Is it Safe to Save Passwords in chrome browser

Average internet users find it really useful feature of internet browsers to save passwords. As you cannot remember each password by yourself. but in current times where we are being attacked by viruses and malware and accounts are being hacked everyday. This couldn’t be a good idea. specially if you are using chrome browser

Where passwords are saved?

Normally when a user log in on a website, browser asks if you want to save this password to make login quicker next time you access this website.


Passwords in chrome browser

most users don’t know where these passwords are saved, to see and manage your saved passwords. you need to go in setting and then tap on advanced settings,

Passwords in chrome browser-4.png

Passwords in chrome browser

and scroll down and find  manage passwords option, click on it and you will be able to see all you saved password in chrome browser.

Passwords in chrome browser-1.png

Passwords in chrome browser

Passwords in chrome browser-2.png

Passwords in chrome browser

on this page you will be able to see all stored passwords, website names, username and password can be seen by clicking “show” button in password field. And if you have password on your computer then this password cannot be viewed without that password as you can see in above image. Otherwise anyone with access to your computer can see your stored passwords.

you can also remove these stored passwords by simply press cross button against each website name. but my real concern is option at the end where a link is given to access passwords in google account.

Why its Risky?

if you have connected your google account with chrome, chances are your all settings, bookmarks and saved passwords are being stored in your google account. as shown in image below

Passwords in chrome browser-3.png

Passwords in chrome browser

you can check saved passwords in your own account by clicking this link

just imagine someone hacks your google account can see all of your accounts & passwords and access them with ease.

2nd thing

suppose you login on a public PC. And by mistake you connect your gmail account to that PC.

All your saved passwords may get synced with that PC. And other users will be able to see them if you forget to remove your google account from chrome.

So my suggestion is not save your account passwords in any browser. And if you save them, make sure you use strongest password for your google account.

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