data & Clear Cache.
6. Google Play services , force stop, clear cache & data
7. Remove Google Account & re add.
8. Sync Calendar in Google account settings
9. Check in time settings if time zone is same as you are living in.
10. Switch connection from wifi to mobile data

i tried all above mentioned methods but none of them worked for me.

Method 1

while looking at my application settings whether by mistake i changed anything or whatever is the reason.
i suddenly when to disabled apps tap, as you can see in following image:

Google Playstore Error RH-01 (100% Solution)

i was surprised to see many apps were disabled including some google apps.  in above image not showing all apps because i have already enabled them. you also have to enable each & every application under disabled tab. and restart you phone.
Done, no more errors while opening google play store.

Method 2

if still your play store showing error, follow these steps:
1. Go to app manager
2. scroll to right side, where you see all apps
3. search for app name “Downloads” and make sure it is enabled.
4. Reset app preferences as shown in image below.

Google Play Store Error RH-01 (100% Solution)
Google Play Store Error RH-01 (100% Solution)

and restart your phone.

Method 3

another way to solve this problem could be installing old version of google play store. to remove current version you have to root your phone (Remember if you don’t know how to root don’t take risk otherwise you may brick your phone).
one your phone is rooted, download System App Safe Remover  and carefully remove google app store and download old version of google play store from here

Method 4

if still issue not resolved, another workaround could be alternative app store.
you can download amazon app store, and it should work flawlessly on any android device
open this link Download Amazon App and click on download Amazon underground.(Around 35 mb)

Method 5

some of my blog readers contacted me that still they are facing same problem. i would suggest you to visit following link in google account 
and check if your device is listed there, and showing no issue,  for you reference i am sharing my account screenshot.
Google Play Store Error RH-01

if your device is not listed here or showing some warning, remove your google account from phone by going to settings>accounts. and then add it again,

Note: Before performing this method you must follow 1 to 3 methods.

Method 6

sometimes there is communication problem between your ISP & google. you can try any free vpn to connect to play store .

Method 7

Reset your google account password & then device will ask you to enter the password again.

Method 8

open your browser, and access & select any app to download.
if you are not logged in, it will ask you to login & you do so.
then a message screen will popup using which method you want to download this app, chose play store & downloading should start.
for help Watch This Video


Call Google Support

You can call to google support +1(855) 836-3987 and tell them your problem. you can call for free using Skype. and it will ring in US office of google support.

If you still face any problem. contact me through FB page or write in comments, i will try my best to help you.

Mutahhar Bashir

Passionate blogger, have excellent problem solving skills, quick learner, love to accomplish difficult tasks, improving my skills while helping others through this blog.

80 Responses

  1. Unknown says:

    How do you enable it on kindle 6 gen?

  2. enable usb debugging on your kindle>Install Proper Drivers for your kindle fire>
    Download this file ""
    from here
    and extract it > then click on install install "Google play store.bat"
    Best Of Luck

  3. Tyler Day says:

    Still get the error on my galaxy s3

  4. Thank you for comment. kindly try these steps, if help
    1. Go to app manager
    2. scroll to right side, where you see all apps
    3. search for app name "Downloads" and make sure it is enabled.
    4. Reset app preferences

  5. .. Thanks a lot .. The second method worked for me when I reset the app preferences.

  6. thanks for commenting, can you please tell which method worked for you?
    it may help others

  7. Thanks a lot for these solution.. I also tried removing the google accounts and all but couldn't fix the problem..
    But here the METHOD-2 does really work.. Its very helpful.. Thank you.

  8. thank you for precious feedback

  9. Angie Diaz says:

    I already tried all the method except the rooting process but still didnt work for my phone, i have ZTE V969.
    Thanx i hope u could help me

  10. 1. Try another gmail account
    2. disable android manager inside phone settings & try again

  11. Didn't work.I have Allview p7 xtreme

  12. then last option is factory reset your phone

  13. I try all of that sir.. didnt fix the error i have custom rom.

  14. sorry to hear that,
    go in recovery mode, clear cache & dalvik cache
    and try another gmail account on this phone

  15. Jack says:

    Mutahhar…problem solved, Method 2 did the trick! Thanks very much for your help. Much appreciated.

  16. wow happy to know that

  17. It still shows the same error

  18. remove current gmail account
    and add new gmail account
    and let me know if error exists

  19. Fayaz Shah says:

    I tried all methods but none helped. I did as under, it worked
    1.App>All>play store> disable
    2.App> All> play service> disable
    3. Sign out from Google Account
    4. From a friends Android transfer Play store & play Service.
    5. Transfer success, asked to update/open Wi-fi & Update.
    6. Shut down & Restart.
    7. Open Play Store.
    8. Sign in with existing Google Account

  20. Thank you for your precious comment,
    it may help someone

  21. Fayaz Shah says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. In apps I cannot enable downloads.
    That option itself is disabled

  23. In apps I cannot enable downloads.
    That option itself is disabled

  24. try to reset preferences , as shown in above post
    then restart phone
    and try again

  25. Parvez says:

    when I tried all the above steps and re-install the google play store again. reboot the mobile.
    then I tried to open the app. google play store stuck on checking info. and many time it display Unfortunately, google play store stop working error.
    Now, I have lost all the contacts that I have sync with google account..
    Kindly help? what to do?

