Huawei P9 Plus Nougat Firmware upgrade B320 EMUI 5.0(Middle East)

Huawei P9 Plus Nougat firmware upgrade has been released for middle eastern region. VIE-L29 devices can upgrade to latest Android 7.0 firmware using following file, which will upgrade to EMUI 5.0. according to official change-log following features are introduced in this upgrade.


P9 Plus Middle East Android Nougat

Photo Credit @ Andy From Lebanon

Upgrade Features

  • A cleaner, more interactive interface A brand new UI and effects inspired by the blues and whites of the Aegean Sea. Simplified gestures, with most operations completed in 3 steps. EMUI 5.0 is more customizable, offering an optional Android App Drawer layout to users
  • Enhanced features System operations are more fluid, allowing you to view a massive amount of images, browse websites, and perform searches faster
  • Notifications An optimized design combines shortcuts with notifications to reduce the complexity of user actions. Touch and hold notifications to quickly block messages and notifications. Reminder cards are stacked to save space.
  • Three dimensional task management Tasks are stacked three dimensionally on the UI. Smooth gestures allow users to scroll through tasks by sliding up and down or dismiss tasks by swiping left or right
  • Camera Camera now supports plug-in management. Infrequently used modes, like document readjustment, are presented as plug-ins to save internal memory on your phone.
  • Contacts Customization and sharing features added to name cards. The sharing feature allows quick sharing of contacts through Bluetooth, Facebook, and other methods. Added a scanner to the search box and lock screen, making it easier to add new contacts.
  • Email Improved how unread emails are tagged in the inbox. Users can now quickly delete, star, and mark emails as read or unread from the left sliding menu.
  • Settings Created a new suggested settings feature that recommends key settings based on the device’s current status. Now, your phone is more capable of adjusting to your habits. Added a newly designed drawer feature. When this feature is enabled, it hides non-system preset apps in a drawer on the home screen, presenting you with a simple and tidy layout.
  • Added a new drawer feature for settings. For settings that take two or more steps to set up, the user can now jump directly back to the main settings page with one gesture. Emergency information added
  • Users can add their names, blood type, and other information, so emergency services personnel can view this information from the lock screen. [Update notes] 1. EMUI 5.0 includes substantial changes to functionality, which may impact your usage habits.


This is Full Stock Nougat7.0 Firmware 


P9 Plus Nougat Update Middle East

  • Download Link : L29C185B320 Full Fimware
  • Download Link : Data Middle East (You also need this file)
  • File Size : 1.39GB & 798 MB
  • Supported Model : VIE-L29 (64GB)
  • Supported Countries :  Middle East

Installation Instructions

  • There are 2 methods to install this update, one require unlocked bootloader and TWRP, and other is normal flight.

    Normal Method

    • You must be running latest marshmallow B181
    • Backup all important data
    • Charge Battery up to 50%
    • Create a folder on your pc with name “69192” and copy downloaded files to this folder.
    • Then create “HwOU” folder on sd card and copy 69192 folder inside this HwOU folder.
    • Then go to settings > update>and see if your phone can see update.
    • Or dial  *#*#2846579#*#* and select software upgrade >SDcard Upgrade and update should start. Or try force update.


  • Make dload folder on internal/external storage, extract and copy to dload folder.
  • Then force update using 3 buttons (power volume up, volume down , and power) hold them untill update start.
  • Once finished “” rename to and copy in dload and start update using 3 button force update method.

TWRP Method

  • This method is tested by one of my blog reader name andy from Lebanon, and screenshot post above is provided by him. 
  • This method will erase your data so backup everything.
  • You must be running latest marshmallow B181
  • Charge battery up to 70%
  • Unlock bootloader (How to unlock bootloader?)
  • Now copy firmware file on sd card
  • enable usb debugging again and then connect your phone with pc in fastboot mode.
  • Download TWRP recovery from THIS LINK
  • Extract twrp file and open MAF32.exe , then type this command ” fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-0.img ” and press enter
  • After successful installation immediately start phone in TWRP mode by holding volume up & power button, don’t allow phone to restart normally, otherwise your will lose twrp recovery.
  • on 1st screen of TWRP swipe to allow modification
  • Then tap on install and select file then swipe to install
  • Don’t restart, then again tap on install and select other zip file “ ”  and swipe to install.
  • Now restart your phone, voila you are running EMUI 5.0

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  1. Christian lichaa says:

    It dosen’t work it stops on 40% .
    The latest official update fro p9+ is VIE-L29C185C181
    EMUI 4.1.1 .
    Thanks developer for your efforts .

  2. andy says:

    for me the same installing update and error when its 38℅ always

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