Huawei G7-L03 Debrand/Convert/update to Marshmallow (Latin America)

Lots of users who got Huawei G7-L03 from phone operators left behind in updates, as these operators are not releasing any updates for this phone. a user from Chile contacted me for update as his phone was locked to Movistar. we did experiment and successfully debranded and upgraded his phone without any problem. procedure is as following.

Important: This process will convert your G7-L03 to Latin America open version

Steps to Follow

Part 1 (Debrand/change vendor info)

  1. Unlock bootloader (How to unlock bootloader?)
  2. Your phone must be running stock rom kitkat
  3. Backup important data, because your phone will reset to factory settings during this proccess
  4. Download lollipop update file from This Link
  5. Extract downloaded file, you will get 2 folders “0_CUSTOM_PACKAGE” & “dload”.
  6. Make dload folder on your sd card, and in this folder copy file from 0_CUSTOM_PACKAGE.
  7. Go in settings > update > local update> select update package. and install this file. if it fails then use forced update method (Switch off phone, then volume up , volume down & power press and hold them until you see update screen).
  8. Now dial * #* #2846579#*#* and then tap on project menu then network information and then tap on operator info. if it shows  Operator:Hw , Country:la then you have successfully debranded your phone.

Part 2 (lollipop update)

  1. Now open downloaded file again and copy dload folder to sd card and repeat procedure to update.
  2. If update succeed now you will be able to see that you have successfully upgraded to lollipop.

Huawei G7-L03 Bedrand upgarde to lollipop

Now if you want to upgrade to Marshmallow download it from This Link


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4 Responses

  1. Steven says:

    Thanks for this. So there’s no issue using this fix for a G760-L03 from Canada with Wind branding?


  2. Steven says:

    Hi Mutahhar, thanks for this. I just tried this, and it didn’t work on my G760-L03 from Canada. I have the software on my SD card, went to the Local Update screen, confirmed twice. The phone restarted and went into the update mode, and then failed.

    Any ideas why this might happen?

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