Verizon J7 SM-J727VPP Network Unlock (Instant)

If you have bought samsung J7 from Verizon and now you want to unlock it to use with another network. You need a network unlock code to be able to use this phone globally with other GSM networks. By using our service you can get your unlock code instantly.


  • Your phone must not be tempered in anyway
  • you should have original IMEI and Serial Number
  • You must be running stock firmware
  • If you insert sim card from another network, phone should ask for code as shown in image below.

    Verizon J7 SM-J727VPP Network Unlock

    Unlock Procedure:

  • You need windows computer
  • You need to install samsung phone drivers
  • You must install teamviewer on your computer, to access your phone.
  • Your code will be generated instantly which you can use to unlock.
  • And you will get GSM network instantly, as shown in image below.

    Verizon J7 SM-J727VPP Network Unlock

    How to order:

  • Network unlock price is 20$ only
  • Payment accepted via paypal and skrill
  • For payment information and other details CONTACT US
  • Email us:
  • Whatsapp: +968-98479807
  • Telegram: ministryofsolutions

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