[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A Windows 7 Installation Problem

Today it was hectic day for me, spent hours to find the solution for above mentioned problem and finally found the solution, i am going to share with you. problem is one of our client who bought Toshiba Satellite C50-A from us few days back, came back and told us , he couldn’t install windows 7 on this laptop, only windows 8 can be installed on this laptop. if you are facing same problem here is the solution.

1. Cause of this problem ” this laptop is designed to work with GPT based OS. it wont let you install MBR based OS”
2. in some cases the only thing that could work is go to bios by hitting F2 and then go to security menu and turn off the secure boot option, as shown in the image below

[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A Windows 7 Installation Problem
[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A Windows 7 Installation Problem
3. if you are lucky the laptop should boot up with windows7 DVD, and if still it doesn’t boot , again go to bios, and go to advanced menu and see if you find boot mode option there, if it is available then you have to chose CMS boot instead of UEFI boot , save settings and restart.
if the above solution doesn’t work, go to step 4
4. as you can see in the image below , there is no option available to chose the boot mode, this laptop was locked to UEFI boot mode by company, we have to unlock this menu,
[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A Windows 7 Installation Problem
[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A Windows 7 Installation Problem

5. to unlock the menu we have to flash the bios with the version that have “boot mode” option, no need worry, i have created an ISO image for this bios update that you can download from this link
Note: Please Only Use Firefox to Download Bios Files
Warning: “if you don’t know how to flash bios, you may corrupt the bios and then have to change Motherboard”


6. Once you downloaded the Bios ISO image, create bootable CD using this ISO, you can burn iso file with power iso available for free.

7. You must Plug in the AC charger before you start to flash Bios,  Once you boot up with this CD, you will see the following screen, you have to type “flash” and hit enter, as you can see it in the image below.

[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A Windows 7 Installation Problem
[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A Windows 7 Installation Problem
8. Bios flashing should start, wait for 5-10 minutes until it completes. you will see progress bar, once its finished the laptop should restart, if it doesn’t restart for long time, press the power button by yourself and turn it on.
[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A Windows 7 Installation Problem
[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A Windows 7 Installation Problem
Toshiba C50-A bios update Videos
9. Once the bios installation complete you will see the boot method option in your bios,
now disable secure boot option and chose CMS boot method and insert windows 7 DVD  into the DVD ROM, and start the installation.
[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A Windows 7 Installation Problem
[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A Windows 7 Installation Problem
For Drivers Click Here
This Bios update may be applied on Toshiba Satellite C50/C55 Models 
if you face any problem mention it in comments , i will try my best to help you out.

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  1. nawab azmi says:

    ziddu creating problems in download please use mediafire or 4shared instead.

  2. its working fine dear, so far more than 100 times file is downloaded

  3. Faisal Kh says:

    I am having the same problem with the laptop i bought yesterday, and i hope this solves it.
    Though i'm not sure of 1 thing, the ISO file you provided. how do i create a bootable CD through PowerISO you provided?

  4. Faisal Kh says:


  5. Hamza Hunter says:

    ziddu creating problems in download please use mediafire or 4shared instead

  6. spasiba,no u menya v kompe posle zaqrucnoqo diska slova ,,flash_,,ne vidno cto zdelat?

  7. thanks, in my computer after disk zayarurutsnoka words flash_ not see that create one?

  8. Tomi pula says:

    This file is corrupted, it can't be extracted or used.
    My notebook is bricked 🙁

  9. using any cd writer software, burn bootable cd using iso

  10. let me know what is the problem ?
    more than 300 times file is downloaded

  11. you are welcome dear

  12. sir english plz, couldn't understand, if usb not working, download usb drivers

  13. impossible, no need to extract it my dear,
    just burn it using ISO burner http://www.freeisoburner.com/

  14. walyk ion says:

    it works exatly like in picture…. thank you…just change original bios and it works like a charm….

  15. you are welcome dear

  16. Yousef Khajo says:

    i can't have please use anouther host …thank you

  17. try to use some proxy to download , soon i will upload on deposit files , is it ok

  18. Yousef Khajo says:

    at first i wanna thank Mr. Mutahhar Bashir …
    The Problem is :
    after i did the every step and even the version of the bios is 1.30 not 1.20 the boot option of UEFI and CSM
    is appears but its not active … is there any idea ??
    My laptob is : Toshiba Satellite c50-a635 Short Model No : PSCJGV

    Note : i downloded the iso file from the official site of toshiba on this link :

  19. i dunno about 1.30 never used it, may be they locked again in this version of bios
    make sure you disabled the secureboot

  20. khaled mousa says:

    hello thank you for the information all it work fine and i install win 7 but all the usb port not working can any one help me

  21. Yousef Khajo says:

    You have to install driver from the toshiba site …. or just disable USB3 from Bios and they will work .

