[Solved]Motorola Razr M XT907 Black Screen With Green Light

One of my friend who have Motorola Razr M XT907 Verizon, suddenly died. it stopped responding to all actions. I tried to connect with PC , but it doesn’t show anything on PC, only green light was there.


Motorola XT907 Bricked


  • As this phone was not getting detected by PC, so my 1st guess was battery is completely drained.
  • i connected it to wall charger (Don’t use computer USB), green notification light came up, and i left it their on charge for an hour.
  • After an hour i checked and green light was turned off, i disconnected phone from charger and tried to turn it on. and yes it started, but stuck on red eye, as shown in image below.

Motorola XT907 Bricked

  • But at this moment i was able to see it on PC, it was correctly recognized by PC.
  • I tried to turn off, but it was boot looping, so what i did, pressed volume down & power (force restart) as soon as screen turned off, i quickly switched to volume up & power held it for few seconds. and it stayed off.
  • Then again, i connected to wall charger, it booted automatically and after few seconds it went to charging screen, and i left it on charging for almost 1 hour, and battery increased to 80%.
  • Then removed it from from charger, pressed and hold (volume up, volume down + power) until boot mode menu appeared, and selected recovery to check which version this phone is running. and it was running KDA20.62-15.1. as you can see in following image.

Motorola XT907 Bricked

  • Downloaded firmware which was already installed from THIS LINK
  • If you try to install another firmware, it will not work, so you have to download version which is already installed.
  • Then download Latest RSD Lite from official Motorola website. and install it.
  • Again enter boot mode menu, and select AP bootloader and connect it with PC, phone screen will look like this

Motorola XT907 Bricked

  • Now extract downloaded firmware and open RSD lite, click 3 dots button and select XML file inside extracted folder.
  • If your phone is detected properly it will be showing in list as fastboot device.
  • now click start, and flashing should start, as shown in image below.

Motorola XT907 Flashing

  • It will take like 20 minutes to complete, don’t disconnect untill it finished. for me it gave error when flashing system.img, but i tried again and 2nd it was successful.
  • On successful flashing, phone will restart , don’t disconnect it now, let it boot completely until you see startup wizard. and you are done.

Motorola XT907 unbricked


Motorola XT907 unbricked

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