Ken xin da K528 Flash file (100% working tested)

ken xin da K528 is a chinese phone with spd 7715 chipset. its dual sim 3g phone in economical price.its design is copied from iphone 4.


ken xin da K528 Flash File

Download Link : W360C2_0201_[NAND_b256k]_w360c2_0201_4.4.2_MocorDroid_V.0_K528

Read Log

[FW_READER] : Step #1 Passed!
[FW_READER] : Step #2 Passed!
[FW_READER] : Initialize Ok ,  0x13 , NAND : b256k
[FW_READER] : Step #3 Passed!
Model Name  : w360c2_0201
Model Brand : KENXINDA
Model Device: w360c2_0201
AndrVersion : 4.4.2
BaseBand CPU: W360C2_0201
Project Ver : MocorDroid V.0
Model Ext   : K528

[Read Mode] : HSUSB : 0x3000

[FW_READER] : Reading Firmware Now …

[Read Ok] : u-boot-spl-16k.bin
[Read Ok] : u-boot.bin
[Read Ok] : prodnv_b256k.img
[Read Ok] : nvitem_w.bin
[Read Ok] : nvitem_wcn.bin
[Read Ok] : sc7715_modem.bin
[Read Ok] : DSP_DM_Gx.bin
[Read Ok] : CP2._CP2_WCN_14C_W14.45_Release.bin
[Read Ok] : logo_320x480.bin
[Read Ok] : boot.img
[Read Ok] : system_b256k.img
[Read Ok] : cache_b256k.img
[Read Ok] : recovery.img
[Read Ok] : userdata_b256k.img

AndroidInfo created
Firmware Size : 388 MiB
Saved to : C:\Users\Mutahhar Bashir\Documents\W360C2_0201_[NAND_b256k]_w360c2_0201_4.4.2_MocorDroid_V.0_K528\

Elapsed: 00:07:54

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