  22. khaled mousa says:

    i disable the usb3 and it work Thank you very much

  23. Nikatapi says:

    Thank you so much for this! I was so frustrated, and your solution worked perfectly! Thanks! 🙂

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  25. JAFAR says:

    not booting…it says 'Checking media'' then "No bootable device —-please restart system

  26. read carefully , you have to follow every step,
    did you updated the given bios ?

  27. welcome sir, kindly follow me on google+ & like my FB page

  28. if you are from pakistan, give me your cell number, i will call you & help you

  29. I followed all the step, but all i am getting is a dash at the right side top corner

  30. I followed all the step, but all i am getting is a dash at the right side top corner

  31. sorry the dash is on the left side, I

    additional info:

    after waiting for almost a 20 mins, i decided to power off my laptop and switch it on again, it looks like nothing happened, , by the way on the boot menu of the ISO file you have provided i have more details than what you have shown in the picture
    i would love to paste image in here, but cant see any image upload button

  32. upload on tinypic.com and paste the link here, or contact me directly on google+

  33. Ok i am doing it right now

  34. first picture, http://i60.tinypic.com/ws34a8.jpg

    second pic http://i59.tinypic.com/2nun2vd.jpg

    after witting "flash" and press enter the screen will come black with a dash on the left top side corner and stays that way, please see the second pic,

  35. your complete model number ?

  36. My Toshiba is C50-A634 Model number is PSCJGV

    thank you in advance for assistance


  37. East Africa says:

    Thanks worked without problem om my toshiba C50-A634 Model number is PSCJGV

  38. any update, i really need to update this one

  39. JAFAR says:

    No…i didnt update bios.. i cant get into bios update

  40. JAFAR says:

    I'm not Paki.

  41. you can read the comments below, no one is having issue, may i know your current bios version ?
    maybe you have latest one already

  42. thanx for comment, please also like my page, and help us to grow ,

  43. you complete model number ? and did you burned the bios ISO on cd ? and then booted from that cd ?

  44. as salamu alaikum bro,yesterday i bought new toshiba c50-a630 but i hav the same problem as many frnz mentioned here an i followed the precidure as u said but its nt booting with tat cd…plz help me out of tis

  45. extract the iso file from zip file & then burn that iso using free iso burner,
    can be downloaded from here, http://www.freeisoburner.com/
    then boot from that cd,

  46. here i have added a post how to burn iso ? specially for you,
    have a look

    i hope it should help help you.

  47. thank u so much bro realy it works …..great work keep it up an i wish u for ur great success …

  48. Antony Hakim says:

    Thanks dear, great work

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  50. Hello,i have both 2 notebooks,1 flashed corectly,second after restart just flashing power button,no pic.Bios flash completed succesfully,but obviesly with some errors.Now,is there any way to flash back,or the bios is ded?

  51. if you can enter into bios, then chances are , you can get your notebook back,
    may i know the complete model name ? that one is crashed

  52. power cycle your laptop (take out battery,ram & keep power button pressed for 1 minute then connect AC adapter, and see if it comes back

  53. ahmed arara says:

    thanks alot man you are the best

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  55. RICHARD NDE says:

    bonsoir mes frère moi aussi j'ai eu le même PB avec mon toshiba c50 jai suivis tout vos procédures j’ai télécharger l’ISO j'ai gravé et mettre a jour mon bios mais toujours par de solution la version de mon bios étais le 1.10 il est monté au 1.20 et je n'est toujours par eu l option CMS dans ma version actuel svp aidez moi avec un version plus récente merci et bien de choses a tous ……

  56. envoyez-moi capture d'écran de votre option bios cms

  57. David Bamba says:

    Bonsoir, j'ai télécharger le fichier iso pour le graver mais il n'y a aucun fichier à l'intérieur. Existe t il un autre lien? est ce possible de d'utiliser une clé usb bootable?
    Merci de bien vouloir m'aider.

  58. vous cann pas voir les fichiers à l'intérieur iso, gravez et démarrage à partir du CD,

  59. Emmanuel says:

    can i use the same bios flash image file on toshiba C50-A635 laptop?

  60. Imran Yaseen says:

    hi sir i read all complete disscosion and do same as shown up but while flashing bioc 62% system struck there i power off then do agian but same struck on 62%. plz help me sir.

  61. Imran Yaseen says:

    bhai plz help me also.

  62. Imran Yaseen says:

    Mutahhar brother i am wating for your help plz.