  26. which version of playstore you tried to install.
    it might be updating in background,
    if it doesn't work, download latest playstore.apk & install it

  27. Thanks a lot for this informations the second method worked for me…thanks again

  28. Thank you for your precious comment

  29. Huma Sohail says:

    I have tried all the methods but to no use…..i am using SONY Xperia J….can you please help me somehow?

  30. Remove Gmail account
    Clear play store data & cache
    Clear Google play services data & cache
    Restart phone
    Add another gmail account (create new fake gmail)
    Try to download
    If succeed, add the old account and switch to original account in play store and try to download,
    hopefully it will work

  31. Huma Sohail says:

    It is still giving the same error
    I think there is something wrong with my handset rather than my gmail account.

  32. well you are giving up too early, this problem is actually occurs because of sync conflicts between phone & account
    did you tried to add new google account?
    if yes, then try to login this new account on PC, it resolves sometime.
    try to uninstall play store updates again, restart phone, and try again,

  33. Huma Sohail says:

    Still the same Ërror while retrieving information from server [RH-01]
    not working still…

  34. disable following apps and try again
    1. Download Manager
    2. Google Play Games
    3. Google Play Books
    4. Google Play Music
    5. Google Play Newsstand
    And try again, if you are using wifi switch to mobile data & try again
    make sure you enable all these apps later

  35. Huma Sohail says:

    I cant find Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Google Play Music and Google Play Newsstand in my Apps

  36. Huma Sohail says:

    In place of google play games, music, books and newsstand, i disabled google play servies, play store download manager….and now I cant enable them because I cant find them in my Apps… :S

  37. I assume you have Samsung phone,
    Go in settings > apps manager >
    Then you have swipe right to get all apps tab, to find games, music & newsstand.
    Disabled apps tab will be at end.

  38. Huma Sohail says:

    I have sony Xperia J handset…and in my cell there is no disabled apps tab.. 🙁

  39. Oh sorry i just forgot,
    Go in apps manager > settings> clear cache
    Then you will be able to see disabled apps tab

  40. Huma Sohail says:

    Sorry….cant find it.. 🙁

  41. same way you find playstore & other aaps,
    maybe you have to swipe left to get "All apps" tab, there you will see "settings" app, tap on it and clear cache

  42. Huma Sohail says:

    I found the disabled apps at the bottom of ALL APPS tab….I have enabled them now.

  43. Huma Sohail says:

    How am I supposed to get that Google Play Store App Icon again?

  44. Huma Sohail says:

    I need further guidance!!

  45. Forget your wifi connection & connect again, try google open dns:
    And try again

  46. Forget your wifi connection & connect again, try google open dns:
    And try again

  47. Huma Sohail says:

    Sorry my internet was not working for past days!
    How can I use the dns

  48. Long tap on your wifi connection > then advanced settings > manual configuration > there you habebto enter everything by yourself, ip, host, dns
    Better if you just reset your phone

  49. Huma Sohail says:

    Resetting the phone has cleared the problem….thanks a lot for your help and time…. 🙂

  50. thank you fro your cooperation & patience

  51. Iqbal Anjum says:

    I tried all but no have acsess

  52. Iqbal Anjum says:

    I tried all but no have acsess

  53. Iqbal Anjum says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01 in Google Play Store unfortunately stopped my google play store please solution

  55. My play store all stop unfortunately Google play store has stopped

  56. Go in settings>apps manager>play store
    Force stop, unintall updates, clear cache & clear data.
    Restart phone

  57. Unknown says:

    I have problems on my Google playstore can you please help me? After I successfully update my software last night, upon using my youtube channel i've got an error message : update the apps from playstore then suddenly it says : Unfortunately playstore service has stopped. Did I've done something wrong?

  58. go in settings > application manager> select play store> force stop > uinstall updates > Retsrat phone & check again

  59. JoNathan Jr. says:

    I am using Samsung galaxy S duos. .and I can't use my Google play store

  60. Did you tried above mentioned methods?
    Please unintall play store updates and then try again

  61. Von petiza says:

    Why method2 doesnt work

  62. Which phone you have.?

  63. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  64. Unknown says:

    Method 1 has done it for me on a Sony Experia – thank you for this great help!

  65. Gracias!!! Me ayudo el segundo método!?? 🙂

  66. shivam says:

    Thank you so much bro………..
    Really tussi greate ho.

  67. Gina Haulica says:

    Ciao i have a samsung a5 and i tried everything can you give me more guidens

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