Huawei Nova Plus MLA-L11 Nougat B332 update EMUI 5(Middle East-Africa)

Huawei Nova Plus MLA-L11 middle eastern variant has been upgraded to Nougat B332 firmware version, which is based on Android 7 running EMUI5 at front.


Huawei Nova Plus MLA-L11 Nougat


Huawei Nova Plus MLA-L11 Nougat



Huawei Nova Plus MLA-L11 Nougat


Huawei Nova Plus MLA-L11 Nougat

  • Screenshots provided by Mr. Ahmad Alsayyed from Jordan.(Thank You)
  • Firmware Download Link :  Huawei Server | Alternative Link
  • File Size: 1.7 GB
  • Data File Download Link : Huawei Server | Alternative Link
  • File Size: 592 MB
  • Build Number: MLA-L11C185B332
  • Supported Model: MLA-L11C185 (Middle East / Africa)
  • Firmware Type: Incremental OTA

Installation Method 1

  • Backup all important data on PC
  • Charge Battery up to 60%
  • You must have 4GB free space
  • Enable OEM unlock in developer options
  • Make dload folder on sd card
  • Extract and copy to dload folder, Switch off your phone and hold 3 buttons (volume up, volume down, and power) until you see update start screen.
  • If 1st file installed successfully, Only then follow next steps otherwise move to method 2
  • Remove file from dload folder.
  • After that extract  “” and move all files to dload folder and install it, using 3 button force update method (Switch off your phone and hold 3 buttons (volume up, volume down, and power) until you see update start screen.
  • Done

Installation Method 2

  • Enable OEM unlock in developer options
  • Make sure you have 4GB free space on phone
  • Download Huawei updater from This Link
  • Download latest Hisuite from official huawei website
  • Open huawei updater, tick in custom rom, in custom rom version type MLA-L11C185B332
  • In custom rom URL copy this link
  • Then tick custom port, don’t change it.
  • now connect your phone with pc and make sure Hisuite recognizes and connected properly. then just open Hisuite menu and change network settings as shown in image below.


    Hisuite Configuration

  • Then in huawei updater click start and in hisuite click check for update
  • it should start downloading and installation will complete, don’t disconnect phone.

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23 Responses

  1. mohammed says:

    in the screen shot the build No. B331 !!

  2. Amr says:

    great.. but is there any news about the OTA update date?

  3. meysam says:

    is this a prerelease or final??

  4. meysam says:

    i download it and it keeps failing to install i dont know why.
    my phone is on b151 and i dont have any way to enable OEM unlock in developer options.
    what should i do??

  5. meysam says:

    finally i could upgrade it to b332!
    i used Hisuite, the first method did not work for me.

  6. Muhammad says:

    Hi There!

    I see no option in developer options as “OEM”! You have said we should enable it.

    May you please instruct us with more details?


    • If you cannot see, just ignore this step, and continue

      • Muhammad says:

        Thanks for your immediate reply, sir!

        Sorry, but I’m a bit confused here…

        For upgrading to android 7, we have to download firmware, too? You know, I have seen in a couple of other sites that there was only an update file without mentioning any firmware.

        I’m really at my wits’ end, sir!!!

        • Just follow the guide carefully, read 2 times make sure you follow sequence. 1st install firmware then install full data.
          if you think other sites are good you can use their method. It’s your choice

  7. S.A Omar says:

    Brother any info how to twrp and root this firmware version?

  8. MAK AMINE says:

    thanx , how to rollback to mm

  9. Yacine says:

    Mon problème c’est version test NRD90M test-keys

  10. Yacine says:

    Hello my Friend i have a problem in the test version (NRD90M test-keys)
    I want to update the phone to the lastest version.
    How to do this.
    Thank you.

  11. Man United says:

    The second option is not working for me.
    i have downloaded the 2 packages(udate and data files)
    1. How do i enable OEM unlock or If i have unlock code for boot loader(i got it from manufacturers website), how do i work with it ??

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