  63. can i use the same bios flash image file on toshiba C50-A628 laptop?

  64. sir actually I make the cd but it's never boot. what can I do

  65. please wait, sometime, how long you waited before force shutdown ?
    so far i have upgraded 4 Toshiba C50-a laptops, none of them faced this problem, only screen flashes at 62%, kindly tell me your complete model number

  66. sir, if you downloaded the bios from my blog, then you are advised to unzip the bios file and then you will get ISO file, burn that file using this method

  67. can you tell me your current version of bios? if its already newer version, you cann't upgrade

  68. Imran Yaseen says:

    sir model is satellite c50-A635.

  69. Imran Yaseen says:

    sir i wait 20 minutes but still bar on 62% .

  70. i doubt you already have new bios, check your current bios version

  71. Franck says:

    I have satellite C55-A intel celeron and try the iso you post and I came out the update failed, help, hope your help thanks

  72. tell me your complete model & part number PCGVQ etc ??

  73. mohamed siad says:

    thank you very match for this.

  74. you are welcome dear

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  76. Question this bios works on a C50-a5175wm??? i need to downgrade a lap but i'm afraid that the bios dont work


  77. Imran Yaseen says:

    no sir i have 1.10 before plz help sir i am still wating.

  78. its always risky to downgrade bios, i dont suggest it

  79. tell me complete model number & Part number (PSCGJV, PSCGQV)?

  80. Power on while pressing F2 to enter the BIOS Setup menu. Go to the Security tab and set the "Secure Boot" setting to "Disabled", then try

  81. Imran Yaseen says:

    sir model is Toshiba Satellite C50-A635 NOOS P-N3520/4G/500G/15.6 hd/dvd. PART NO. PSCJGV-00400MA3.

  82. Imran Yaseen says:

    SIR now i try again ( DISABLE SECURE BOOT ) but still same struck bar 62% . sir Current Bios V 1.10 New Bios V 1.20 .plz help sir. thx.

  83. Imran Yaseen says:

    sir plzzzzzzz wating………..

  84. brother plz download this bios and flash with it, i hope your problem will be solved

  85. Thank you man you really made my day i bought two toshiba laptops C50-A634 and i wanted to use mifos on them yet currently its not compatible with windows 8 ive been stack with these two useless windows 8 laptops for 3 months untill you came to my rescue which even the toshiba technician failed. God bless you

  86. Mzalendo254 says:

    I was skeptical at first but I followed your advice to the letter and it worked seamlessly. Thanks a bunch Sir Bashir.

  87. Hvala od srca. (Thank you from the heart). 🙂

  88. you are welcome dear,
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  91. When I went to install windows via USB, the computer wont reconize my keyboard and mouse. It works when I boot in Bios…
    Help pleasee toshiba satellite C50-A635

  92. I mean when I get to the language selection the mouse and keyboard stop working and no cursor appears, they both work in bios so I don't know what the issue is.

  93. you cann't install windows through USB, bcoz the drivers are not supported in pre installation , you have to install windows through dvd only.

  94. Imran Yaseen says:

    Sir thanks . i make new cd and write new Bios version 1.40 But error ( Run command -Unsupported ) Shell; Canot read from file. Device Error. Sir i write FLASH in command.

  95. Imran Yaseen says:

    Sir once agin thx for giving nice Advices.plz give me saghtion for this problem wating for yours answer.

  96. restore default bios and then again try to flash with 1.2 bios

  97. Even after using the DVD, the same Problem appears there isn't Cursor appearing in order to go on with installation by choosing the language to install… I think this is a particular problem when i install win 8 but it works fine when installing Win 7..Any idea how to rectify the problem????

  98. Imran Yaseen says:

    Sir i try this (http://downloads.ziddu.com/download/23839374/os2013109a_tc50150800b_110.zip.html) in this link Bios version is 1.10 . Again same error Run Commond Unsupported.

  99. Imran Yaseen says:

    Sir i try with Bios v1.10 / v1.20 / v1.40 but only works on 1.20 62% struk.Sir what can i do.plz thx again.

  100. Imran Yaseen says:

    Hello sir. Sir i purchase Toshiba from Souq.com . It was only on Bios without Windows . I Try to make Windows but no Boot with CD/DVD USB . It say only no media found.Sir plz help me how i make windows 7 OR 8.Plz help Sir.I try many times to update Bios but failed.Plz help.Thanks.

  101. thanks you very much. You can help me.

