Huawei G Play Mini CHC-U01 Rollback/Downgrade to Lollipop

Many users didn’t liked marshmallow upgrade for for chc-u01 and want to rollback to lollipop.

now rollback package is available officially by Huawei.

This guide intended to be followed by asian users only.


G Play Mini CHC-U01 Rollback to Lollipop


  1. Backup all your important data
  2. Charge battery at least 50%
  3. Download rollback package C900B500a
  4. Extract downloaded package and copy dload folder on your internal memory or sd card
  5. Switch off phone and apply forced update using 3 button method ( volume up , volume down & power press and hold them until you see update screen)
  6. Once update complete, you can install any lollipop firmware by following same proccess

Latest lollipop firmware for CHC-U01 Asia

Download Link: C636B330


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