Whatsapp new amazing features

Whatsapp is world’s most famous social app available almost on every platform including android, iOS and windows. according to latest statistics there are more than 1 Billion users around the world. During 2016 whatsapp has introduced some amazing features including calls, document sharing. But in latest developments they have taken over on other apps by introducing following features.

  • Mention

whatsapp has introduced this new feature which is similar to Facebook mentions feature, now you can quote any user of a group, which makes it easier to understand to whom you are addressing in your message. which is really helpful where number of users in group is more than 10. you can mention anyone by simply putting “@” sign and list of users in group will appear.


Whatsapp New Feature mention

  • Quote

Quote is another feature which is mostly used in discussion forums where users can quote message from another user and add response accordingly, same feature has been now introduced by whatsapp, to use this feature all you have to do is, just tap on any message you want to quote and a reply icon will appear in top bar, tap on it and the selected message will be added to your reply as quote. This is an amazing feature for group users and it will take normal chat app to advanced level. see image below for more details.


Whatsapp New Feature Quote

  • Multi Forward

as you can guess by its name , this feature allows to forward single to message to multiple recipients. while in older versions users had to forward photos/videos one bye one to each user. but now you can select  multiple users/groups and forward them same message at once. you can either select from your recent chat list or from your contacts list.


Whatsapp New Feature multi forward

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