  102. disable secure boot and then try to install windows 8 , it works

  103. hmmmmm, did you tries a USB mouse & keyboard ??
    it should work

  104. you are welcome sir

  105. I have already windows 8 but I need to install 7. when I power on the system and holed F2 it never enter the bios. so plz help me. how can I enter the bios

  106. sir I'm weting…………………………………..

  107. Mick Mahon says:

    My pc wont yet boot from CD that makes it so difficult even to install the updates from the giving bios updates from your website

  108. press windows key +c, click on search and type advanced startup option, in left side you will see the icon for advanced start up settings, under advance startup click restart now, after restart click on troubleshoot, then advanced options then, UEFI firmware settings, and then click restart , you will enter into bios

  109. go to bios and disable secure boot,
    i doubt you didn't burned the iso correctly, after download , extract the bios iso file and then burn it,
    iso file is inside zip file,
    here is post on how to burn iso file

  110. thanx sir it's don.I enter the bios in onther way. power on the system and press window key+F12 it goes to advance boot menu. and also i'll instal windows 7. And thankyou once again for ur bios update file it's very helpful for me.

  111. Thanks Bashir, you are a life saver!!!! I can't believe I did it after staying with a New Toshiba for one month. Thanks Again

  112. welcome gladys,
    please like my facebook page 🙂 and hekp us to grow

  113. Mick Mahon says:

    i correctly burn the CD. Wat if I did install thru external CD Rom

  114. did you disable the secure boot in bios setting ?

  115. alakkadan says:

    thankyou very much Mutahhar Bashir……….. God bless you to help other people….. thanks again…….. Done

  116. thank you..am currently having problems with my satellite c50-a635,am not getting any sound..

  117. Hazem says:

    Thank you very much Mutahhar, this was of a great help.

  118. plz like my page for more solutions in future

  119. i have downloaded the iso file.. is it work on toshiba satellite c50-a p0015..pls

  120. dont update with these bios, ur model is different,
    wait for my next reply, i will give you solution

  121. its confirmed 100%, you can update bios with this ISO,
    plz post the result here, after successful bios update

  122. Thanks a lot for this help… Successfully updated the bios.. Now I can boot from windows 7 I so

  123. There is problem.. I formated the HDD using windows 7 disc… Now it showing unallocated space.. And I tried to create new part I on.. But nothing change.. Still showing unallocated space..plsss help

  124. make sure you enter the correct size of partitioin, not 0 where it asks for size,
    i think you only deleted the HDD, after format it should show you the HDD size,
    is there any error when you hit format button ?

  125. At last the issue is solved…i created the whole hdd size as one partition. Now i can install windows 7. Now the issue is related to driver . i need display driver and usb controller driver.

  126. Thanks again.. I have completed the installatiin with your greate help…
    If you don't mind may I expect more help from you …….How can I contact you if I am in treble

  127. you are already in my friends list @ google+ you can also contact me on FB page,
    i actively check my accounts,
    soon i will also add email support,

  128. malik nabeel says:

    salam to all,
    how can i install thiis by usb i did not have CD-Rw drive

  129. can i update bios on model toshiba satellite c50-a-11j i i dont can install win7

  130. yess you can install

  131. thanks

    how i can boot from external drive CD?

  132. i think you cann't boot from external drive, you must use internal cd drive to install windows,
    make sure you changed settings, disable secure boot and boot mode csm boot

  133. you cann't install bios from USB drive,
    you must burn cd & then use internal cd driver only

  134. Bootaan says:

    i downloaded and burned to dvd what is the next step

  135. everything described in the post read carefull, boot from dvd and then flash the bios

  136. tesekkurler sayende hell etdik problemimizi

  137. hoş geldiniz, benim sayfa plz gibi

  138. Edwin Gakuha says:

    Thanks for this you reraly helped me.After flashing the bios it worked and I can now install windows 7.

  139. Deni Ward says:

    I can't download Zip file 🙁

  140. what message you get?
    try different browser

  141. onewish says:

    i did exactly this and it updated to Version 1.20 EC 1.10 but secure boot is still greyed out can you advice

  142. onewish says:

    my toshiba is C50-A634 part no PSC JGV-00R00MA3

  143. onewish says:

    did you get a solution for this?

