The Huawei ID used to apply for the unlock code has not been used on the device for more than 14 days


The Huawei ID used to apply for the unlock code

If you are getting the message as shown in above image, while applying for bootloader unlock code of huawei device. There could be several reasons for this message.

  • Chinese devices meant to be used only inside china, if you are using Huawei ID which is not registered in china, you can not use it to unlock
  • If you have bought device online (ebay,amazon, etc), and seller told you it’s international model. chances are that imei and serial number are not original. i have seen cases where sellers change this information for unknown reasons.

These phones can be only unlocked through paid services. we are offering low cost instant bootloader unlock service.

  • Service charges: 4$
  • Service Type: Instant unlock
  • Supported Models: All Models (MTK, Kirin, Qualcomm)
  • Unlock will be done through teamviewer Instantly

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