Huawei G7-L01 Change Vendor and Upgrade to Marshmallow (Europe-Asia)

After lots of searches over internet finally i have found a way to upgrade Huawei G7-L01 asian and European variants. Currently there is no official marshmallow update for these both regions. But in this post i will guide how to convert your phone region to turkey and upgrade to marshmallow.

Note: This process will convert your asian/european phone vendor info to turkey


Steps to Follow

  1. Unlock bootloader (how to unlock bootloader?)
  2. Backup important data.
  3. You must be running stock lollipop rom
  4. Download vendor update file from This Link
  5. Extract downloaded file and copy “” file in “dload” folder on your sd card. if dload folder is not there, you can create it by yourself.
  6. Go in settings > update > local update> select update package. and install this file. if it fails then use forced update method (Switch off phone, then volume up , volume down & power press and hold them until you see update screen)
  7. Now dial * #* #2846579#*#* and then tap on project menu then network information and then tap on operator info. if it shows  Operator:Hw , Country:tr then you have successfully debranded your phone.
  8. Now download turkey lollipop firmware from This Link and install it following same step as you did in 6.
  9. If installation goes successful then follow This Post to install Marshmallow

If you want to rollback to european version download & install This File

Originally this guide was posted on 4pda forum

Mutahhar Bashir

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24 Responses

  1. med says:

    lollipop successful marshmallow faild

  2. med says:

    faild loading change rom europa hhhhhhh

  3. Med says:

    Update for change Europa?????????

  4. Hello Mutahhar
    To install G7-L01C464B530CUSTC464D004 TA.rar instead of last version, phone must have C464D004 custom number
    but vendor update file make C464D005 still the source of the problem ?

    Thank you

  5. Fabio Jorge says:

    I’ve followed all steps and faild on installing Lollipop or Marshmallow…

  6. abed says:

    Hello Mutahhar
    I’ve followed all steps and failed on installing Lollipop
    Build number:G7-L01V100R001C00B266

  7. Pekkiaman says:

    faild with europe (italia) firmware. I have tried start by b331 and b350.

  8. Bro my phone Huawei G7-L01B239 I want it update to marshmallow version .Plz help me bro

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