  144. onewish says:

    check out this link after updating as above i get the image http://tinypic.com/r/2h81j6u/8 and http://tinypic.com/r/28w32x4/8 i hope this info is enough for you to assist

  145. onewish says:

    check out this link after updating as above i get the image http://tinypic.com/r/2h81j6u/8 and http://tinypic.com/r/28w32x4/8 i hope this info is enough for you to assist

  146. This method does not work with the device C50-A628
    plz help me to solve this problem

  147. I want to know if this will work with my Toshiba Satellite C50-630?
    Thank you.

  148. toshiba C50-A628 bios update successfully, but i couldn't find drivers for WINDOWS7 (32/64 bit), plz help me

  149. Man, you are genius! Thanks a lot!

  150. you are welcome, plz like my FB page

  151. give me part number

  152. if its dual core machine, it should work flawlessly , otherwise give me your laptop partnumber

  153. i think you need change the hdd format maybe its a dynamic disk, convert to GPT format

  154. there is supervisor password on your laptop, you have to remove that password if wanna change any settings in bios

  155. take out your hdd connect with another computer and change the hdd type

  156. PraZ says:

    Hi, Is there any way to flash bios from usb?

  157. PraZ says:

    Hi, I have toshiba c50a-p0015 and bios version is 1.10 and unable to install windows.
    Can i use the same above bios link?

  158. Here is solution for your laptop,
    plz comment back if you successfully update the bios

  159. onewish says:

    Mutahhar Bashir thank you one question though. My machine is new is there a default supervisor password for this because i have never entered any and am the only one who has tried anything. If there is no default how can i sort it out?

  160. onewish says:

    Mutahhar Bashir thank you one question though. My machine is new is there a default supervisor password for this because i have never entered any and am the only one who has tried anything. If there is no default how can i sort it out?

  161. MaLaK.ALHrB says:

    Toshiba C50-A630

    message when i run bios update 1.20 or 1.30
    error run command – unsupported

    can you help me

  162. you are welcome plz like my fb page for more updates

  163. here is bios for your model
    read carefully download bios for your own model no other one

  164. you also update to these bios(for c50-A630) they have same bios, and it should be unlocked after i believe

  165. Ahmed Badrud says:

    Thank you very much bro………….. Your co-operation highly appreciated. It's 100% work.

  166. karim farag says:

    pleas help me i cant find the drivers for toshiba satellite c50-a630

  167. karim farag says:

    withe win 7 16 bit

  168. karim farag says:

    pleas help me i cant find the drivers for toshiba satellite c50-a630 with win7 32 bit

  169. damc says:

    Is this BIOS work in same way for

  170. Ed Tamago says:

    c50-a5175wm help

  171. No your laptop is different
    Download your Bios From here: http://goo.gl/LrKeo5
    process is same as explained in the post

  172. Here is you bios download link: http://bit.ly/1qgiqJM
    process is same as describer in post

    note: you may have to click skip ad button

  173. Kelly Konan says:

    Very cool Bro, thank you very much, it's work perfectly.

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  175. john do says:

    Thank Mutahhar very much, you save my lapt works like champ. easy to do by your help.

  176. you are welcome
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  177. Thankss a lot friend!

  178. Good you solved your issue. I have another problem but will post it here how do I locate the sound device software on the Toshiba C-50 so that I could make a sound recording and post it on a power point presentation?my email is martin021052@hotmail.com


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  180. levee2005 says:

    Will that work with C-55t-A5123 PSCJEU or do I have to download a different set of files? Thanks

  181. here is your bios download link: http://downloads.ziddu.com/download/24083685/C55t_A5123_PSCJEU.zip.html
    1st try to use .iso file burn on cd and try to update if fails then try 2nd method in tools folder

  182. i can't download any of your zip files

  183. i get this error "some sites do not allow requesting the same file twice"

  184. Said Arab says:

    Mutahhar Bashir bro help 1 problem Toshiba Satellite C50-A630 (cheking media) and (No bootable device — Please restart system)

  185. Said Arab says:

    loading new bios image file: done

    current bios version:1.10
    new bios version:1.40

    Error: Run command – Unsupported
    Shell: Cannot read from file – device Error


    plz help brp

  186. how to update bius toshiba c55-b
    i need bius toshiba satellite c55-b1077 iso

  187. This comment has been removed by the author.

  188. Desh Premik says:

    Thanks a lot. problem solved.

  189. do you have windows8 installed on your laptop ? then you can run bios inside windows

  190. can you please give me more details about your model?
    part number? and complete detail on sticker

  191. please tell me your part number ??
    i think you have different model

  192. plz tell me your laptop part number

  193. you are welcome desh, plz like my FB page

  194. can't you see comments of others, many people downloaded from same site,
    but i will provide more download links soon, dont worry

  195. Redouane says:

    i have a Tshiba C50-A 635.i have downloded the bios-flash that you have shared in this link:
    and i have installed it. evrything went well till now. but whene i enter in the Bios almoste all options don't work .. i can't change the boot options or other options

  196. only use firefox and do not use any download manager to download the files

  197. EkvDenis says:

    Thank You man !!!!

