Samsung C9 Pro C9000 Hongkong Firmware with Google Playstore

Samsung C9 pro has been launched in HongKong, so the firmware has also been released. This firmware can be installed on Chinese models of C9 pro. and users will be able to use playstore without rooting phone.

This is 4 files full firmware, screenshot of files list you can see in image below.


Samsung C9 Pro HongKong Firmware

Warning : I don’t take any responsibility if your device gets damaged by this firmware. This is tested firmware (Samsung Pay will not work)

Download Link : Samsung C9 Pro C9000 HongKong Firmware

Installation Guide

  • Make sure you enable USB debugging
  • Make sure you have enable oem unlock
  • Extract downloaded firmware file (use winrar)
  • Put phone in download mode
  • Install it using Odin , select appropriate file for each section and flash it. and start flash.
  • Wait untill shows green color message says PASS.

Mutahhar Bashir

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12 Responses

  1. durecu says:

    Thanks for the update.
    Does one downloads the firmware in a PC or in the phone ?
    Odin is run from PC or from phone ?

  2. ren says:

    Hello Bashir …
    What is the order for the files ?

    Bootloader = AP
    PDA = BL
    PHONE = CP
    CSZ = CSZ

    Is it right ???

  3. ren says:

    BootLoader = BL
    PDA = AP
    PHONE = CP
    CSZ = CSZ …
    It s working pretty good … My chinese phone buy in china ( I live in china )works now with Hongkong firmware …

  4. bens says:

    i can not download the firmware… do u have other link

  5. Gabby Achunche says:

    Greetings sir,
    I have a china c9 pro that I want to install the hk firmware onto. I am not familiar with the procedure. I am just can computer literate and have never done this before. I have just downloaded the firmware and it is stored on my PC now. Can you help me with step by step instructions on how to do this. I must confess I dont understand the different abbreviations you are using on this forum. Thank you sir.

  6. Farhan says:

    Does Secure Folder work in this firmware?

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