Huawei Honor 9 Chinese Model Convert to European (Paid Service)

Huawei recently launched a new model of honor series, Huawei Honor 9 came with 6GB RAM with HiSilicon Kirin 960 Octacore processor. which makes it one of most powerful phones in honor lineup. If you have bought chinese version of honor 9 and its missing play store and other google apps then you can rebrand it to eurpean version. However the process is not free.

STF-AL10 converted to STF-L09


Huawei Honor 9 STF-AL10 Convert Chinese Model to Eurpean


Huawei Honor 9 STF-AL10 Convert Chinese Model to Eurpean


Huawei Honor 9 STF-AL10 Convert Chinese Model to Eurpean_Proof3

STF-AL20 Converted to STF-L09


Huawei Honor 9 STF-AL20 Convert Chinese Model to Eurpean

How this service works:

  • Rebranding/conversion is permanent , even after factory reset, your phone remains European for life
  • Total time required :2 Hours
  • SD card required: 8GB minimum free space
  • Total Cost: 20$ USD
  • Payment accepted via Paypal & Skrill
  • Operating system : Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Required Application : Teamviewer on computer
  • Phone should be in working condition
  • Sometimes you have to make appointment in advance, don’t hesitate to contact for more details

Contact Details:

  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: 00968-9847 9807
  • Telegram: ministryofsolutions
  • Skype:

Note: if your phone is bricked, we can also fix it. contact for details.

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