  198. woow mutahhar bashir thanks alot for your help you saved my laptop may god protect you form evil eyes BIG THANKS <3

  199. you are welcome dear, kindly like my FB page for future updates

  200. welcome dear, plz like my FB page

    SERIAL NO. 1E115914U

  202. open this link, in this post solution for you c50-A630 will work for your model

  203. That was a perfect solution thanks very much it worked for me.

  204. rafa says:

    I have a question, it is normal not see any files on the CD that is is blank

  205. you are welcome, please like my FB page for future updates

  206. yes you cann't see files on blank CD,
    but even after burning this Bios, you will not be able to see any files, just check the remaining capacity of CD, if its less than 700MB then files have been written

  207. thanks bro it works…………..

  208. plz there is any bios for toshiba satellite C50-A-1LP
    PSCJGE 00K005G4 to set up win7

  209. Hiwa Nava says:

    tthank you (jazakallah)

  210. plz Mutahhar Bashir there is any bios compatible with my toshiba satellite C50-A-1LP
    PSCJGE 00K005G4 to install win7

  211. M.O.S fan says:

    hi Mutahhar Bashir
    after I but the flash and started my device in shell mode the device wrote :
    press esc in 5 seconds ,to skip flash.nsh
    before I press it ,the device wrote :
    the device pressed enter and started new line
    I restated my device but it wrote:
    press esc in 5 seconds to skip startup.nsh
    I pressed esc
    after that I wrote :
    >>cd bios
    but it keeps viewing :
    can't find mapped device
    what to do ?
    thanks a lot for the post & please help
    my device is "toshiba c50-a628"

  212. M.O.S fan says:

    hi mr.Mutahhar Bashir,
    plz reply
    more information about my device:
    w8 was installed on it but now crashed
    it is :
    toshiba satellite c50-a628 noos
    part no pscjgv-00r00lar

  213. Mario Zember says:

    hi i have a toshiba ssatellite c55-a-126 part no pscg8e-00700dy4 laptop with the current version of bios of 1.0 i would like to upgrade it. i've tried with the image prom the begining of the tread but no succes, after tyoing flash it loads the image but says error run command – unsupported. do you have any advice? thx

  214. record a video and send me on my facebook page, iwill check,
    your english in not good cann't understand what you wrote?
    i think you need to go in bios and change boot mode to cms
    previous winodws will not work in this mode,
    but its better if you record one video for me and contact me on my facebook page

  215. ohk give me sometime

  216. Hello,
    please I need to download from windows 8.1 to windows xp of my new toshiba (C50-B0489) laptop. I've disbaled Secure Booting and changed to CSM but it keeps showing bluescreen when it's about to start windows installation.
    I have to downgrade so I can continue using an old software.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

  217. if you can record video send me on my facebook page, then i can help you

  218. Raul Zepeda says:

    Thanks this solved my ISO boot issue.

  219. Jimmy says:

    I tried to update my Toshiba C50-A5175WM, after I've installed the bios version with the "boot mode" option I tried to flash to version 1.4 but I got this:
    Current BIOS Offset: 500000 Size: 300000 Access: 1
    New BIOS Offset: 300000 Size: 500000 Access:1
    Warning: Region map does not match.
    I need some help, please

  220. tell me your part number

  221. Jimmy says:

    Part No. PSCJEM-017TM1

  222. pixelad01 says:

    Hi, I am getting the 'NO BOOTABLE DEVICE FOUND, PLEASE REBOOT SYSTEM' error. In the bios menu there is no boot menu option at all even after disabling the secure boot option. I tried your links to update bios but the zip files dont open. I get invalid file error when i try to unzip them. I use firefox. My toshiba details – TOSHIBA SATELLITE, C50-A-1JM, PSCJEE-006007EN. Pls help with link, thank you.

  223. pixelad01 says:

    …forgot to mention it's Windows 8

  224. if you are going to install window8 , you need Original dvd,
    but after upgrading bios you will be able to install from any source, USB, windows7 etc

  225. Kaimati says:

    Nifty nifty perfect hack. Thanks man.

  226. Please send me drivers for C50-A0403 PSCJEF your help will be much appreciated.

  227. Can I have bios drivers for satelite C50-A0403. Thanx

  228. which version of windows (32 bit or 64bit ) you have ?

  229. it is a 32 bit machine but will be better if you give me both 32 & 64bit.

  230. Thank you very much.
    But, can I flashing ROM from USB with your ISO instead CD ?!

  231. Edd Figueroa says:

    http://depositfiles.org/files/2zlvc0kmd this work for my SATELLITE C50-A5174FM, tip: look for your P/N : pscjem.

