Huawei P10 Lite Rebrand / Convert to Dual Sim (Free Method)

Huawei P10 Lite Rebranding / converting to dual sim is now possible for free. This method will convert your p10 lite to European dual sim version.


  • You warranty is void now
  • Try at your own risk, i am not responsible for any bricks or problems. (unbrick service available)


  1. You must have 8GB SD card before you start the proccess.
  2. Battery should be charged 50%
  3. Enable usb debugging
  4. Backup all important data to your PC.
  5. Unlock bootloader of your phone (Free Method) (Paid Method)
  6. Insert card in phone
  7. Download TWRP from THIS LINK (Source XDA)
  8. Flash TWRP in fastboot mode
  9. Before rebooting hold volume up and type ” fastboot reboot ” press enter (keep holding volume up)
  10. Your phone should enter erecovery, disconnect phone from PC and shutdown
  11. Hold volume up and keep holding until you see TWRP
  12. Swipe to enter TWRP, tap on wipe>format data and type yes then swipe to confirm
  13. Then go back and tap on backup > chose only oeminfo, then swipe to backup
  14. Connect phone with pc
  15. Find TWRP folder>backups> device serial number > date and time> oembackup files
  16. Copy these files to some safe place.
  17. Now download dual sim oem info for WAS-LX1 or WAS-LX1A
  18. Extract OEMinfo zip files
  19. Then Replace dual sim oem files with saved in your TWRP backup.
  20. Now download firmware from THIS LINK or Mirror LINK  (Source)
  21. Extract firmware files
  22. Make dload folder on your sd card
  23. Copy to dload
  24. Then choose a folder (WAS-L21_hw_ eu) or (WAS-L21A_hw_ eu) whichever matches your phone model. and copy it inside dload folder of your sd card along with
  25. Finally, disconnect phone,
  26. Tap on restore, and select the backup you just created earlier
  27. Swipe to restore.
  28. Go back, tap on reboot and chose shutdown/switch off
  29. Once phone switched off, Hold all button simultaneously (volume up , volume down , power) keep holding until update starts.
  30. On successful upgrade your phone will have dual sim functionality. and debranded.

If you find it difficult, Paid service also available Click Here


Mutahhar Bashir

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5 Responses

  1. Ramos says:

    Hi,just done my Huawei P10 Lite this morning and impressed with result…very good communication and everything made so simple and smooth.Very honest man and a true professional,thank you very much.

  2. thunderica says:

    A link for oem info WAS-LX1 ???? Link you give is pointing to a thread.

  3. Willy. says:

    Thank you very much for this tutorial

  4. Antonio says:

    I have made it perfect but in the compilation number I see NRD90M test-keys as I can put a rom C432 dual sim, to be updated automatically, the model of my P10 LITE is WAS-LX1A.

    Thanks greetings.

  5. Tio_Petros says:

    Perfect !! I have performed the rebrand this morning with a P10Lite Movistar without problem. Dual sim works fine, thank you very much for this tutorial.

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