Samsung Reactivation Account Recovery

Samsung Account for reactivation
Samsung Account for reactivation


Read before order


  1. Current service charges are 16$ (can be changed at any time).
  2. Currently we support payments through paypal, for other payment options discuss with us.
  3. You will be given account login details to enter into device without any hack or trick.
  4. After login you must disable reactivation and use your new Samsung account.
  5. This service can not be used for stolen/lost/tampered phones, it will relock it again so don’t waste money here.
  6. Its only Samsung account recovery service, NOT google FRP, T&AT account bypass.
  7. You have to provide purchase proof to make sure you are 100% real owner of this phone, otherwise don’t even think to use this service. (those who have purchased it online, submit payment transaction receipt).

Refund Policy:

  1. If account not found, you money will be refunded.
  2. if account didn’t work money will be refunded (video proof is required within 48 hours otherwise no refund).
  3. If wrong information provided, or tampered IMEI provided you will be reported to concerned authorities and money will not be refunded.
  4. You may not cancel order.

After form submission you will be notified for next process.