  232. i think no. it wont work, give it a try

  233. tell what you want to use the BIOS for Toshiba Satellite C55-v5299….

  234. Lee Taylor says:

    lies. if you cant extract you cannot flash and brick can you ?
    anyway good work but this is fixed officially now

  235. lolz , i am happy that you got it fixed, only geniuses can fix by themselves.


  237. thanx, please like my FB page

  238. Jeff Watson says:

    I'm afraid I have ruined my laptop I just purchased from a pawn shop by messing around trying to figure out how to install Win7. Somehow I guess I entered a bios password but I don't remember doing so. It wants the password when I boot and will go no further. It will not boot from a DVD or USB device for me to flash the bios. Is there any hope? Maybe motherboard jump points? Thanks for any help.

  239. Jeff Watson says:

    It is a Satellite C55-A5105..I guess that is probably important. 🙂

  240. Atif Quamar says:

    I bought a new toshiba c50-a628 with no os pre installed when i am trying to boot any os its not booting showing no bootable media found. I tried to boot windows 7 8and Ubuntu
    plz help me

    I am booting from usb…this usb booting in other laptop.

  241. Atif Quamar says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  242. Atif Quamar says:

    Dear Mutahhar Bashir,

    I bought toshiba c5-a628 without any OS pre-installed and I tried to boot win7,8, Ubuntu from USB. Its not booting at all, showing no bootable media found. My BIOS version is 1.10. Please help me what to do.


  243. there are 2 points under ram slots, short them,
    cmos rst jumper needs to short

  244. please download http://goo.gl/4tVSGK from this link
    and burn this iso on cd then update bios,
    follow all process as shown in this post

  245. much thanks from Tanzania-George

  246. welcome dear, please like my FB page

  247. works like a charm! thanks!

  248. download in firefox

  249. HELLO SIR

  250. thnks a lot works perfect bios updated to 1.20

  251. can i use a usb to burn the iso file

  252. you can try, but for me it didn't worked, because this system with bios 1.10 doesn't boot from USB

  253. taylan orhan says:

    hello i have a only motherboard code becuase some bosy deleted part number and pruduct code board code pt10sd dsc rev 2.1 thats hm86 chipset and i chect old bios inside write ver 1.20 but , i didn't finf dump for it , i need dump verison have two chip main 25Q32BV 4MB OTHER 25Q16 2MB (KBC) WİN.8.1

  254. dont know much about this thing,
    these links can help you alot,

    in my suggestions, download this bios
    and your motherboard will be alive again. 100% Guarantee

  255. please i want bios files for c50-a628

  256. in above post, your bios download link is added,
    download it: http://depositfiles.com/files/85h4vhacx
    and update as described above in post

  257. Babz Gar says:

    Hey sir just asking if this bootable bios update works on a usb?

  258. i tried with USB but didn't worked, but machine didn't accepted it.
    better you go for a CD,

  259. Babz Gar says:

    Ok sir thanks for answer i am going to go ahead an explain the problem

    I have this
    Satelite C50-A5175WM
    Part NO. PSCJEM-017TM1
    SERIAL NO. 1E088991Q
    The proble is that every time i try to run it it shows this
    No bootable divice – – pleas restart system
    I cheked every where till i find this then i try the thing on here and it still says that is there any other spacial restrictions like burn the cd whith a special cd burner nero or others or is there the posibility that my pc is no longer going to work or something

  260. Babz Gar says:

    Or a special cd or dvd type of cd

  261. dear, you model is different , here is guide for your model:

    procedure is very easy and well explained in this post, kindly go through this post, this bios file have builtin CD burner, you don't need nero, once you update your bios, no bootable device error will be resolved.
    if you still need help, kindly post it here

  262. ALLY TAUSI says:


  263. Welcome, please like my facebook page for more interesting posts in future

  264. Can I use Hirens in USB?

  265. i think no, you can try at you own risk, if works please tell me

  266. Urbain says:

    Merci beaucoup pour ce poste. ça marche nickel. J'ai pu résoudre mon prblème

  267. Bienvenue , s'il vous plaît que ma page facebook

  268. i have a toshiba c50-a634. it cant even boot from flash.

    any solution?

  269. it will only boot from dvd, burn this bios file on CD & update it , after that flash boot will work.

  270. This method does not work with the device C50-A628
    Part No : PSCJGV-00R00LAR
    plz help me to solve this problem

  271. Thanks So much Bashir You are Rockstar!!!

  272. haha
    welcome dear, please like my FB page for more updates in future

  273. you cannot see files inside ISO,
    burn it and update the bios, you can read comments of other visitors, its working

  274. Douglas says:

    Thank you Mutahhar Bashir.

