Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 Marshmallow B520 (NOS-Portugal)

Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 released by NOS in Portugal has been upgraded to marshmallow. user with cust version C15 can install this firmware upgrade by following the guide given below.

What’s New:

This update changes the system version to EMUI 4.0 to adapt to Android 6.0. Compared to earlier versions, Android 6.0 has improved security, stability, and management performance. EMUI 4.0 introduces a number of useful features, such as photo printing in batches, business cards, and compass sensor, and optimizes the system UI and settings.

  • Added Splash and Illusion editing modes.
  • Added multiple label styles. You can edit the font size, color, and position of the labels.
  • Added the Add memo feature, which allows you to add memos on photos.
  • Added sports elements to watermarks, enabling you to add altitude information and simple notes on photos.
  • Optimized the album feature so that you can add photos directly after you create an album.
  • Optimized the printing feature so that you can print multiple photos at the same time.
  • Added Smart groups. After you add the company information to a contact, the contact will be automatically added to the corresponding company group.
  • Added the contact name QR code, enabling you to share contact information quickly and accurately.
  • Added the business cards feature, enabling you analyze and get the information on business card, and automatically create a new contact with it by scanning a business card.
  • Added a feature that enables you to cancel sending a text message up to 4 seconds after it was sent. Added the Mark all as read feature so you can mark all unread messages as read.
  • Added a compass with a spirit level to help you find your direction.
  • Introduced the scheduled power on and off feature so that you can set your phone to power on or power off at a preset time.
  • Added more alarm ring duration options.
  • Added the notification panel and status bar option on settings.
  • Introduced the smart text color feature so your home screen text automatically changes to black or white based on the background wallpaper for better clarity.
  • Added the dual windows gesture so that you can draw a line across your screen to enable dual windows.
  • Optimized the task manager so active apps are displayed more intuitively and clearly.
  • Optimized the tone settings and added the option to enable a power on tone.
  • Optimized the battery manager for a sleeker UI.

ALE-L21 Marshmallow NOS Portugal

  • Firmware Download Link : Huawei Server | Alternative Link
  • File Download Size: 1.50 GB
  • Build Number: ALE-L21C15B520
  • Supported Model: ALE-L21C15 (NOS-Portugal)
  • Update Type: Full OTA

Installation Guide:

  • Backup all important data
  • You should have 4 gb free space
  • Charge battery up to 50%
  • Your phone should not be rooted.
  • Make ” dload ” folder on sd card/Internal storage
  • Extract and copy to dload folder,
  • Go to settings>updater>menu>local update, then select to install update.
  • Or 2nd method is switch off your phone and hold 3 buttons (volume up, volume down, and power) until you see update start screen.
  • Done

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