Scanning and Repairing Drive C stuck windows 10

Few days back my laptop started acting weird. after a forced shutdown my pc started showing scanning and repairing drive c. and it never reached 100%. so i just kept skipping it before it starts scanning. but i got fed up of this doing every time when pc starts. so i decided to fix this issue.

How i fixed it

  • My 1st guess was my HDD is going to die, but My pc was running smoothly.
  • I browsed through some forums and came to know that sometimes windows system files structure can also create this issue.
  • Tried different scanning methods, through CMD , i have dual boot so even tried to scan with windows 7. But everything failed.
  • On one forum i read that let windows complete scanning at startup no matter how long it takes. and so i did.
  • After waiting for almost 1 hour, it gave an error that PC can not be repaired. and gave me option to restart.
  • i did restart and again it gave same thing, that can not be repaired.
  • i just restarted again, and in anger i just kept pushing Esc key and voila , it showed 100 % completed and windows booted normally. and after that i never faced this issue.


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