Huawei G7 Marshmallow Middle East Official Firmware

Huawei is giving outstanding after sales service, they have released Marshmallow for middle eastern G7 phones. which can be installed if you are running lollipop version. Now users can upgrade their Huawei Ascend G7 to EMUI 4.0

G7 Marshmallow Middle East.png

G7 Marshmallow Middle East

Supported Countries:

Africa,Algeria ,Angola ,Botswana ,Congo,Egypt, Ethiopia,Ghana ,Jordan ,Kenya ,Mauritius, Morocco,Namibia , Nigeria , South Africa ,Tanzania, Tunisia , Uganda, Zambia ,Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia


  1. Your phone must be running lollipop stock rom.
  2. Battery at least 50% charged
  3. Backup all important data
  4. Create dload folder on root directory of your internal or external storage (SD Card )
  5. Extract downloaded firmware and copy file in dload folder.
  6. If you have copied update file on internal storage use force update method (Switch off phone, then volume up , volume down & power press and hold them until you see update screen)
  7. If you are using sd card Go in settings >Update>Menu>Local update, select the and update should start.
  • Download Link :  C185B510CUSTC185D004
  • File Size :  1.5 GB
  • Supported Models: G7-L11 Only (Dual Sim)

Note: If above method fails, then you need to do a factory reset and use a good quality SD crad to upgrade, it will succeed 100%.

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72 Responses

  1. Ahmar says:

    Pakistan is also in Middle east, is this update support for Pakistan also??

    • Currently you are on lollipop or kitkat?
      If you are on lollipop Dial * #* #2846579#*#* and then tap on network information and then tap on operator info.
      Tell me whats written in vendor/country

  2. Kibzye says:

    Hello, am running lollipop 5.1.1 on G7-L11C636B330 vendor information is hw , meafnaf

  3. med says:

    for Huawei G7-L01C432 Marshmallow Europa???!??

  4. Mary says:

    Hi. My phone is: G7-L0c185b320. Android 5. Emui 3. Iran. Can I install this firmware on my phone?

  5. Mary says:

    What should I do if I face any problem if there no way to downgrade??

  6. Mary says:

    No. Look at above comments. I asked you this and you gave me the right link for l01. I searched the net everyone says android 6 drains the battery. Is there any way to downgrade or any rollback file. Or any way to stop battery draining?

    • Well nobody complained about battery drain, officially there is no rollback package released,
      But you can try to flash lollipop directly, or manually flash files by fastboot.
      All responsibility is yours if phone gets brick

  7. Mary says:

    U mean I directly install lollipop like I did for marshmallow? In many site people complain about the battery!?

  8. Mary says:

    Ok. Thanks for your help

  9. Mary says:

    U wont believe when WiFi is on,my battery reduces every few minutes.about your suggestion, I dont want to root my phone and also I wont be able to do that process online. Some phones have a rollback file so that they can be u use android 6. Hows your battery doing online?

  10. Mary says:

    Thanks again. Your site is very helpful. Good luck.

  11. swastik says:

    You are great
    Plz add 7.0 soon😇

  12. joel says:

    i cannot get any mobile network signal after upgrade, i am in Oman

  13. swastik says:

    Is custom recovery available for Huawei g7 L-11?

  14. MD NUR ALAM says:

    I insert sim bt i can’t get network after upgrade ,what can i do???
    My operator information is vendor hw,country spcseaas.

  15. It doesn’t download the file

  16. mohamed saeed says:

    i have g7 l11 egypt and i download for it lolipop from this site and its working well but after downloading this software i recived a message software failed

  17. Mina Saad says:

    i can’t download it. where is the link ?

  18. moheb says:

    my vendor : hw
    country: meafnaf

  19. muhammed says:

    hi my phone is g7-l01c185b320 Egypt but one sim can i have this update

  20. Mina says:

    Hi. I installed android 6 but it awfully drains the battery and I think the voice of my phone is lower. I prefer to get back to android 5. I read on the net that I need a rollback file. Can you help me. My phone uses battery even when I don’t use it. What can I do?
    my mobile Huawei G7-L11

  21. Hassan Ahmed says:

    I’m from.Egypt and my android version is lollipop my. Phone model is. G7L-11
    Does I can update it
    And does it safety update

  22. hassan Ahmed says:

    I’m updated my phone now I can’t update it to nougat and my phone lag😣😡

  23. hassan Ahmed says:

    Can I change it to lolipop

  24. Mohisn says:

    Does this update works on G7-L01 432B331 …

  25. liju says:

    Why this update doesnot shows in huawei site ?

  26. Asim abaker says:

    mr: bashir
    I have year looking for marshmallow to my huawei G7L11 c185b320 – custc185d050
    can you help me to find the software.

  27. MUHAMMAD SAJID says:

    SIR I NEED THIS FLASH FILE g7-l11c185b510 flash file

  28. amine says:

    I want to update the Marshmallow region of Europe. Do you have information about it?

  29. MUHAMMAD SAJID says:


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