[Solved] Samsung Phone Ringtone Stuck on Silent

In my case it was Samsung J1 phone, and i was able to hear ringtones from 3rd party apps like viber, imo, but system ringtones were not working. whenever i tried to change ringtone phone taken me to some file manager, which i have no idea from where came in my phone. you can see in image what problem i was facing.


Ringtone Stuck on silent

whenever i tried to change ringtone it took me to following screen


Ringtone Stuck on silent

Finally i resolved it by resetting app preferences.

you can find this option by going in settings> application manager > All> tap on menu button or 3 dots in corner and tap on reset preferences. as shown in image below


Ringtone Stuck on silent

After than i was able to change ringtone/notifications


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