Huawei Mediapad M3 BTV-DL09 Rebrand (Convert to European Version)

In this post, i am going to write about changing region of Huawei Mediapad M3 BTV-DL09. By using this method you can convert you BTV-DL09 to european version. we will replace oeminfo of current firmware with european firmware. and then we will install European firmware.


Huawei Mediapad M3 BTV-DL09 Rebrand

Warning: You will lose warranty 


  • You need sd card with at least 8gb free space
  • Backup all your important data from medipad
  • Enable oem unlock in developer options
  • Unlock bootloader of your device (How to unlock?)
  • Download twrp_BTV-DL09_5_greatslon.img from THIS LINK
  • Download and install minimal adb and fastboot from THIS LINK
  • Copy this twrp file to minimal adb installation directory ( C:/program Files/minimal adb )
  • Connect your device in fastboot mode and open minimal adb , then run following

fastboot flash twrp_BTV-DL09_5_greatslon.img

  • Then type fastboot reboot and press enter, phone should reboot.
  • Disconnect device from PC, and switch off, then hold volume up and power to enter TWRP mode
  • On 1st screen just swipe blue bar to enter TWRP
  • Then tap on backup and select only oeminfo partition
  • Then tap on select storage and chose sd card
  • Swipe to make backup
  • Once backup created , connect device with pc, you will be able to see sd card
  • In sd card find TWRP folder inside you will fine backup files, copy them to safe location, because this is your original oeminfo.
  • Now download European OEMinfo from THIS LINK
  • Extract this file and you will 2 files inside, ( & )
  • Copy them to your backup folder on sd card and replace your original files.
  • Download European firmware files from Here (Make sure you download both files and full data zip)
  • Now copy both files on your sd card
  • Disconnect device from PC and go back to main menu of TWRP,
  • Tap on restore and select the backup on sd card
  • Restore OEMinfo backup (Don’t reboot)
  • Go back to main menu, and tap on install then select “” firmware file, after installation don’t reboot
  • Go back to main menu , again tap on install and select 2nd zip file “”
  • Now finally reboot.
  • Your device should factory reset automatically
  • check build number after reboot if its showing (BTV-DL09C100) you have successfully converted mediapad to European version.

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