    It worked perfectly 😉

  275. Welcome Dear,
    Kindly Like My FB Page to stay updated in future

  276. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  277. Unknown says:

    i am still having challenges to boot from the flash to flash the bios.can i update in windows? i already downloaded the bios ,fat32 formatted flash extracted files to flash

  278. Toshiba C50 A 634 part No. PSCJGV. iam unable to downgrade win10 to win 8.1.it will not recognise any new hdd or boot from usb or odd, will i need to flash the bios? and can you help is download.there is one i downloaded from the above link but cannot boot to update despite formatting flash in fat32 and extracting files to it,can it be updated in windows?

  279. ye you can update in windows, but different bios version,
    can you tell me your laptop model & part number,
    after that i can give you bios for update within windows, because there are many models with similar part numbers,
    so read carefully before you download bios.
    if your laptop part number is: PSCGJV
    then download these bios and update in windows
    if your laptop part number is: PSCJGV
    Download this bios: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Z5zkx7AGWGVWI2TXZMMUFNMmc/view?usp=sharing

  280. Ryan Hill says:

    You sir are a legend! two days i was fighting with a reinstall on a laptop until i found this page

    Thank you! thank you ! and thank you once again

  281. Welcome Ryan,
    please like my fb page for amazing posts in future

  282. Unknown says:

    Thank Mutahhar very much, you save my laptop nice bro woooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  283. welcome dear,
    please like my fb page for future

  284. Waqar says:

    Hay, i am getting an error "no bootable device please restart system". My laptop is Toshiba Satellite C50-A628.

  285. Şirazi says:

    Thank you. Worked for me (y)

  286. Dear Waqar, Kindly Follow Above Mentioned Process, after that you will be able to install any operating system

  287. happy to know that, please like my FB page
    Thank you

  288. backspace says:

    thanks for the guide mate! Been a big help, wanted to change the OS "Operating System" and was wondering why my install disk was not working, and found out it was in UEFI mode instead of legacy/CSM which is needed to install Windows 7 . Location to change boot option Adavnced>System Configuration>Boot Mode>CSM Boot.

    If you don't have that option then you need to update your BIOS "Basic Input Output System" and follow this guide as it is spot on! I didn't not personal download your ISO. I went onto The offical toshiba website and entered in the details of my laptop, and got the specific version for my laptop you will need to get version 1.30 or higher to add the option boot mode to the BIOS if you don't have it.

    Thanks for you guide it's been a big help

  289. arturo cruz says:

    eres cabron me sirvio mucho desde mexico gracias

  290. at first i want to thank Mr. Mutahhar Bashir …
    The Problem is :
    after i did the every step and even the version of the bios is change to 1.4 but the UEFI and CSM option restored one times after restart the option is not there bios version now 1.4 can any one help me
    My laptop is : Toshiba Satellite c50-a628 Short Model No : PSCJGV

  291. welcome to my blog,
    i haven't posted 1.4 for this model, so i doubt by mistake you have installed wrong bios, i would suggest you download bios from this link:http://depositfiles.com/files/r5lfx36nb
    & update bios again, and feebvack about results.

  292. Mick Ngulelo says:

    Hello! I need help

    I flash the bios to 1.20 but now i cant see any boot options. i was using windows 8. but when it trys to boot to windows 8 it get stuck and asks to repair window. then it restart and shows "Choose keyboard layout" and it stuck there. what can be the broblem sir?

  293. when it restart hold shift key, enter advanced settings
    and from there choose reset windows, or try to access bios from there

  294. Very helpfull, really tanks for the instructions, work fine and very complete! Thanks again!

  295. thank you for precious comment,
    please like my Facebook page

  296. Unknown says:

    Toshiba C50A-1DV (PSCG6E-08P01CEN) Bios – the link is dead.

  297. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  298. Link is working, but your model is different,
    you can download your bios from here:
    Click to start downloading

  299. Jako says:

    Hello Mutahhar….
    I have a Satellite C50-A5175WM part number: PSCJEM-017TM1 and I was wondering if this solution that you share here in this post it wil fix my problem that on my BIOS can´t see the BOOT MODE option…?… Greetings from Oaxaca, Mexico..

  300. Kahana says:

    Thanks it worked

  301. Gábor Csanálosi says:

    Hello there. I have the same problem as solved up here, but my exact model is different. I cant deal with an SATELLITE C50-A-1KZ PSCJGE-00C008HU laptop. is this solution/bios is good for this model too? Thanks for answers.

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