How to Appeal YouTube Channel Termination

This guide is based on my personal experience, It may work for you or may not work.

it was 4th January 2017 when all of the sudden my account vanished, and access to google+ page which was linked to my YouTube channel went limited. And my channel started showing following message.


YouTube Channel Terminated

I have followed each and every guide posted in google product forum but nothing worked. i have tried to appeal my account through this link : , but always received automated reply that there is nothing wrong with your account.

How i solved it

  • Go to google account termination help page (Click Here)
  • On this page, click on contact support and then select contact creator support and then click Policy and community guidelines, it will ask you to send email, click it.
  • Youtube-Channel-Terminated-2.jpg

    YouTube Channel Terminated

  • On next page a form will open, enter all required information. make sure to add correct URL of your channel
  • In “How can we help you? ” section, write about your channel and termination , and in polite manner ask them the reason for termination.
  • In “Is your issue about a specific video? ” section select NO
  • Then take a screenshot of your account termination message and attach it by clicking on browse button.
  • Youtube-Channel-Terminated-3.jpg

    YouTube Channel Terminated

  • you will receive an automated reply through email, and after 2 days one support coordinator will contact you. he will repeat same thing that your channel is suspended and can not be returned, you should reply to that email in a polite way, that i just want to know the reason of termination.
  • In my case he was very nice guy, he told me my termination reason is ” spam, scams or commercially deceptive content ” .
  • I thanked him, and after few days, i decided to appeal again.
  • I simply went to This URL:
  • Filled out the basic information, and in explanation i wrote, that after getting in contact with creator support i came to know that my channel was suspended because of SPAM (make sure you write in capital). but its not true, i have always tried my best to follow community guidelines, but if by mistake there was any violation i am ready to remove that content , but please restore my channel.
  • And after 48 hours i received this email about my account restoration. it almost took 2 months to solve my problem.
  • Youtube-Channel-Terminated-4.jpg

    YouTube Channel Restored

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